Best Baby Sign Language Courses Online & Certification (May 2024)

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Baby sign language is an effective communication tool that lets babies convey their needs to their parents properly without crying or making them guess. It can be a set of simple hand gestures and movements that correspond to common words used in the household. 

“Research on baby sign language has found that teaching baby signs improved cognitive and emotional development.” Thus we have crafted a list of the best baby sign language courses and certifications to get you started in this journey. 

Baby Sign Language Course
Baby Sign Language Course

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Best Baby Sign Language Courses, Certification, Tutorials, Training, Classes Online

Teach Your Baby Sign Language Course [Udemy]

With this udemy baby sign language course give your baby the gift of communication before they can speak. Develop your baby’s language skills before they speak, reducing both your frustration and your baby’s, learn how to start, continue, and end using sign language.

Jim Vincent, a teacher, writer, inventor, and father himself is the instructor of this udemy baby sign language certification. Throughout most of his professional life – 30 years with IBM, founder and principal for an international patent consulting company, sales manager and seminar leader for a worldwide educational corporation – he has been learning and teaching others.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Teach your baby to communicate with you while learning over 120 signs to use in communicating with your baby.

  • With signs, your baby can express what they want, tell you what they see and what they feel, let you know where they hurt when they do and surprise you with what they know and want to talk about.

  • Better communication, less frustration, more enjoyment, head start, motor skills, confidence, social grace, and less crying.

  • You may use signs that may be based on official languages, but it is not a limitation. You can develop your personalised vocabulary of signs that will help you communicate effectively with your baby and make a difference.

  • You get to choose the words to be used and the signs you are going to use for those words.

  • Get full lifetime access to 1.5 hours of on-demand video on mobile and TV, 1 article, 7 downloadable resources and a certificate of completion.

Who is it for?

This udemy baby sign language class is for parents of infants (birth to 18 months), family, friends and carers of infants and people interested in baby communication. 

Rating: 3.8/5
Students Enrolled: 1,253
Duration: 1.5 hour

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Baby Sign Language: A must-know for parents course [Udemy]

This udemy baby sign language tutorial will teach hand gestures that will help your child tell you what s/he needs or wants without whining or crying or screaming, avoid unnecessary dramas, and frustrations and reduce tantrums, cries and screams. 

Edo Tac, the instructor of this udemy baby sign language course, has been teaching Baby Sign Language for many years in parents’ homes and daycare centres. He also teaches Baby Sign Language online at Udemy. Parents who have enrolled in his courses will see a dramatic and dynamic change in their children’s behaviour and ability to communicate. 

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Build a better relationship with your child, better handle the “Terrible Twos” and understand that Baby Sign Language is not just for hearing-impaired children or parents.

  • With expert help, teach your baby to communicate without screams, tantrums and cries. Make use of hand gestures to communicate your and their feelings, wants, needs and thoughts.

  • Helps hearing parents with hearing children under 3 years old by preventing tensions and misunderstandings.

  • Craft a brand new link of association based on the mechanism of “Sign – Response” rather than a “Cry – Response” dynamic. It is essentially a communication tool that will fill up the gap between the child’s need and their ability to express it.

  • Works with toddlers who most times struggle to make themselves understood leading to frustration and cries.

  • Get full lifetime access to an hour of on-demand video on mobile and TV, 4 downloadable resources and a certificate of completion.

Who is it for?

This udemy baby sign language course is for new parents, parents with toddlers, pregnant women, caregivers and parents curious about a different way of communicating with their children.

Rating: 4.1/5
Students Enrolled: 264
Duration: 1 hour

Learn Baby Sign Language with Etel Leit Course [Udemy]

Be able to communicate with babies who do not speak yet, understand the baby when s/he cries, understand the toddler during a tantrum and have better management skills in a class, or with a group of children with the help of this udemy baby sign language class

Etel Leit, MS, Pediatric Communication Expert has covered this udemy baby sign language certification. In addition to being the Founder and Owner of SignShine®, a  communication centre for individuals and families, Etel is a  communication advocate, motivational speaker, parenting consultant and reupdated author.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Reduce frustration with babies and children, enjoy an amazing time with children, learn American Sign Language and understand a deaf person and communicate at a basic level.

