Best Amazon Affiliate Marketing Courses Online & Certification (July 2024)

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing Course
Amazon Affiliate Marketing Course

So, you are looking for a way to earn online, and you have happened to come across the term “Affiliate Marketing” but know nothing about it.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular online professions followed by many. It is a really good way to earn money if you know what you are doing. The current value of the affiliate marketing industry is around $12 billion as of 2020. And nearly 49% of the affiliate marketers earn about $20k annually.

Today for you, we have listed the ten best amazon affiliate marketing courses that can teach you the basics of how to start an affiliate marketing website, how to write content and whatnot.

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Best Amazon Affiliate Marketing Courses, Certification, Tutorials, Training, Classes Online

Beginner Affiliate Marketing to Start In 1 Day For 2021 [Udemy]

In this Udemy affiliate marketing course you will learn affiliate marketing fundamentals, tips on saving money in your affiliate journey, various strategies to generate passive income from affiliate marketing without the need of owning a website and most importantly to thrive in affiliate marketing.

This best online affiliate marketing course is taught by Alex Genadinik, who has 10+ years of experience as an affiliate marketer and is known for his positive work as he is always there to support his students through all difficulties.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Learn about various affiliate programs & sites along with Amazon Associates.

  • Gain the skill of promoting your affiliate product for free with SEO, Social Media and also learn to use email marketing & google ads at its full potential.

  • Learn to approach vendors directly for better affiliate deals.

  • Step-by-step teaching approach, exercises, worksheets to help you understand the concepts thoroughly.

  • This course comes with a 30 days Money back Guarantee, Get full lifetime access & certificate at completion of this course along with 41 downloadable resources and 4 articles.

Who is it for?

This Amazon affiliate marketing course is suitable for anyone from a total beginner who wants to get affiliate marketing training to an already established freelancer who is looking to be their own boss and earn more than they are currently making. Once finishing the course, the students can quickly gain the skills of selling and promoting online and gain financial independence.

Rating: 4.3/5
Students Enrolled: 22,111
Duration: 11 hours

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SEO: Amazon Affiliate Marketing+SEO | 250+ Videos | 18.0 Hours [Udemy]

Udemy affiliate marketing course offers you to learn about Amazon affiliate program from A to Z, this includes from getting started to making big bucks from this form of marketing. It has one of the best-detailed tutorials on several essential topics that will help you enhance your affiliate marketing and digital marketing basics.

Created by The SEO Academy Leaders in SEO Education, they have well over 30,000 students and with an instructor rating of 4.5 makes them simply one of the best instructors on Udemy.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Learn how to drive good quality consistent traffic that leads to maximum conversions.

  • Learn about ever-changing Digital Marketing and the various strategies used.

  • Get to know about Silos & how it can help you to rank on google.

  • Website development – No prior technical or coding knowledge/experience is needed. Learn to make sites that look good, perform good and give good results.

  • Learn at your own pace and get a completion certificate, 65 downloadable resources, and 8 articles that you can go back to when you’re stuck at any point.

Who is it for?

Given its features and the things it provides, it indeed is one of the best beginner-level affiliate courses available out there. With the practice of this course, one can easily bridge the gap between rookie to expert in affiliate marketing.

Rating: 4.5/5
Students Enrolled: 26,302
Duration: 17.5 total hours

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The Complete Shopify Amazon Affiliate course [Udemy]

Here, you will learn to make a well-attractive website that will provide you with a platform to sell your affiliate products and teach you everything about integrating Shopify and Amazon to get going with your affiliate marketing business. With the application of this course, one can quickly learn new effective techniques that will bring up your website performance.

The instructor of the Shopify amazon affiliate marketing course, Tim Sharp, is a veteran and has 10+ years of experience. The instructor’s step-by-step approach gives him a competitive advantage over others and has an instructor rating of 4.6.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Learn how to set up an online store and sell products using Shopify.

  • Get to know the skill of writing product reviews that do well and generate high traffic. Also, learn about some great tips that you can use to improve your blog writing.

  • Know how to approach the best websites for link building.

  • Promoting your content organically, on social media, email marketing, etc.

  • In the end, get a completion certificate along with 60+ video lectures, 1 downloadable resource, and 3 articles for lifetime access.

Who is it for?

With the application of this Shopify affiliate marketing course, the problems once faced by beginners, such as writing product reviews, identifying ideal customers, and choosing the right product to promote, will no longer exist. Instead, these problems will become your strengths and add to your specialization.

