Best PSAT Prep Courses Online & Certification (June 2024)

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PSAT stands for Preliminary SAT National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. It is created to prepare for SAT exams and acquire scholarships in colleges. It is held every year in high schools. This test is generally focused on math, reading, writing and language fundamentals. To get a good grip on the concepts, you need a great prep course which will help you clear the PSAT test in the best possible way. In this list, we’ll be showing you the Best PSAT Prep Courses where you can enrol and start your preparation.

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PSAT Prep [Kaplan]

PSAT Prep by Kaplan is one of the best courses when it comes to PSAT tests. It provides users with a fantastic user experience as well as good content. It comes with several features which can help you to study for PSAT effectively and efficiently. It allows users to keep an eye on their progress and gives many assignments and mocks for better understanding.

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • Get the complete PSAT course whether it is live or on-demand

  • Access 13 hours of on-demand video lessons for all topics

  • Get your hands on 2 practice tests with score analysis

  • Immerse yourself with Extensive PSAT prep materials

Who is it for?

This PSAT prep is best for those users who want a great experience when it comes to PSAT prep, they can study for the test whenever they want, and can access all the required resources such as assessments, study materials, mocks as well as exclusive live or recorded content for all topics, all these things make this prep an amazing choice.

Rating: 4.7/5

PrepScholar PSAT [PrepScholar]

This PSAT prep by Prepscholar is one of the most affordable and advantageous courses on our list. Not only does it help users with all the prerequisites for PSAT, but it also guarantees users with at least 150+ score improvement in tests with a money-back claim if it fails to do so.

Course Instructor

It is instructed by Margaret, a 99 percentile scorer in PSAT and highly experienced in the field.

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • Use Extensive PSAT Content for clear concepts

  • Access Premium PSAT Videos to dive deeper into topics

  • Track your Progress in every step you take

  • Learn different and unique Strategies for effectiveness

  • Practice what you studied on realistic PSAT test questions

Who is it for?

This PSAT course is best for those who are looking for a course that is affordable and provides quality or sometimes even better content when it comes to PSAT, not only is it affordable but also grants money back guarantee if the score doesn’t improve, it is a fully packed prep with many features to effectively clear the test.

Rating: 4.6/5

PSAT Prep Courses [TestMasters]

The PSAT prep by Testmasters is one of the most strategically advanced courses on our list. It guides and teaches the users the right strategies and methods for preparing for the PSAT test, not only does it provide all the tools for the test, but also guarantees an improvement in score of at least 30. It also has high-quality content with competitive pricing.

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • Access 12 Classes for getting a good grasp of concepts

  • Improve the score by at least 30 guaranteed by Testmasters

  • Use Over 1200 Pages of Course Materials for in-depth knowledge

  • Try Official College Board SAT Practice Exams for more improvement

Who is it for?

This PSAT prep course is a better choice for the audience who wants a simple yet high-quality prep which will cover the whole syllabus from A to Z and provides many recorded and live classes with high numbers of assessments and mock tests, considering it also guarantees a specific improvement in score. 

Rating: 4.5/5

PSAT Prep [Elite Educational Institute]

PSAT Prep by Elite Educational Institute is a highly versatile as well as a reputed course on our list, they allow the students to prepare for PSAT in their sophomore year and completes the whole syllabus in the least time so they can handle both their own schedule as well as the PSAT topics, these features make this course even more flexible

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • Learn from Experienced Instructors for a good understanding

  • Get Proven Results for a better-quality study

  • Access the Exclusive study material by ElitePrep

Who is it for?

It is a great choice for students who want a complete package with good-quality content. It is a highly flexible course which allows the student to manage their other activities along with preparing for PSAT. All these features make this course an excellent option for PSAT.

Rating: 4.4/5


How can I improve my PSAT score?

Here are some of the  Ways to Improve Reading Scores on PSAT Test:

Improve your timing.
Find a balance when reading.
Read college-level texts.
Practice advanced vocabulary.
Stay engaged when reading a passage.
Take notes as you read!
Start with the questions.

How many hours should I study for PSAT?

If you have studied for and taken the SAT or PSAT before, you may only need two hours per week to study. One week you could study Writing and Math with a calculator for an hour each, and the next week you could prioritize Reading and Math with no calculator.

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