Best Blogging Courses Online & Certification (June 2024)

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Best Blogging Course
Best Blogging Course

Blogging is one of the most interesting types of website or business you can start online. There are tons of niches out there that you can cover and write about. With several platforms and plugins to choose from, you can easily create a nice-looking blog. Also, you can earn serious money by creating a successful blog with decent followers. In this course, we have listed the Best Blogging Courses & Certifications where you can enrol and start your blogging journey.

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Blog for a Living: Compete Blogging Training level 1,2 & 3e [Udemy]

Blog for a Living course offered by Udemy is one of the best-rated online courses for Blogging. Learn how to build a professional-looking blog from scratch, attract masses of traffic using nothing but free methods, and turn it into a fun and profitable online venture. This training starts out assuming that you have no prior knowledge but becomes more advanced as you progress through the course. By the end of this course, you will have a fully-fledged online business even if you don’t yet know what to blog about. You’ll learn how to create posts, and which types of posts work best. You’ll learn where and how to get content and ideas for your posts. And how to optimize for the search engines – the simple way – and much, much more.

It is designed by Theo McArthur, who is an Amazon Seller, Blogger, & Online Marketer. Over the last 15 years or so, she has created and marketed many digital e-learning products and also worked extensively in blogging and affiliate marketing.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Create a fully-fledged blog from scratch on any subject

  • Learn how to get great content and content idea for your blog posts

  • Send high-quality visitors to your blog from multiple free sources

  • Monetize your blog with high converting tangible products

  • Build a list of quality email subscribers from your blog or website

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for students who want to make a living, or more, from blogging. It will also help people with no prior experience of blogging or those who want to improve an existing blog.

You can Sign up Here

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Blogging Masterclass: How To Build A Successful Blog [Udemy]

Blogging Masterclass offered by Udemy is one of the best courses available online for learning Blogging. This Bestseller course will teach you how to build a successful blog using proven blogging strategies for content, promotion, list building, and monetization. You’ll learn all the essentials including how to turn your blog into a business that generates revenue. This course will walk you through the entire process—setting up WordPress, writing stellar content, promoting that content, building an email list, and implementing a revenue model to turn your blog into a business.

It is taught by Brad Merrill, who is a Media Entrepreneur & Bestselling Instructor. Brad loves creating new articles, videos, and websites. He has been creating things on the web since 2007, working on dozens of projects and reaching tens of millions of people in the process.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Build a successful blog from scratch, or take your existing blog to the next level

  • Grow an email list that allows you to generate traffic and revenue on demand

  • Generate an endless stream of fresh content by repurposing existing content

  • Discover a blogging niche that is both profitable and interesting

  • Build a profitable business around your content and turn it into a revenue-generating asset

Who is it for?

It is designed for students with varying levels of experience in the field of Blogging. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for ways to take your blog to the next level, this course is for you.

You can Sign up Here

Blogging for Your Business [LinkedIn Learning]

Blogging for Your Business offered by LinkedIn Learning is an amazing online course for learning Blogging. Join marketing and social media expert, Martin Waxman, as he provides a solid platform and overview of the ins and outs of using a blog as part of a business marketing strategy. This course covers all aspects of the process, including design and development considerations, writing and optimizing your posts for SEO, promoting your content on social media, and establishing metrics that link to business outcomes.

It is created by Martin Waxman, who is a Digital and Social Media Strategist, LinkedIn Learning Instructor and a Digital Marketing Professor. He is the president of a consultancy, Martin Waxman Communications, and has founded three PR agencies throughout his career.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Understand what blogging means today and your business as a publisher

  • Learn how to select and design your blog from scratch

  • Establish editorial guidelines and set up your workflow and approvals process

  • Bringing Your Blog to Life by organizing your content and optimizing your posts

  • Understand how to market and promote your blog and measure success

Who is it for?

Anyone who is interested in starting their own blog with no prior experience of the field, or wants to improve their existing blogs can take this course.

You can Sign up Here

2024 Blogging Blueprint: How To Turn Blogging Into A Career [Udemy]

2021 Blogging Blueprint offered by Udemy is one of the best courses available online for learning about Blogging. In this course, you will be taken straight to the good bits, and it show you how to do Blogging properly. This is how all the successful bloggers do it, which is exactly what you will be learning. There are no gimmicks, no expensive software you need to buy, you get the exact blueprint with no stones left unturned. By the end of this course, you will have built a stunning blog, written irresistible articles, and generated a massive audience.

