Best Creative Writing Courses Online & Certification (June 2024)

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Creative Writing Courses
Creative Writing Courses

Creative writing typically incorporates fiction and poetry that displays imagination or invention. There is extensive use of creative and out-of-the-box thinking skills that goes into curating such kinds of writings.

The private sector is the highest employer of creative writers hence increasing the employment rate year by year. To help you ace your journey of becoming a creative writer, we have covered the best creative writing courses and certifications available on the internet.

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Best Creative Writing Courses, Certification, Tutorials, Training, Classes Online

Creative Writing Certification Course by Wesleyan [Coursera]

This creative writing certification is a specialization class that will help you craft your stories like the great writers. Develop an original story that will absorb a reader’s interest from beginning to end. You will gain skills like short story writing, fiction writing, creativity and copy editing.

This creative writing tutorial is offered by Wesleyan University, founded in 1831. It is a diverse, energetic liberal arts community where critical thinking and practical idealism go hand in hand. With their distinctive scholar-teacher culture, creative programming, and commitment to interdisciplinary learning, Wesleyan challenges students to explore new ideas and change the world.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • This specialization covers elements of three major creative writing genres: short story, narrative essay, and memoir.

  • Master the techniques that good writers use to compose a bracing story, populated with memorable characters in an interesting setting, written in a fresh descriptive style.

  • Analyse and constructively evaluate peer writing. In this class, you will draft, rewrite, and complete a substantial original story in the genre of your choice.

  • Focused on a key aspect of writing, and taken in any order you choose, you will develop a stronger ability to not only refine your writing but critique writing in general and find inspiration in the works you are already reading.

  • Includes a hands-on project you’ll need to successfully finish the project to complete the specialization.

  • Start this 100% online course with an instant access and learn at your own schedule. Earn a shareable certificate upon completion.

Who is it for?

This online coursera creative writing course is designed for anyone from aspiring short story writers to established novelists. Whether you have a finished novel sitting on your desk calling for a fresh look or have had the germ of an idea for a decade, this specialization gives you the tools to achieve your goal.

Rating: 4.7/5
Students Enrolled: 99,266
Duration: 6 months, 1 hours/week

Coursera 7-Day Trail offer

Online Creative Writing Courses and Classes [Skillshare]

These online skillshare creative writing classes offer a wide range of topics to choose from. They focus on specialised themes like storytelling, character conflict, context and craft, driven short stories, techniques to spark original ideas, and so on and so forth.

These skillshare creative writing classes are offered by industry leaders and working professionals like Daniel Jose Older, Ashley, C. Ford, and Esteban Gast along with others.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Includes topics like writing from memory, reporting on yourself, pulling memory into the present, creating memory and sharing your work and essay.

  • Focuses on “Salsa Nocturna”. Throws light on character, conflict, context, and craft. 

  • Develop characters, transform situations into stories, write your stories, revise and publish. 

  • Study creativity, lateral thinking, Juxtaposition, lotus blossom, space, time and habits. 

  • Understand screenplays, protagonist, goals, obstacles, visual storytelling, development, logline, structure, story beats, acts and dialogues.

Who is it for?

These skillshare creative writing courses are ideal for writers of all levels. They provide a complete outline of the specialised topics mentioned above. The students are required to choose the ones they’re curious about and would like to gain knowledge on.

Rating: 4.7/5
Duration: Self-paced

The Foundation of Fiction (Writing Mastery) [Udemy]

This udemy creative writing tutorial is what you need to become a creative writing master and write killer novels, memoirs, or short stories. It will help you master the 6 universal foundations that make up great fiction.

This udemy creative writing certification is presented by Jessica Brody, an International Bestselling Author and Top-Rated Instructor. Her books have been translated and published in over 23 countries and several have been optioned for film and television. She is also the founder of the Writing Mastery Academy, an online school for writers.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Write vibrant, riveting dialogue that will breathe life into your scenes and compose intricate, scintillating prose that will pull readers in from the first word.

  • Create complex, realistic characters who will jump right off the page. Construct vivid, memorable settings that will shape the world of your story.

  • Structure masterful, gripping plots that will hook the readers and keep them turning pages.

  • Write fiction that is sophisticated, compelling, and dynamic and find more inspiration in your creative writing. Also, master the tools that every great fiction writer knows and uses to craft their novels and short stories.

  • Whether you want to write novels, short stories, memoirs, flash fiction or even screenplays and stage plays, this course will help you master the 6 Universal Foundations that make up all great fiction. 

  • These six tools (Character, Dialogue, Point of View, Narrative Style, Setting, and Plot) are what every accomplished fiction writer knows and uses to craft their stories. 

  • Get full lifetime access to 6 hours of on-demand video on mobile and TV, 4 articles, 31 downloadable resources, and a certificate of completion.

Who is it for?

This bestseller udemy creative writing class is for beginners as well as seasoned writers looking to improve their craft. This fun, interactive course (jam-packed with over 6 hours of video and more than 25 fun writing exercises) will give you the skills, confidence, and inspiration you need to become a fiction writing master.

