Best Ruby on Rails Courses Online & Certification (April 2024)

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Whether you’re looking for a high-paying job as a web developer or want to be a web developer, Ruby on Rails can help you achieve it. Ruby on Rails has gained popularity among some well-known programming languages. Because of the rising demand for Ruby on Rails developers, there’s an obvious reason why the salary of Ruby developers is exponentially growing. 

Ruby on Rails or RoR, is an open-source framework used for web development in Ruby (an OOP language), which is similar to Python. It is easy to understand and know English. Thus, beginners can understand easier without coding experience. It is widely used to build highly dynamic websites and apps such as Airbnb, Hulu, Netflix, and more. 

In this review article, we will share reviews of the Best Ruby on Rails Courses from different e-learning platforms for students to choose from. 

Why is it important to learn Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails developers are among the highest-paid. Additionally, ROR developers have more job opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ROR developers can expect 25% job growth. Ruby on Rails shows a reasonable growth rate, making it an excellent career choice. 

A Ruby on Rails developer’s average base pay in the USA is estimated at $100K based on Glassdoor. An entry-level Ruby developer’s salary is influenced by many factors, including their skill set, knowledge, hands-on experience, location, and the company.
Planning to enhance your expertise in the web development industry, Ruby on Rails is the perfect pick. Here is the list of Best 8 Ruby on Rails Courses that can help you to start this learning journey.

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Best Ruby on Rails Courses, Certification, Tutorials, Training, Classes Online

The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course [Udemy]

The Ruby on Rails Course will help you learn how to build web-ready applications from scratch. It covers all the essential concepts of the Ruby programming language. In the Ruby Course, you will gain a solid understanding of rapid prototyping and how to utilize generators and scaffolds. You can build authentication systems from scratch using the default Rails stack, such as the admin feature, sign-up, log-in, etc.

Course Instructor

The Udemy Ruby on Rails Course will be taught by Rob Percival and Mashrur Hossain. Both are web developers and technology professionals who love teaching students coding. They share their experience in programming fundamentals, web application development, machine learning, and cyber security.

Pros & Cons


  • Super professional and amazing paced
  • Experienced instructor


  • Old and outdated content
  • Great to have more exercises

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • The Ruby on Rails Tutorial includes 16 sections and 432 video lectures to introduce you to Ruby on Rails and unleash the creativity of making apps.

  • Become familiar with rapid prototyping and turning ideas into apps.

  • Develop virtually any type of web application you can think of

  • Learn to make different types of apps, including real-time messaging apps, Photo apps, SaaS project management apps, finance, and social media apps.

  • Build apps using Rails 5 and materialize the CSS front-end framework instead of Bootstrap.

  • Enjoy access to 8 coding exercises, 157 articles, 1 downloadable resource, 45 hours of on-demand videos and a certificate.

Who is it for?

Whether you want to be a web app developer or start your startup, the Udemy Ruby on Rails Masterclass is the perfect option. You don’t need programming experience to begin a web app development journey. By the end, you will become a professional web app developer and experienced in Ruby on Rails. It will help you land a job at software companies as a Ruby on Rails developer.

Rating: 4.5/5
Students Enrolled: 117,911
Duration: 46 hours

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Learn Ruby [codecademy]

The Ruby Online Course makes it easier for you to learn Ruby programming concepts, such as variables, loops, control flow, and object-oriented programming. Codeacademy is one of the best platforms to improve your programming skills by not just reading or watching videos but actually practicing code live on an interactive platform. In addition, you’ll receive AI-driven recommendations on what you need to review. With this Platform, you can easily pick up the essential concepts which can help to build apps similar to Twitter, Goodreads, and more.

Pros & Cons


  • Hands-on learning experience
  • Easy-to-understand codes
  • Get practice assignments
  • No Prerequisites


  • No free preview of the course

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • The Ruby Online Tutorial from Codecademy is divided into 10 modules that will cover all fundamentals of Ruby. 

  • Learn about how to use Ruby on Rails web framework and write complex programs that can respond to input. 