It is designed by Daniel Boehm, who is an Entrepreneur and a Professional Blogger. He has earned multiple 6 figures through his blogs and has been featured on major websites with my success in building viral blogs. He is self-taught in internet marketing and online business development, with 8 years of experience.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Understand how to set up a stunning blog and find a perfect niche

  • Create articles that stand out and write perfect Headlines

  • Learn how to build a relationship with other blogs and get them to promote your content

  • Create lead magnets that increase your email collection and Monetise your email List

  • Discover mental strategies that will make you insanely productive

Who is it for?

This blogging course is for both newbies and current blog owners who want to take their blog to the next level. If you want a step-by-step guide on how to share your value online, then this course is for you.

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Viral Blogging 101: Blogging & Content Writing Masterclass [Udemy]

Viral Blogging 101 offered by Udemy is one of the top-rated online courses for learning Blogging. In this course, you will go from blank page to viral blog post. you’ll learn the keys to faster blogging, writing, and editing. This course contains the kind of practical insights you can take action on immediately. Instead of drowning under the pressure of your next assignment or project, you’ll have a proven formula to put into action. With this proven blog writing formula you’ll be able to churn out fresh blog posts and keep up with the competition. By the end of this course, you’ll know exactly how to write clear, effective copy for your blog, website, or clients.

It is taught by Tyler Speegle, who is a Huffington Post Contributor, Professional Writer & Blogger. He is also a Best Selling Instructor with over 100,000 students. He loves teaching people how to go from zero experience to being a blogging professional.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Learn the perfect formula for drafting new blog posts

  • Craft killer headlines and write viral blog posts from scratch

  • Understand how to create an outline and polish your post

  • Revise your work like a pro and make your writing clear

  • Become fluent in creating a solid rough draft and transitions

Who is it for?

It is ideal for people who want to start a blogging business, grow a blog, or improve their writing efficiency. It is also helpful for freelancers, copywriters, and online entrepreneurs.

You can Sign up Here

WordPress for Beginners: Master WordPress Quickly [Udemy]

WordPress for Beginners course by Udemy is one of the best online courses available right now for Blogging and WordPress. This course will guide you through every single step from installation to finished website. It will show you how you can install WordPress on your own computer for free, so you don’t have to pay for a domain name or hosting fees while you complete this course. Once you’ve got WordPress installed on your computer, you will learn how to build and run a successful, beautiful, responsive-design website you can be proud of.

It is designed by Andrew Williams, who is an SEO & Self-Publishing Expert, teacher, and author. He has written and published a number of books that are available on Amazon, including books on WordPress (“WordPress for Beginners 2022”), Self-Publishing (“Self-Publishing on Amazon 2022”), and search engine optimization (“SEO 2021”).

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Create custom menus and navigation systems that search engines find useful.

  • Learn how to create a static homepage or a blog-like homepage

  • Correctly use post categories and tags, and understand their importance

  • Become fluent in navigating around the WordPress dashboard and its usage

  • Understand plugins & themes and how to find/install them

Who is it for?

If you want to learn WordPress without paying for a web host, this course is perfect. Also, If you want to learn to master WordPress without getting bogged down with technical jargon, this course is for you.

You can Sign up Here

Writing a Compelling Blog Post [LinkedIn Learning]

Writing a Compelling Blog Post offered by LinkedIn Learning is an amazing online course for learning about Blogging. The internet has given everyone a platform. But without engaging content and precise writing, you might not attract an audience. Discover content, structure, and style strategies that will make your blog posts irresistible and keep readers coming back for more.

This course will show you how to turn your expertise into concise, passionate, insightful posts that will make people want to follow you. It will help you establish a regular writing practice, develop your voice, and build your brand—as well as deal with negative comments.

It is taught by Starshine Roshell, who is a Storyteller, Journalist, and Content Producer. She has written for eBay, the University of Southern California, and, as well as the Hollywood Reporter, the New York Post, and The Week.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Learn how to make your blog useful and knowledgeable

  • Understand how to format your blog and add Calls to Action

  • Create your own writing style and have a unique voice

  • Learn how to write consistently and make your blog timely and fresh

  • Understand how to format your blog and write interesting content

Who is it for?

This is designed for anyone who is interested in learning about blogging or starting their own blogging website. It may also be helpful for people wanting to grow their existing blog.


How do you become a certified blogger?

Becoming a successful blogger requires a lot of patience as well as hard work. You have to create unique content regularly, and then share it, make timely updates in your blogs, SEO and managing social media. You have to be ready for writing content and maintaining a blog.

Are blogging courses worth it?

Blogging courses can help you in shortening the learning curve. When starting out in any business or career opportunity, you need a helpful guide to learn about the intricacies and the important things, and the same goes for Blogging as well.

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