Rating: 4.7/5
Students Enrolled: 31,119
Duration: 6 hours

The Rhetoric of Story: Creative Writing Class [Udemy]

This udemy creative writing course is one of the most comprehensive classes on the platform. It will take you through the 7 foundations of storytelling along with the essential writing skills required by creative and professional writers.

This udemy creative writing certification is hosted by Damien Walter. He teaches good writers how to be great and his research and critical writing have been published in The Guardian, Wired, BBC, The Independent, Aeon and with Oxford University Press.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Learn how to tell powerful stories in novels, screenplays and more. Provides a scientific insight into the story drawing on psychology and neuroscience.

  • Learn about the wisdom of storytellers dating back 5000 years.

  •  Apply the seven foundations to your writing and produce powerful stories that audiences fall in love with.

  • Together these seven foundations form a “rhetoric of story”, that can be used to tell a powerful, immersive story in any medium, from a 5-page short story to a 10-hour web series.

  • Get full lifetime access to 5.5. hours of on-demand video on mobile and TV, 9 articles and a certificate of completion.

Who is it for?

This udemy creative writing course is specially curated for writers with ambition who want to work professionally in the writing industries, novelists, screenwriters, playwrights, game designers seeking bigger audiences and finally marketers and executives who want to harness powerful stories in their work.

Rating: 4.7/5
Students Enrolled: 5702
Duration: 5.5 hours

Margaret Atwood’s Creative Writing Class [MasterClass]

Through this masterclass creative writing course, you will be able to learn how the author of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ crafts vivid prose and hooks readers with her timeless approach to storytelling.

This masterclass creative writing tutorial is taught by Margaret Atwood. Called the “Prophet of Dystopia,” Margaret Atwood is one of the most influential literary voices of our generation. Explore Margaret’s creative process for developing ideas into novels with strong structures and nuanced characters.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Includes sections on getting started as a writer, story and plot. Find your own path and overcome obstacles whilst learning what makes a strong plot

  • Myriad ways you can structure your story and create a multi-layered narrative using some classic tales. 

  • Choose the right point of view to tell your story. Learn about the impact this decision has on your story with exercises to help you explore the effects of various points of view.

  • Study actions, reactions, and character. Pay attention to details and take help from concrete tools to create well-developed characters you know by heart.

  • Overcome challenges such as constant interruption, writer’s block or a narrative problem you can not figure out how to solve. 

  • Understand the significance of time in fiction and learn how to keep readers oriented without compromising your story structure. 

  • The course is divided into 23 easy-to-follow lessons which will be covered in 3 hours and 43 minutes.

Who is it for?

This masterclass creative writing course is perfect for writers willing to learn about the art of storytelling. From the story and plot to the business of being a writer, this class has got it all covered.

Rating: 4.7/5
Students Enrolled: 24,682
Duration: 4 hours

Wired for Story: How to Become a Story Genius [CreativeLive]

This creativelive creative writing class is designed to develop the skills you need to become a story genius. In this class, the instructor busts the writing myths that have held you back and gives you a clear, concise, concrete step-by-step method to find your story and share it with the world.

The tutor of this creativelive creative writing class is Lisa Cron, who has helped thousands of aspiring writers master the unparalleled power of stories so they can write a novel or memoir capable of riveting readers.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Learn how to write a first draft that reads like a fifth draft, and cut down on rewriting in the process.

  • Become a more confident writer, and make whatever you’re writing now deeper, richer, more compelling, and able to do what all stories are meant to do: change how the reader sees the world, themselves, and what they do in the world.

  • Fulfil your goal of building a novel (or memoir or screenplay) by first creating the material from which the story, and the plot, will organically begin to appear.

  • Filled with specialised exercises giving you the tools to create a riveting story from the inside out.

  • The sections focus on plot problems, turning points, ‘aha’ moments, the worldview and so much more. 

  • Get lifetime access to 17 HD video lessons covered in 5 hours with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Who is it for?

This creativelive creative writing class is for anyone willing to write a story. This power-packed course is filled with knowledge on every concept you can think of. It will help you write better stories as it is suitable for learners of all levels.

Rating: 4.6/5
Students Enrolled: 47.4K
Duration: 5hour


How do I start creative writing?

Reading improves writing to a great extent. Researching and taking courses will make your sail smooth. And finally practising will give you results. Creative writing is a skill that should be practised by everyone and not just writers. Have a unique point of view, learn about different writing elements and rewrite stuff to master your art.

Why creative writing is important?

Creative writing is crucial for clarifying and conveying your thoughts more efficiently and accurately. It makes the flow of communication better and easier. This form of writing will help you present yourselves in your own unique way.

What makes good creative writing?

Great creative writers love to play with words and depict their vast treasure of vocabulary. Having a strong command on what you’re writing, expressing a topic in a different manner, making readers trust you as a writer, transporting them to another dimension with the mere use of right words, etc. are some points to consider.

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