Best Italian Language Courses, Certification (June 2024)

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Best Italian Language Course
Best Italian Language Course

Around 70 million people speak Italian as their first language around the world. It is one of the most popular romantic languages of all time. Learning any new language can help your brain expand more and open it to more possibilities. In the old times, some Italians were the greatest minds in the world. Your new language course could be fun.

If it also ignites curiosity, prepare yourself for the next. So, today, we will share with you the list of Best Italian Courses and Certifications to build the foundational skills and add one more language to your multilingual list.

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Italian Language Courses [Udemy]

Learning Italian has become easy with Udemy Italian Courses. If you are eager to improve your Italian or want to learn a new language, this series of Italian Classes can help you. Udemy is the most recommended platform with the best language courses online. There are over 130+ courses available to cater the learners of different levels and from different backgrounds.

Instructors and native Italian tutors will teach the language using everyday situations and visual examples. Online Italian course has been designed professionally to help students master the Italian language. There are some courses to learn Italian faster or n just three minutes.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Learn the basics of the Italian language, culture, and history.

  • Understand how to use Italian grammar and vocabulary while speaking.

  • Build Italian language skills to communicate confidently in every situation.

  • Gain the knowledge of building structures in Italian.

  • Learn the language using Italian songs, movies, and books.

  • Get access to unlimited downloadable resources, articles, and hours of video lectures.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is interested in learning the Italian language can take this best Italian Course Online. There is no prior experience needed to enroll in any of the Italian courses online on Udemy. Native Italian speakers can also enroll to enhance their vocabulary and pronunciation. With the completion, you will earn a certificate that shows what skills you’ve acquired.

Rating: 4.6/5
Students Enrolled: 345, 230
Duration: Self-paced

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Online Italian Tutors & teachers [Preply]

Become a Native Italian Speaker with Preply. It is a popular e-learning platform among students because it allows you to attend Online Italian Classes with a private tutor. It is a virtual communication platform to study the Italian language from home.

Preply Italian Teacher will help you improve your grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. It will help you achieve personal goals and enables you to make basic conversation in Italian. Qualified Tutors and Professionals with certifications help you in intensive courses, including listening, reading, and writing.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Learn the basics through tailor-made lessons to meet your requirements. Allow sharing screens, exchanging files, and messaging between student and tutor.

  • Offers the platform to a one-on-one conversation with a native Italian speaker. Get reviews and feedback from the best Italian teachers.

  • Available search filters to find a suitable tutor as per your budget, availability, and other factors.

  • Access to 24/7 friendly customer support and begin your exciting language journey.

Who is it for?

If you want to become fluent in Italian, this Best Online Italian Course is the right choice for you. Private classes will help you focus on building Italian Skills. Anyone can enroll and connect with the best Italian tutors in the industry. It will help you get certifications after taking hours of Online Italian Lessons.

Rating: 4.5/5
Duration: Self-paced

Italian Courses Online [edX]

Learning Italian can open your mind and gives opportunity to explore all the history, literature, poetry, etc. You can learn the basics of the Italian Language, such as phrases, greetings, pronunciations, and vocabulary. Edx has a series of Italian Courses and Certifications Online to learn how to communicate Italian confidently. This Italian language series will introduce you to the grammatical rules and practice Italian speaking skills.

Native Italian speakers and teachers will professionally help you understand each aspect of the Italian language. Each course is designed to meet the needs of different levels of learners. They will prepare you to participate in discussions while teaching the course and apply the learnings to your daily life situations.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Introduce to Italian history to learn Italian words, grammar, and phrases.

  • Understand how to introduce yourself, talk about daily activities, and describe what you do for work, Practice writing and reading simple texts, such as an e-mail, giving and getting directions, asking about the weather, and telling time.

  • Build knowledge of grammatical structures such as articles, nouns, adjectives, regular, and irregular verbs.

  • Study about Italian culture, including daily life, film, cuisine, universities, and vacationing.

