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Download Training and Development in HRM Notes PDF 2020 for MBA. We provide complete MBA training and development notes. MBA Training and development in HRM study material includes training and development notes, training and development book, courses, case study, syllabus, question paper, questions and answers and available in training and development pdf form.

The MBA Training and Development Notes can be downloaded in PDF from the below article.

Training and Development in HRM

What is Training and development?

Training: Training is an organised procedure which brings about a semi-permanent change in
behaviour, for a definite purpose and focus upon the job that an individual currently holds.

Development: The activity that focuses upon the activities that the organization employing the individual, or that the individual is part of, may partake in the future, and is almost impossible to evaluate.

MBA Training and Development Syllabus

MBA Training and Development Syllabus is mentioned below:

Unit – I

Systematic Approach to Training: Introduction to training, need for Training and Development, differences of Training and Development, importance of Training and Development in organization. Assessment phase, Training and Development phase, Evaluation phase, Training administrations

Unit – II

Needs Assessment and Analysis: Organizational Support For need assessment, Who should participate in Need Assesment, Organizational analysis, Person analysis, Task Analysis, Competency Model

Unit – III

The Learning Environment: Learning theories, learning styles, stages of learning, learning principles, The Learning Organization and challenges to become a learning organization, trainee motivation to learn , Instructional Emphasis for Learning Outcomes

Unit – IV

Transfer of Training: Considerations in designing Effective Training Programs, Training Design, Work Environment Characteristics, Organizational Environment Characteristics encourage Transfer, Various Training MethodsTrainer’s Role: Role of Trainers, Qualities of a good Trainers, Internal Trainer Vs External Trainer

Unit – IV

Training Evaluation and Measurement: Process of evaluation, Outcomes used in the evaluation of a training program, Determining ROI of Training

Special Issues in Training & Development: Training in various sectors including Banking, BPO, IT, Training Issues resulting from External & Internal Environment, succession planning

MBA Training and Development Question Paper PDF

Some of the training and development in HRM questions and answers & question paper pdf are mentioned below:

Training and Development Books

Below is the list of training and development book recommended by the top university in India.

  1. Employee Training and Development, 4th Edition by Noe, Raymond A., Publisher: Irwin/McGraw Hill
  2. B.Taylor & G.Lippitt: Management Development And Training Handbook.
  3. William E.Blank, Handbook For Developing Competency-Based Training Programmes, Prentice-Hall, New Jersey
  4. David A.DeCenzo & Stephen P.Robbins: Fundamentals Of Human Resource Management
  5. Management of Human Resources, Dr. A. K Saini and Sanjay Kumar Pathak, Publisher: Gullybaba Publishing
  6. Human Resource Management by K. Ashwa Thapa, Publisher: Himalaya Publishing House
  7. Human Resource Management by V. S. P Rao, Publisher: Excel Publishing House
  8. Human Resource Management by L. M Prasad, Publisher: Sultan Chand Publishing House.
  9. Training, Needs, Analysis, and Evaluation by Frances and Roland Bee, Publisher: IPD London
  10.  Art of Training and Development in Management by Leslie Rae, Publisher: Crest Publication

Training and Development PDF Notes for Download

Training and Development Notes PDF DOWNLOAD PDF
Training and Development in HRM PDF Notes Download
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Online MBA Training and Development Books –

Training and Development Courses

We have also prepared the Training and Development Courses tutorial which is specifically designed for MBA student, who wants to learn Training and Development for MBA.

In the above article, a student can download Training and Development Notes PDF 2020 for MBA. Training and development study material includes training and development notes, training and development books, training and development syllabus, training and development question paper, training and development questions and answers, training and development courses in training and development pdf form.

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