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Plotly Dash, a dynamic web application framework powered by Python, empowers users to construct interactive data visualizations and dashboards with ease. This versatile tool has found favor among data professionals, including data scientists, analysts, and developers, for its ability to simplify the creation of data-driven web applications. For those eager to learn Plotly Dash, a multitude of courses are readily available. These courses offer comprehensive insights and hands-on experience, making them invaluable resources for anyone looking to harness the capabilities of this framework.

In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the Best Plotly Dash courses, tailored to different skill levels and objectives. 

Importance of Plotly Dash

Plotly Dash holds significant importance in the world of data visualization and web application development. Its importance is underscored by impressive statistics and its impact on data-driven decision-making. Dash had substantial traction over the past few years, with over 16,500,000+. monthly downloads, demonstrating its popularity among developers and data professionals. This framework’s significance lies in its ability to democratize data, allowing individuals and organizations to transform raw data into interactive, user-friendly web applications effortlessly. 

For those aspiring to break into data-related professions, learning Plotly Dash is a strategic and valuable choice. And what better way to acquire this expertise than by enrolling in the best Plotly Dash courses available in the market? These courses provide a structured and guided learning experience, ensuring that you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the data-driven landscape.

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Best Plotly Dash Courses, Certification, Tutorials, Training, Classes Online

Interactive Python Dashboards with Plotly and Dash [Udemy]

This comprehensive course equips Python enthusiasts with the knowledge and skills to craft dynamic and interactive dashboards using Plotly’s innovative Dash library. Learn Plotly Dash starting with a quick primer on essential Python concepts as it delves into data manipulation with Numpy and Pandas.

Course Instructor

The course instructor, Jose Marcial Portilla, is an accomplished data scientist and educator with a background in mechanical engineering and a wealth of experience in teaching data science, making this course the best for Python enthusiasts seeking to master data visualization with Plotly’s Dash Library.

Pros & Cons


  • Prerequisite-Friendly
  • Data Manipulation Skills


  • Limited Advanced Content

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • This course provides a thorough exploration of data visualization using Plotly and Dash, covering a wide range of essential plots and interactive components.

  • After each section, learners engage in exercises to reinforce their understanding and apply their knowledge, ensuring a practical grasp of the material.

  • Discover how to create live updating dashboards that automatically refresh, keeping your data and visualizations current and dynamic.

  • Learn to deploy your interactive dashboards on the web using Heroku, making your visualizations accessible to a broader audience.

  • Master a variety of Plotly plots, including scatter plots, line charts, bar charts, histograms, and more, enabling you to choose the right visualization for your data.

  • Includes 69 video lectures totaling 9 hours and 43 minutes of content, along with 2 articles, and a certificate of completion.

Who is it for?

This Plotly Dash course online is tailored for Python enthusiasts, data analysts, aspiring data scientists, and web developers who want to expand their skills in data visualization and interactive dashboard creation using Plotly and Dash.

Rating: 4.4/5
Students Enrolled: 76,405
Duration: 10 hours

Interactive Data Visualization with Plotly in R [Datacamp]

The DataCamp Interactive Data Visualization with Plotly in R is an immersive course designed to empower data professionals and enthusiasts with the skills to create captivating and interactive data visualizations using the Plotly package in R.

Course Instructor

This online Plotly Dash course is authored by Adam Loy, an Assistant Professor of Statistics at Carleton College and a prominent figure in the field of statistical graphics and R development. With his extensive expertise in statistical graphics,and R development, this course is unquestionably the best for R enthusiasts seeking to master the art of interactive data visualization.

Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive Content
  • Hands-On Learning


  • Prerequisite Knowledge

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • The course covers a wide spectrum of topics, from the basics of Plotly to advanced charting techniques, ensuring that you acquire a comprehensive skill set for creating interactive data visualizations.

  • You’ll gain practical experience by working on a real-world case study involving the visualization of the 2018 US midterm elections, solidifying your understanding of Plotly in a practical context.

  • Learn how to customize your graphics, adjust opacity, select symbols and color schemes, and transform axes to convey your data’s message effectively.

  • Access instructional content across 15 video lectures, along with 54 exercises, as well as a certificate of completion.

Who is it for?

This Plotly Dash online course is designed for a diverse audience, including data analysts, R enthusiasts, data storytellers, students, researchers, and anyone keen on mastering the art of data storytelling through interactive visualizations.