Rating: 4.7/5
Students Enrolled: 10,695
Duration: 3.5 total hours

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Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business 100% for 2021 [Udemy]

Online earning is one of people’s dream jobs, especially since a pandemic hit our daily lives. This online affiliate marketing course offers content that will help you to start your affiliate business with ease. It allows you to automate all the essential steps for affiliate marketing to work so that you can earn even in your sleep. It also helps you develop a solid understanding of your customers and use Email Marketing to increase your customer base.

It is offered by iMarekt XL, and the instructor for this course is Max Cord, who has tons of experience in this field. With around 100k satisfied students, he, with his partner Matt Jensen are of the best instructors on Udemy present.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Learn to Research potential customers and products.

  • Gain the skill of writing subject lines that catch customers’ eyes, thus ensuring more customers open your email.

  • Learn comprehensively about the value proposition and cement yourself as the best affiliate marketer than others.

  • Increase the efficiency of your sign-up forms, opt-in boxes website so that it attracts lots of subscribers.

  • Learn when & how to contact a subscriber with your affiliate offerings.

  • Get to learn this course with 90+ video lectures divided into 12 sections and get a completion certificate along with 7 downloadable resources.

Who is it for?

This affiliate marketing business course tackles one of the most challenging problems that a beginner faces in affiliate marketing that is attracting customers. By the time you end this course, you will learn to approach/attract customers through various means online.

Rating: 4.6/5
Students Enrolled: 7,831
Duration: 9.5 total hours

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing Using Authority Site for Beginners [Udemy]

This Udemy’s affiliate marketing course comes with certification and provides students the opportunity to learn about how to identify your suitable niche, select the products that will sell, and other than all of this, it also includes topics such as types of content to create and what options do you have in case you don’t want to write the content yourself.

The IBM Data Analyst The instructor of this course is KC Tan having 10+ years of experience as an Amazon Affiliate Marketer. With his guidance at every step, you will know what you are doing and know how to take actions that will give results.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Learn to analyze the profitability of the amazon niche segment as well as amazon products before creating your website.

  • The course also covers the various outsourcing options and also shows you where to outsource your content from.

  • Know what other types of content you can make to attract customers.

  • Learn to optimize your website so that it ranks higher in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)

  • In this, you will also get 17 downloadable resources and a shareable certificate at completion.

Who is it for?

If you want your content to get ranked, then you should definitely sign up for this amazon affiliate marketing for beginners course as it extensively focuses on teaching you to get good rankings and performing better than your competition.

Rating: 4.3/5
Students Enrolled: 853
Duration: 1.5 total hours

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The Complete WordPress Amazon Affiliate course [Udemy]

The advantages of learning WordPress development are many as learning also gives you a skill that most companies are looking for nowadays. This Amazon affiliate marketing step by step training teaches you to make use of WordPress and Amazon to start earning online and covers more than the general aspects of both affiliate marketing and WordPress development.

Another course by Tim Sharp, who’s already ranked 3rd position in this list with “The Complete Shopify Amazon Affiliate Course.” He is one of the current best Udemy instructors and the perfect teacher to learn affiliate marketing from.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Learn the fundamentals of WordPress alongside learning amazon affiliate marketing.

  • It provides you with some great tips to improve your writings.

  • Learn about LuckyOrange, SSL, creating Backup, and website maintenance advice.

  • With enrollment, you are in for a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, a shareable course completion certificate, and lifetime access to 60 lectures, 3 articles & 4 downloadable resources.

Who is it for?

This wordpress affiliate marketing course is almost the same as the 3rd course, with a slight exception of WordPress being used here. So beginners get ready to learn the skill of making beautiful websites through the drag & drop option, and you can use this skill to make any kind of website and not just affiliate marketing websites.

Rating: 4.6/5
Students Enrolled: 7,348
Duration: 3.5 total hours

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Amazon Marketing: Work from Home as An Amazon Affiliate [Udemy]

You can make a good amount of money working from Home. This course has three modules, each designed solely for you to start right away in the Amazon Affiliate Program. Apart from affiliate marketing, this course also offers the learners guidance in online marketing.

Barry North, the instructor of this course. With his extensive knowledge in online business and ten years of experience, he has created this course and many other such courses through which he has garnered 66k+ students worldwide.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Get to know how to choose High Converting Products.

  • Let’s explore all the essential topics such as Product Research, SEO Management, and Website Development.

  • You’ll learn about how to monetize your website.

  • Get access to the course completion certificate at the end, along with seven downloadable contents.

Who is it for?

Your small-small learnings from this amazon affiliate program details can kickstart your affiliate marketing career with the needed knowledge. So, the fear of not knowing whether the chosen product is something the customer is looking for will be gone, and your customer list will expand exponentially.

