Best FRM Prep Courses Online & Certification (July 2024)

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The Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification is globally recognized as one of the most prestigious qualifications for professionals in the financial industry. Earning this certification requires a thorough understanding of financial risk management principles and passing a rigorous two-part exam. As such, many individuals seeking to obtain the FRM certification turn to prep courses to help them prepare for the exam.

However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to know which prep courses are the best. In this article, we will explore some of the top FRM prep courses and certifications to help you make an informed decision about which course is right for you.

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Best FRM Prep Courses, Certification, Tutorials, Training, Classes Online

FRM® Exam Prep Study Packages [Kaplan]

FRM Premium Coaching offered by Kaplan is one of the best FRM online courses available on the market. Enter exam day with complete confidence by preparing with a comprehensive study package which provides more insights, clear direction and better results. No more guessing how you should prepare for the FRM Exam as this course has formulated a study program that works and adjusts for you.

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • Convenient OnDemand instruction from your home or office.
  • Immersive online final review, from mock exams to OnDemand videos.
  • Qbank, Schweser’s Secret Sauce®, and many other compliments to your studies.
  • Everything you need to succeed, with all-inclusive and self-study options.

Who is it for?

This course is an excellent choice for students who want an exclusive study package that includes all the necessary materials and practice tests required for a complete preparation strategy.

Duration: Self-paced

FRM Prep Course [Bionic Turtle]

FRM Prep Course offered by Bionic Turtle is an amazing online FRM course which can help you boost your marks. This course is designed to offer a learning experience that goes beyond mere memorization, allowing you to truly comprehend the complex subject matter. You can benefit from the insights of leading experts, work alongside other students, and receive study materials that are effective and designed to help you succeed.

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • Utilize comprehensive FRM resources including practice questions, quizzes, mock exams, supplemental videos
  • Reinforce your understanding of complex concepts with tools that provide you with a true understanding of the material

Who is it for?

It is ideal for students who want an all-rounder FRM course including course materials and preparation. Their study materials are distinguished by their exceptional organization and attention to detail. By utilizing these resources, you’ll be thoroughly prepared for your exam and feel confident in your ability to pass with flying colors.

Duration: Self-paced

Top Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Courses [Udemy]

Top Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Courses by Udemy are an excellent library of resources for learning about FRM online. This library of courses will teach you the essentials of Financial Risk Management and the advanced concepts related to FRM. These courses are designed by expert professionals which have taught thousands of students over several years.

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • Understand The Building Blocks of Risk Management
  • The Arbitrage Pricing Theory and Multifactor Models of Risk and Return
  • Understand Credit Risk Transfer Mechanisms
  • Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
  • Learn Enterprise Risk Management and Future Trends

Who is it for?

This library is an excellent resource for people who want to understand the essentials of Financial Risk Management and learn from industry professionals who have taught thousands of students.

Duration: Self-paced

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FRM Exam Review [Wiley Efficient Learning]

The FRM Exam Review offered by Wiley Efficient Learning is a great course for learning FRM online. Voted America’s most trusted company in 2022 by Newsweek, Wiley Efficient Learning offers excellent course material and preparation strategy for understanding the basics as well as the advanced concepts of FRM.

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • Learn from highly accredited instructors and teachers
  • Enjoy Higher Pass Rates: Up to nine out of ten people pass their exams with Wiley
  • Forward learning about their fameify

Who is it for?

FRM Exam Review is an ideal course for people who want a comprehensive study course including mock tests, online reviews, study material and many more features. It covers all aspects of FRM study management which guarantees an all-rounded course package.

Duration: Self-paced

FRM Prep Tool [Analyst Prep]

FRM Prep Tool offered by Analyst Prep is an amazing online course for FRM preparation. Being the #1-Rated Prep Platform for the FRM® Program, AnalystPrep continues to build on its reputation as an international leader in risk management education. It provides you with the tools to perfect your risk management skills as viewed through the prisms of the Global Association of Risk Professionals.

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • Study Notes & Video Lessons including 2,000 pages of efficient summaries and 93 hours of video lectures
  • Exclusive Question bank includes over 3,000 FRM practice questions designed to build up your knowledge base step by step
  • Gain access to a total of four FRM mock exams (in CBT or PDF format) written with the unique goal to simulate exam day

Who is it for?

This course is excellent for students who prefer a tried and tested study plan packed with exclusive study materials. The instructors adopt an exam-centered approach to your prep and provide you with comprehensive FRM part 1 and part 2 question banks that reflect the quality and standard of the actual FRM exam.

Duration: Self-paced

FRM Course [EduPristine]

FRM Course by EduPristine is an awesome course designed for learning the fundamentals of FRM. This course training enables the student to build a strong conceptual foundation that helps them excel in the area of Finance and Risk Management. This course will be helping you at every step with our practical and experiential learning along with soft skills training and placement assistance. Through this course, learners are compelled to apply concepts in the class and prepare for career realities.

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • Examination focused content
  • Training by subject matter experts
  • Advanced FRM® question bank with 650+ detailed solutions
  • Dedicated discussion forums
  • 75 Hours (15 days) Classroom Training

Who is it for?

It is excellent for learners who want to understand the basics of FRM as well as the advanced concepts with excellent customer support and feedback. It provides amazing assistance not only in smooth evaluation examination and placement but also in booking centers for your FRM® course exam.

Duration: Self-paced


Which is the best course for FRM?

There are many excellent courses available to help you prepare for the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) exam, and the best course for you will depend on your individual learning style, schedule, and budget. Here are a few things to consider when choosing an FRM prep course:

Content: Look for a course that covers all of the material on the FRM exam in detail and depth, and provides practice questions and exams to help you reinforce your knowledge.

Quality of Instruction: Choose a course that has experienced instructors who are knowledgeable about the FRM exam and can effectively explain complex concepts.

Flexibility: Consider whether the course fits with your schedule and allows you to study at your own pace.

Price: The cost of FRM prep courses can vary widely, so make sure you choose a course that fits within your budget.

Some popular FRM prep course providers include Kaplan, Wiley, Bionic Turtle, and AnalystPrep. It may also be helpful to read reviews and compare features and pricing to find the best course for your needs. Ultimately, the key to success on the FRM exam is to find a course that works for you and to commit to diligent study and preparation.

Is FRM Level 1 harder than CFA Level 1?

Both the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Level 1 and the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1 exams are rigorous and challenging, but it is difficult to say which one is harder as it largely depends on an individual’s background, experience, and strengths.

The FRM Level 1 exam focuses on the principles of financial risk management, including quantitative analysis, financial markets and products, and valuation and risk models. It consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and takes four hours to complete.

On the other hand, the CFA Level 1 exam covers a broader range of topics, including ethics, quantitative methods, economics, financial reporting and analysis, corporate finance, equity investments, fixed income, derivatives, and alternative investments. It also consists of 100 multiple-choice questions but takes six hours to complete.

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