  • Dive into the detail of the topic and study hands-on ASL signs, sing songs, and interact with engaging activities that are targeted towards enhancing your parenting skills.

  • Totally remove the frustration barriers and connect and communicate with your little one in a fun, learning and nurturing way.

  • Bond with your child, enhance language development and stimulate your baby’s brain

  • Decrease moments of crying and be amazed by your little one.

  • Get full lifetime access to 44 minutes of on-demand video on mobile and TV and a certificate of completion.

Who is it for?

This udemy baby sign language course is for Parents of babies, toddlers and children up to the age of 8, Preschool teachers, Early childhood educators, Parenting experts, Speech Pathologists, Caregivers and nannies and anyone who comes in contact with babies and children.

Rating: 3.7/5
Students Enrolled: 52
Duration: 44 minutes

Baby Sign Language Diploma Course [Centre of Excellence]

The Centre of Excellence Baby Sign Language Diploma Course helps parents understand what their baby wants in desperate times. It includes videos, descriptions and illustrations that will take and guide you through the vital signs that you can teach your child. With just under 80 signs in total, this course provides a simple communication tool that removes all ambiguity.

This Centre of Excellence baby sign language certification is CMA accredited.

A number of courses are accredited by The CMA which is internationally recognised as the elite force in professional, ethical complementary medicine by professional practitioners, doctors, and the public.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Learn about baby sign language and the ease with which it can be used to create a communication link with your child even before they start speaking. Along with this, the history of baby sign language and the reasons for its popularised existence is also discussed.

  • The course lists common misconceptions about teaching a child baby sign language and even outlines the benefits to both baby and you. Start to establish baby signing from as early as 6 months.

  • Start the implementation of baby sign language with expert guidance to ease the process. It also includes the first essential signs like: mummy, daddy, eat, drink, milk etc.

  • Common issues that are generally faced as the baby learns to sign are outlined here with the solutions to overcome them. A vocabulary list of the most important signs from the perspective of baby sign language is also provided.

  • Further, the course moves to additional signs as the child has mastered the basic useful signs. The videos are illustrated with descriptions and images including signs for utensils, clothes, nature, food, animal, etc.

  • Get full lifetime access to 6 modules, 4 videos and a study group access.

Who is it for?

This Centre of Excellence baby sign language class is for those with babies and toddlers, If you’re finding yourself frantically trying to understand why your baby is crying.

The course is a perfect stop to figure out what your toddler needs if they seem to have tantrums and nothing is appeasing them. It provides professional child carers with an excellent tool to use in their role, that will enrich the lives of their clients and their children. 

Rating: 4.8/5
Students Enrolled: 1000
Duration: 150 hours


What age should you start baby sign language?

Ans: Teaching sign language to babies can begin as early as 6 months. It is usually the time when the baby gets familiar with his/her environment and starts needing things. Thus using sign language around 6-9 months would be perfect to communicate with your little one. 

How do I teach my baby sign language?

Ans: An organised way to go about this process would be to devote an hour or two and listen to some experts of your choice. By collecting some prior information you can then move on to personalising this exercise according to your and your baby’s needs.

Why is baby sign language important?

Ans: Baby sign language is the only and the most effective way for babies and parents to communicate before the use of actual words. This helps the baby convey what he/she wants without whining and crying. This leads to less frustration on the part of parents as well. 

Do babies who sign talk later?

Ans: Several surveys and reports have in fact produced the conclusion that signing does not delay speech. Learning sign language does not affect the child’s speech development in any way. With proper techniques, the child will start speaking at a normal age. 

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