  • Understand key concepts such as loops, data structures such as Arrays, Hashes, and more.

  • Build a strong knowledge of blocks and how to use them to create powerful sorting algorithms.

  • Explore how to use Refactor code with Ruby and improve the readability and structure of a program. 

  • Learn Object-oriented programming and its concepts from basic to advanced. 

  • Get access to hands-on projects and auto-graded quizzes to solidify your skills and reinforce whatever you’ve learned

  • Receive a certificate of completion to prove you’ve knowledge of Ruby.

Who is it for?

If you’re interested in becoming a Web Developer, the Beginner Ruby Tutorial is the great choice to start with. When you gain familiarity with Ruby, it will help you to stand out in the crowd and increase the chance of getting a high-paying salary job.

Rating: 4.7/5
Students Enrolled: 427,435
Duration: 10 hours

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Dissecting Ruby on Rails 5 – Become a Professional Developer [Udemy]

The Ruby on Rails 5 Course will provide a professional Rails environment and help you build a rich portfolio. You will learn how to use Pivotal Tracker to follow SCRUM project management. It also familiarizes you with Rails generators and working with data. In the  Ruby on Rails 5 Tutorial, the instructor teaches advanced SQL techniques, JavaScript integration, and RubyGem usage in the application.

Course Instructor

Jordan Hudgens, CTO and Founder of Bottega, instructs this Udemy Ruby on Rails 5 Course. He has built applications and trained individuals on various technologies as a full-stack developer for over a decade. Jordan has built applications for Quip, Eventbrite, and DevCamp. As a teacher, he emphasizes the development skills of students and their confidence level.

Pros & Cons


  • Provide knowledge and practical skills
  • Well-structured and methodically explained
  • Thorough and advanced concepts


  • Need more hands-on exercises

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • The Ruby on Rails Online Course comprises 24 sections and 247 video lectures that train you professionally as a Ruby developer.

  • Create a Rails application that combines advanced JavaScript components, including persistent drag-and-drop functionality and live page updates via ActionCable.

  • Able to deploy a Rails application on Heroku with ActionCable web sockets.

  • Learn to use multiple layouts in your Rails 5 application.

  • Develop components that can be used by the Rails application, such as jQuery and CoffeeScript.

  • Full lifetime access to 2 downloadable resources, 2 articles, and a certificate.

Who is it for?

The Ruby on Rails 5 Course on Udemy is intended for intermediate developers who want to learn advanced Ruby on Rails 5 features and build professional applications. You need basic computer skills to enroll in it. By following this Ruby on Rails 5 Tutorial, you can become a Rails Developer and be able to work on upcoming projects in your current organization or for your company.

Rating: 4.3/5
Students Enrolled: 40,447
Duration: 44 hours

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Ruby on Rails 4: Getting Started [Pluralsight]

The Ruby on Rails 4 Class will explain how to use Rails’ latest features on a sample web application. You will apply those features on a simple Q&A site about the universe’s history, where users can post any question related to the universe, and other users can answer those questions. This Ruby on Rails Course will discuss controllers, views, models, migrations, emails, background jobs, and more. It will train you in developing and deploying Rails applications to the cloud.

Course Instructor

Smaer Buna will be your instructor in this Pluralsight Ruby on Rails 4 Tutorial. He is a Polyglot coder with years of experience designing, developing, and testing software. Samer has also published several technical books and courses related to React.js, GraphQL, and Ruby on Rails. He publishes his latest work on a few sites, such as and

Pros & Cons


  • Bite-sized lessons
  • Simple and interactive
  • Wonderful instructor


  • Need a more detailed explanation

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • Get a Rails project to work and apply the Ruby on Rails 4 concepts.

  • Understand how to work with Data and Helpers and create relationships using SQL techniques.

  • Learn to work with sessions and test drive development

  • Explore active jobs with Sucker Punch and CSS with Superpowers

  • Able to deploy the project app with Heroku and use Bundle and Gemfile.

Who is it for?

