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Download International Marketing Notes PDF 2024 for MBA. We provide complete MBA international marketing notes. MBA international marketing study material includes international marketing notes, international marketing book, courses, case study, syllabus, question paper, questions and answers and available in international marketing pdf form.

International Marketing Notes
International Marketing Notes

The MBA International Marketing Notes can be downloaded in international marketing pdf from the below article.

International Marketing Syllabus

MBA International Marketing Syllabus is mentioned below:

Unit – I

International Marketing: Scope and Significance of International Marketing, The importance of international marketing, Differences between international and domestic marketing International environment, International Social & culture Environment, the political legal environment and regulatory environment of international marketing.Technological Environment.

Unit – II

International Market Entry Strategies: Indirect Exporting, Domestic Purchasing, Direct Exporting, Foreign Manufacturing Strategies without Direct Investment, Foreign Manufacturing Strategies with Direct Investment. Entry Strategies of Indian Firms.

Unit – III

International product management: International product positioning, Product saturation Levels in global Market, International product life cycle, Geographic Expansion–Strategic Alternatives. New products in Intentional Marketing, Product and culture, brands in International Market.

Unit – IV

International Marketing Channels: channels –Distribution Structures, Distribution Patterns, Factors effecting Choice of Channels, the Challenges in Managing an international Distribution Strategy Selecting Foreign Country Market intermediaries. The management of physical distribution of goods, Advertising and Branding, Grey Market goods.

Unit – V

Export Marketing: Introduction to Export Marketing, Export Policy Decisions of a firm, EXIM policy of India. Export costing and pricing, Export procedures and export documentation. Export assistance and incentives in India.

International Marketing PDF

International Marketing Notes(How to download)
International Marketing Notes Download
International Marketing Book Download
International Marketing Syllabus Download
International Marketing Question Paper Download

International Marketing Notes

What is International marketing?

International marketing refers to marketing carried out by companies overseas or across national borders.

On completion of International Marketing course, students should be able to critically analyze the international marketing environment in terms of markets structures and size, legal frameworks, political structures, financial markets etc for managing products and services, and other marketing mix factors.

International Marketing Question Paper

Some of the international marketing questions and answers & question paper pdf are mentioned below:

  1. Discuss various objectives of International Marketing along with challenges involved ‘International Marketing’.
  2. Elaborate various ‘Product Strategies’ for International Markets.
  3. Discuss various factors affecting ‘International Pricing’.
  4. Describe various commercial documents required for shipment of export goods.
  5. How will you Identify a Product?
  6. Define Brand and Trademark?
  7. Why Price of the Same Product Differ in International and Home Markets?
  8. What is the Scope of Product Planning and Development?
  9. Name Few Export Promotion Organisations Working to Promote Exports in India?
  10. What are the Factors that Influence Packaging Decision in International Marketing?

International Marketing Books

Below is the list of international marketing book recommended by the top university in India.

  1. Global Marketing Management, Keegan, Green, 4/e, Pearson
  2. International Marketing, Philip R. Cateora, John L. Graham, Prasanth Salwan, TMH
  3. International Marketing Analysis and Strategy, Sak Onkvisit, John J. Shaw, PHI.
  4. International Marketing, Michael R.Czinkota, Likka A Ronkainen, Cengage .
  5. International Marketing, Vasudeva PK, excel.
  6. Global Marketing Management, Lee, Carter, Oxford.
  7. International Marketing and Export Management, Albaum, Pearson Education.
  8. Global Marketing, Johansson, TMH.


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In the above article, a student can download International Marketing Notes PDF 2020 for MBA. international marketing study material includes international marketing notes, international marketing books, international marketing syllabus, international marketing question paper, international marketing questions and answers, international marketing courses in international marketing pdf form.

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