Best Self Discipline Courses, Certification (July 2024)

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Self Discipline is one of the most important traits of an individual which defines one’s capacity to work harder in spite of difficult circumstances. It is also one of the most important characteristics which improve your chances of taking on a new habit as well as getting rid of old ones.

That is why we have compiled a list of Best Self Discipline Courses & Certification, where you can learn the essentials of self-discipline and improve your overall willpower.

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Best Self Discipline Courses, Certification, and Tutorials

How to Build Self-Disciple Course [Udemy]

How to Build Self-Disciple is a top-rated online course for learning self-discipline. If you want to make positive changes in your life and achieve your long-term goals, there isn’t a better way to do it than to become more self-disciplined. Science has figured out a lot of interesting aspects of self-discipline and willpower, but most of this knowledge is buried deep inside long and boring scientific papers. This course is for you if you’d like to benefit from these studies without actually reading them.

It is created by Martin Meadows, who is a bestselling self-help author. Martin Meadows is a Wall Street Journal bestselling personal development author, writing about self-discipline and its transformative power to help you become successful and live a more fulfilling life.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Break your bad habits and form new, positive ones

  • Escape the status quo bias that makes people avoid making changes in their lives

  • Train your self-discipline to become a true master of your willpower

  • Strategic indulging to improve your diet adherence

  • Understand how to become more self-disciplined

Who is it for?

This self-discipline course is best suited for people who are interested in improving and bettering themselves. No experience with self-help courses or any specific skills is required, you only need the willingness to make changes in your life.

Rating: 4.4
Students Enrolled: 21,749
Duration: 1hour 29m

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Develop Daily Self-Discipline [Udemy]

Develop Daily Self-Discipline offered by Udemy is one of the best-rated courses online for learning self-discipline. Everywhere you turn, there are obstacles that block your path. Being successful doesn’t mean avoiding them, it means meeting those obstacles head-on and pushing through. You need the self-discipline and willpower to see you through to the end. You need the tools that will enable you to have that self-discipline and willpower. Develop Daily Self-Discipline has those tools. 

It is designed by Martin Meadows, who is a bestselling self-help author. With a straight-to-the-point approach, he’s passionate about sharing tips, habits, and resources for self-improvement through a combination of science-backed research and personal experience.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Develop powerful long-term self-discipline

  • Grow willpower and control their temptations

  • Become a mentally stronger and tougher person

  • Keep pushing in spite of motivation running out and discomfort

  • Change your life for the better with the power of setting proper goals and self-discipline

Who is it for?

This course is for people who are interested in personal development and want to make positive changes in their life. It is suitable for anyone who has a hard, long-term goal to achieve and is looking for tips on how to make it a reality.

Rating: 4.7
Students Enrolled: 8,742
Duration: 1hour 55m

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Self-Discipline Hacks: Increase Productivity & Achieve Goals [Udemy]

Self-Discipline Hacks: Increase Productivity & Achieve Goal is an amazing online course for self-discipline. In this course I will empower you with knowledge and wisdom, that has helped so many people before you, to push forward and ultimately reach your target. You will learn how to eliminate temptations and daily distractions. How to collaborate with your brain and set smart goals. How to develop your thinking power for continuous improvement.

It is designed by Dr Roy Naraine, who is a medical Doctor and Award-Winning Instructor. He has worked in various hospitals and outpatients’ clinics. During the course of his studies, he became interested in the field of psychology. His profound knowledge of the function of the human brain allowed him to achieve better results when treating his patients.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Eliminate temptations and set smart goals

  • Boost your courage & confidence

  • Get a pay raise and learn about the law of accountability

  • Understand the importance of flattery and win a job interview

  • Become driven and motivated for productivity

Who is it for?

This self-discipline program is created by Adam Naraine, who is the owner & Co-Founder of our Studio. His passion for video production and desire to make high-quality educational videos available to people all around the world has finally brought him to Udemy, where he could reach millions.

Rating: 4.6
Students Enrolled: 5,850
Duration: 2hours 41m

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The Power of Self-Discipline Free Course [Udemy]

The Power of Self-Discipline Free Course is one of the best free online courses for self-discipline. Self-discipline is crucial because there are so many distractions trying to divert our attention from what’s important and what is truly worthy. Self-discipline is the trait for ultimate success. Without self-discipline, everything else falls apart. This video course will help you to learn how to be self-disciplined in order to gain success in every aspect of your life.

It is created by Luke. G Dahl is an award-Winning Author and Financial Advisor. He works for SpaceVR as the Director of Finance. He has always had a love of writing and for poetry, in particular, winning a competition a couple of years. Now he spends a lot of his free time writing books and perfecting his art.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • How To Be Self-Disciplined Using 7 Techniques

  • Always Be Ready With a Backup Plan

  • Be Sure You Are Motivated On A Sustainable Basis

  • Understand how to turn Self-Discipline Into a Habit

  • Think Positively and Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to become more productive by improving self-discipline can take this amazing course. It is also suitable for anybody who wants to turn their hobbies into habits.

Rating: 4.5
Students Enrolled: 2,691
Duration: 54minutes

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Complete Willpower Course- Build Self Control & Good Habits [Udemy]

Complete Willpower Course is a top-rated online course for learning about self-discipline. You can gain power over your own life. You can build the willpower muscle that allows you to live life on your own terms.TJ Walker is a personal development expert who has a unique system of helping people program the habits they choose for themselves into their lives. TJ will teach you how to create the exact willpower you need in order to live a fulfilled life on your own terms.

It is designed by TJ Walker, who is a best-selling Personal Development & Habits Expert. He has created several Udemy best-selling courses in the fields of personal development, public speaking, presentation skills, media training, and communication skills.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • How to build and use willpower

  • Gain more self-control and create strong habits

  • Live a healthy and purposeful life

  • Get the willpower to eat healthy food and exercise daily

Who is it for?

This Willpower course is ideal for anyone searching for the essentials of willpower, self-control, and self-discipline. Build self-control & good habits with complete willpower. This course will be a great addition to anyone trying to get rid of alcoholism, recovery, and other toxic habits.

Rating: 4.4
Students Enrolled: 51,972
Duration: 7hours 53m

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How do you become a master of self-discipline?

To develop self-discipline, you can follow these steps:
1. Choose a goal
2. Find your motivation
3. Identify obstacles
4. Replace old habits
5. Monitor your progress

Is willpower the same as self-discipline?

Willpower is an instantaneous and momentary burst of focused energy, while self-discipline is structured, well thought out as well as consistent. Willpower, in the moment, is more tangible and seemingly more powerful. The reality is that the power of self-discipline overshadows that of willpower.

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