The Ruby on Rails 4 Training Class on Pluralsight is designed for beginners who want to prepare for developing web applications. You don’t need to have any knowledge or experience in Ruby. Each lesson helps you to upgrade your skills and knowledge related to the web framework and build confidence in building web applications from scratch.

Rating: 4/5
Duration: 2 hours

Ruby on Rails: Learn 25+ gems and build a Startup MVP [Udemy]

The Ruby on Rails Training Class is the complete guide on Ruby on Rails 6, which is used by developing advanced apps. It will help you build your advanced online learning platform and teach 25+ popular Ruby on Rails gems. In the Ruby on Rails 6 Course, you can work on broadening your knowledge and skill needed to develop any web application on the Ruby on Rails framework. It is also a good way to understand steps to create a Startup MVP or any project.

Course Instructor

Yaroslav Shamrov, a Ruby on Rails Developer and Teacher, has created Ruby on Rails Training Course. He first built a language school management software in MS Access for family’s business. In 2015, he released his first software product for a school. Currently, he focuses on developing commercial CRM and SaaS applications with Ruby on Rails.

Pros & Cons


  • Interesting and interactive content
  • Practical and comprehensive course
  • Experienced instructor


  • Hard to follow 
  • Need updates

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • The Udemy Ruby on Rails 6 is divided into 18 sections and 199 video lectures to get updated as a Ruby developer. 

  • Discover how to create your own advanced online learning platform step-by-step, feature-by-feature.

  • Find out how to access the final application’s source code.

  • Build virtually any kind of web application you can imagine with the broad knowledge and skills you gain.

  • Learn about the modern technologies you’ll need to find a job as a Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer.

  • Receive full access to 1 practice test, 13 articles, and 20 hours of on-demand video to enhance your knowledge during the course. 

  • Get a certificate from Udemy to show the skills that you’ve learned and what project you built.

Who is it for?

Whether you’re an experienced developer or a beginner, the Rails with Ruby Course can be the ultimate choice. Once you’ve completed the Ruby on Rails 6 Tutorial, you can create your own e-learning platform for selling content online, build professional-grade Ruby on Rails applications or build your own websites and web apps for your startup.

Rating: 4.5/5
Students Enrolled: 8,704
Duration: 21 hours

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Ruby On Rails For Web Development [Udemy]

Is it overwhelming for you to learn Ruby on Rails? This Ruby on Rails Online Training Class can help you solve this problem. It will help you understand the framework with its step-by-step guide. You can build your first web app in a few minutes. The Ruby Online Course from Udemy will teach you how to build a Pinterest website in simple steps.

Course Instructor

John Elder will train you with the Ruby on Rails Training Program. He is a pioneer web developer who created the first Internet advertising networks in 1997. He sold that to a trading company and then built the best-selling Submission Spider search engine, which was widely used by over 3 million individuals and small businesses across the globe.

Pros & Cons


  • Very well-instructed class
  • Detailed overview of Ruby on Rails 
  • Highly-rated instructor


  • Not a free preview 
  • Need knowledge of HTML and CSS

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • The Udemy Ruby on Rails Course has only one section that includes 35 video lectures to learn web development. 

  • Learn to install the Ruby on Rails framework, the Heroku Toolbelt, and other tools.

  • Create your own projects and host your apps on Heroku

  • Gain knowledge of Bootstrap and how to use it to add features to the application

  • Learn to work with databases and store data such as images, names, and more

  • Develop confidence in adding subdomains and domains to Heroku and launching the site.

  • Provide a certificate after completing each lecture and 2 articles in the course.

Who is it for?

This Udemy Ruby on Rails Online Course is a great way for web developers to learn Ruby on Rails for web development. As a result, you’ll understand how to use Ruby on Rails and build web applications that work well.

Rating: 4.2/5
Students Enrolled: 4,983
Duration: 6 hours

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React JS + Angular + Rails 5 Bootcamp [Udemy]

The Rails 5 Online Course will prepare you for developing complex applications with multiple features. Using Angular and React JS, you will learn how to add powerful and dynamic features. In addition, the React JS and Rails Course will discuss the user interfaces and functions of Ruby on Rails API apps as the backend.