Rating: 4/5
Students Enrolled: 14,055
Duration: 2 Hours

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Easily Build Amazon Affiliate Niche Website E Stores [Udemy]

Any student, freelancer, or even professionals looking for some side money can apply for this affiliate marketing training program. If you want to know the “Hows” and “whats” of building an Amazon E-store, look no further. It is an informative course that can teach you to make your own E-store within an hour. It consists of all the critical generalized topics that can help you develop the e-store to make money from it.

Rajat Gupta has 19 years of experience up his sleeves in Digital Marketing. In Rajat, you are getting an instructor to help you with your questions and queries.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Learn to import amazon products effectively and efficiently.
  • You will learn to make websites e-stores (using WordPress) that have responsive design.
  • How to promote your products using Facebook Ads and how to use them to their most total capacity.
  • Once completed, get a certificate and access to content throughout your lifetime.

Who is it for?

Complete Beginner Friendly course that will help you in starting your own E-store in the easiest way possible. You don’t have to go to any other place or hire anyone. You can make your own E-store and start your online business in no time.

Rating: 4.1/5
Students Enrolled: 5,132
Duration: 1.5 total hours

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Amazon Affiliates: Easily Create Your Own Amazon e-stores Now [Udemy]

This course is a best affiliate marketing tutorial for making your Amazon e-store. A very comprehensive course that will offer what to and what not to be done in order to earn hundreds of dollars per month through affiliate marketing.

Alistair McDowall, the owner of Synapse Creative Design Ltd. He is a professional who has gone through ups and downs in this industry and successfully started his own company in 2008. He comes with great experience, and that plays a vital role as everything he provides here is very easy to follow and in simple words.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Learn to make pages that meet customers’ expectations.

  • Learn how to automatically add amazon products without the need of doing anything i.e. no need for writing descriptions, editing photos etc.

  • Lectures on complex topics such as maintaining security, adding email capture form to your holding page.

  • Get to learn various aspects of e-stores, including development and management.

  • This course also includes a certificate as proof of completion and four downloadable resources, and the whole course itself is accessible for lifetime usage. 

Who is it for?

This amazon affiliate marketing for beginners course is suitable for those looking to start their own ecommerce store and have no knowledge of how to do so. With the content available in this course, one can easily create a good, all working website just by blindly following the instructor.

Rating: 3.8/5
Students Enrolled: 1,807
Duration: 8.5 total hours

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14 Authority Sites for Learning Amazon Affiliate Marketing [Udemy]

If you believe in learning from experiences, then this is the course for you. From this Amazon affiliate associates program you will get to know the experiences of 14 affiliate marketers and get the chance to learn from their experience. The list of people includes Tung Tran, Dom Wells, Pat Flynn, and 11 others.

This course was created by John Shea, owner of the No Shame Income blog. For him, online marketing started to generate extra income, which led to him having experience in Amazon, Affiliate Marketing, WordPress, eBay, Social Media, and more.

Key Highlights & USPs

  • Learn about various tools & strategies used by affiliate marketers to successfully start their online affiliate business.

  • Learn to manage and schedule your content post timings.

  • This course shares many successful online entrepreneurs and tons of resources related to how they did whatever they did in their affiliate journey.

  • The course comes with 18 lectures divided into 3 sections and a completion certificate at the end.

Who is it for?

Learners who had questions about various things and did not know where to exactly start from, after going through this course they can easily have a sense of direction to what affiliate marketing is, and questions such as what generally beginners face will be answered by these 14 affiliate marketers as they share their real-life affiliate experience.

Rating: 4.4/5
Students Enrolled: 19,698
Duration: 1 hours

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What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves a merchant paying a commission to the affiliates (people who will be promoting the merchant’s products), and the merchant is expected to pay the affiliates whenever a sale is made by them.

What is an Affiliate Program?

It is a platform that brings together merchants and affiliates. So, this platform acts as a middle man where the merchant has its products and looking for someone to promote them, leading to more sales to him, and affiliates like you and me go on that platform looking for something to promote and earn a commission.

Will Affiliate Marketing make me rich?

This depends on the work you put in, your consistency, willingness to grow, and all other such factors. There have been many incidents in which people got good returns from affiliate marketing, but everyone doesn’t need to show the same results. It is wholly based on your dedication and how well you perform the essential things required to grow.

How do I become an affiliate marketer for Amazon?

It is easier than you think, firstly you have to make an account with amazon affiliate website – Amazon Associates and link your Blog, Social Media, or websites.

And after you finish setting up your Amazon Associates account, you can post links to amazon products on your website/social media pages, and if any customer clicks on it and makes a purchase through that link within the next 24 hours, you will get a commission on it.

How much do Amazon Affiliates get paid?

Payment in Amazon Associates is a ‘Commission,’ and Amazon Affiliate commission rate generally differ from product to product. You can check out commission rate here

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