Rating: 4.5/5
Students Enrolled: 30,603
Duration: 4hours/week

Building Data Visualizations Using Plotly [Pluralsight]

The Pluralsight Building Data Visualizations Using Plotly, stands as one of the best for data visualization, catering both beginners and experienced data enthusiasts. Through this course, you’ll master the art of crafting insightful data visualizations using the Plotly Python API.

Course Instructor

Janani Ravi is the author of this Plotly Dash class. She is a seasoned professional with a Master’s degree from Stanford and over 7 years of experience at tech giants like Google and Microsoft, known for her contributions to Google Docs and her passion for combining technology with teaching.

Pros & Cons


  • Cloud and Jupyter Integration
  • Real-World Applications


  • Course Age

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • This course offers a comprehensive journey, from foundational concepts to advanced techniques, ensuring that learners gain a thorough understanding of data visualization using Plotly.

  • Learners will master a wide range of visualization types, including line charts, bar charts, Gantt charts, Sankey diagrams, 3D visualizations, and animations, making them versatile data visualization experts.

  • Beyond basic charts, students will explore advanced techniques such as handling statistical and financial data, making this course suitable for professionals in various domains.

  • The course includes a series of video lectures, supplementary articles and resources, and provides a certificate of completion upon successfully finishing the course.

Who is it for?

This Plotly Dash course online is designed for a wide audience, making it an excellent choice for data enthusiasts, analysts, scientists, business professionals, and even students seeking to harness the power of Plotly for creating compelling and informative data visualizations.

Rating: 4.4/5
Duration: 2 hours

Building Dashboards with Dash and Plotly [Datacamp]

Explore the world of data visualization with the DataCamp Building Dashboards with Dash and Plotly course. This comprehensive course offers a deep dive into the art of creating interactive and insight-rich dashboards without the need for expensive software. This course equips learners with the skills to transform Plotly visualizations into dynamic dashboards.

Course Instructor

This Plotly Dash class is taught by Alex Scriven, an ideal instructor for those passionate about Dash. With his expertise as a lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, Alex manages to offer a course suited best for dash enthusiasts.

Pros & Cons


  • No Costly Software Required
  • Interactive Learning


  • Limited Data Scope

Key Highlights & Learning Objectives

  • Discover how to build insightful dashboards without the need for costly vendor software.

  • Dive into the fundamentals of web applications, including HTML and CSS, to structure and style your dashboards effectively.

  • Gain the skills to craft dashboards that can seamlessly adapt to different datasets and projects.

  • Transform Plotly visualizations into dynamic and user-driven dashboards, enhancing your data storytelling capabilities.

  • This course includes 15 videos, hands-on exercises, valuable resources, and a certificate of completion, offering a comprehensive learning package.

Who is it for?

This online Plotly Dash course is designed for data enthusiasts, data scientists, analysts, web developers, Python programmers, and anyone eager to elevate their data visualization skills.

Rating: 4.7/5
Students Enrolled: 24,682
Duration: 3 months, 12 hours/week


What is plotly dash?

Plotly Dash is a Python web application framework for building interactive, web-based data visualization dashboards. It allows you to create interactive and customizable web applications for data analysis and visualization. Dash is primarily used for building data-driven applications that can be deployed on the web.

Is Plotly Dash free?

Regarding the cost, Plotly Dash is built on top of Plotly, which offers both open-source and commercial versions. The core functionality of Dash is available for free as an open-source library. However, Plotly also offers a commercial product called “Dash Enterprise” that provides additional features, scalability, and support, but it comes with a licensing fee.

Is Dash Plotly frontend or backend?

Dash by Plotly serves as both the frontend and backend components of a web application. It’s a full-stack web framework for building interactive web-based data visualization applications. Here’s how it works:

Frontend: Dash allows you to create the user interface and visualization components that users interact with. You can define the layout of your web application, including the structure, appearance, and interactivity of your dashboard. Users can interact with these components in their web browsers.

Backend: Dash also includes a built-in web server that handles HTTP requests and responses. It manages the communication between the user’s browser and the Python code that defines your application’s behavior. This backend part of Dash manages the application’s logic, data processing, and data visualization generation based on user interactions.

Is Plotly Dash better than Tableau?

Comparing Plotly Dash to Tableau is a matter of context and requirements. Plotly Dash is a Python framework that offers flexibility and customization for web application development, especially when you need to integrate data visualization with other Python libraries and frameworks.

Tableau, on the other hand, is a standalone data visualization tool that provides a user-friendly interface for creating interactive visualizations and dashboards. The choice between them depends on your specific needs, skills, and preferences. Plotly Dash might be preferable if you want more control and flexibility in your web applications, while Tableau could be a quicker solution for certain data visualization tasks.

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