Course Instructor

Jordan Hudgens will teach this React JS and Rails Online Tutorial. He is the CTO and Founder of Bottega and also leads curriculum development in all Bottega Code Schools. In a decade of experience, he has developed applications for Eventbrite, Quip, and DevCamp. He specializes in preparing students for work-based learning and job readiness.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to understand
  • Available source codes
  • Clear and concise content


  • Not an entry-level course
  • Must be familiar with JavaScript and TypeScript programming

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • The Udemy Rails 5 Bootcamp includes 14 sections and 80 video lectures to learn about the development process of ReactJS and Angular apps with Ruby on Rails. 

  • Understand the process of configuring the system and running Angular and React JS applications.

  • Able to create Angular and React JS applications.

  • Learn to use Angular Observables to update page elements automatically without refreshing the page.

  • Explore ways to communicate with APIs and parse their data.

  • Earn a professional certificate from Udemy once you complete all the lessons and hands-on practices.

Who is it for?

This Rails 5 with ReactJS and Angular Course is for developers who want to learn how to build real-world front-end applications with frameworks such as Angular and React JS that run on Ruby on Rails backend APIs. After you have completed this course, you will be able to build modern React JS, Angular, and Ruby on Rails 5 applications. Find out Best React JS Courses if you are unfamiliar with the ReactJS.

Rating: 4/5
Students Enrolled: 7,955
Duration: 14 hours

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The MVC Pattern in Ruby for Free [Udacity]

The Udacity Ruby Online Tutorial will introduce you to the right approach to writing organized code for web apps. It will teach you how to organize web application code and why it is so critical. With the MVC in Ruby Course, you will use the MVC Design Pattern in the Sinatra microframework for developing a web application. It will also teach you how to use these patterns effectively.

Course Instructor

The MVC Pattern in Ruby Course will be taught by Julia Van Cleve. She will help you become a successful programmer. Julia is one of the most talented instructors on Udacity who has over years of experience dealing with complex projects.

Pros & Cons


  • Interactive quizzes and lessons
  • Experiential activities
  • Highly-curated content


  • Need more practical examples

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • Find out what it takes to build a website with disorganized code.

  • Get a better understanding of design patterns like MVC.

  • Build knowledge of MVC design patterns to organize code.

  • Develop innovative, independent learning skills that increase your chance of new jobs.

Who is it for?

The Free Ruby Course is perfectly designed for intermediate Ruby programmers who render static pages using the Sinatra web development micro-framework. Upon completion, you can organize code for your web-based applications and accelerate your career. In addition, it can prepare you for a nanodegree program certificate.

Rating: 4.2/5
Duration: 1 week

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How long does it take to learn Ruby on Rails?

Having experience with any programming language or web development framework can help you learn Ruby on Rails faster. In this case, it can take two to three months to learn Rails.

Is it difficult to learn Ruby on Rails?

Ruby is one of the easiest languages to learn. The syntax is simple, making it easy for beginner programmers to understand. Python is similar to Ruby, which is also easy to learn. Adding skills to a resume is also easy for experienced programmers.

Is Ruby on Rails suitable for a career?

Ruby on Rails’ high speed will probably make it worthwhile for cloud computing applications. By learning Ruby programming, you can explore better opportunities in the job market. Cloud computing, AI, Machine Learning, and automation prove Ruby on Rails is the future.

Are Ruby developers in demand?

Several recent studies predict that demand for RoR developers will remain high in 2023. While Ruby’s popularity increased in 2018, it also declined in 2019 and beyond, according to the Tiobe Index. Ruby’s popularity also depends on the market.

Final Note

Nowadays, almost all top-tier companies such as Airbnb, Goodreads, Shopify, and Hulu prefer Ruby on Rails for their web projects. As per demand, you may have recognized that Ruby on Rails is a good career choice. The article might help you find a suitable Ruby on Rails course that meets your career requirements. Once you’ve gained proper skills and hands-on experience, you can expect a lucrative salary job at a reputed company and an opportunity to work with startups.

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