  • Learn Italian language and culture through videos, podcasts, interviews, and much more.

Who is it for?

edX presents you with a range of beginner, intermediate, and advanced Italian Courses Online with a Certificate. No matter what’s your expertise and from which academic background you are, try this language to improve your knowledge and add one more skill to your resume. In the end, you will receive a shareable digital certificate to share with your employer.

Rating: 4.6/5
Duration: Self-paced

Learn Italian from English [Duolingo]

Duolingo is a free language app for everyone. You only need to install and log in to learn Italian on your own. This platform has been designed to cater to every learner and help them achieve end goals. You can take an Italian course free to achieve reading and writing proficiency in Italian.

The whole course has divided free Italian Lessons for beginners into units. After completing unit 5, learners will develop skills as much as university students after studying four semesters. If any learner clears 7 units, they will develop knowledge-level same as university students in five semesters.

The IBM Data Analyst professional course from Rav Ahuja (IBM Global Program Director)

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Build on-site language skills with natural approaches. Enhance your communication skills in real-life everyday situations.

  • Understand the in-depth concept of speaking Italian well for travel.

  • Learn basic phrases, vocabulary, grammar, and greetings.

  • Improve your Italian vocabulary and pronunciation to express yourself in simple sentences.

  • Assess your acquired skill by joining in the discussions and sharing your experience in French.

Who is it for?

There are no prerequisites for taking this Duolingo Italian Language Course. If you are willing to learn, this Italian Course Free is best suited for you. You can also join the discussions with the experts or ask any questions to clear your doubts.

Rating: 4.7/5
Students Enrolled: 6.57 Million
Duration: Self-paced

Free Italian Lessons [The Italian Experiment]

The Italian Experiment is a free website specially designed to deliver Italian Beginners Courses. It offers introductory online Italian lessons to teach learners using audio files. You will learn basic conversations, grammar, words, and numbers by listening to audio recordings. In this way, you can freely practice every day to improve your Italian language skills. The whole course is divided into 20 lessons to get every aspect of the Italian language.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • How to count numbers, say days and weeks. Learn how to ask questions.

  • Understand how to use vocabulary for talking about family and nearest ones.

  • Learn how to use verbs for different situations. How to use adjectives for various purposes.

  • Learn to say time concepts and ask for directions in Italian.

Who is it for?

The Italian Experiment is the best way to learn Italian in your idle time. It will help you utilize time in a better manner. No prior knowledge is required to improve the Italian language for free. You can start taking these Italian lessons with reviews.

Rating: 4.5/5
Duration: Self-paced

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years does it take to learn Italian?

Italian is one of the most romantic languages to speak. You can master the art of speaking Italian after 600 hours of lessons. It may take 12 hours for 50 weeks to reach the intermediate level. Learning time may vary depending on the grasping power of a student and how much time you can dedicate each week to learn Italian as a skill.

How can I learn Italian fast?

Learners need to be focused and practice every day to sound like a native speakers. It is recommended to do self-study to work on listening, reading, writing, and conversation regularly. You can take any course to immerse yourself completely. In this way, you can gain knowledge quickly and possibly, start speaking Italian fluently soon.

Is Italian Difficult to learn?

No, it is one of the easiest languages to learn. You will not face much difficulty pronouncing words and easy to remember the reading rules. It is also easier than French.

Which language is harder, French or Italian?

French is harder than Italian, as it takes a lot of time because of different speaking styles and accents. However, both are very classy and romantic languages. It is fun to learn one language as a new linguistic skill. If you are eager to learn French, take the best French Courses and Certifications from Geektonight.

Wrapping up!

So, learning a beautiful language like Italian is worth a try. There are some free and paid courses available for you to upgrade your skills. Find a suitable one by reviewing each course and checking the ratings on the e-learning platform. Enroll in that course which help you meet your professional and personal goals. It is a winning opportunity to save time and money.

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