Methods of Human Resource Development

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Methods of Human Resource Development

It is a formal way of developing the competencies of people and improves the organizational climate. Following are methods of human resource development:

Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisal is the process of determining how well a worker is performing his/her job. It provides a mechanism for identification of qualities and deficiencies observed in an employee in relation to his/her job performance. The process of performance appraisal consists of:

  • Setting standards for performance
  • Communicating the standard to the employees
  • Measuring the performance
  • Comparing the actual performance with the standards set

Potential Appraisal

Potential Appraisal is the process of tracking unrevealed skills and abilities in a person which even he/she is unaware of. It is a future-oriented appraisal which aims to track the potential of the employees to rise up in the organizational structure.

A good potential appraisal system helps the management to pick the desired candidate for the given job and prepare him/her to carry out the function in the new job.

Feedback Counselling

Feedback of performance data can be useful to monitor employee development and for identifying training needs. Counseling serves several purposes in any organization.

It helps in strengthening the superior and subordinate relationship, helps the executives to understand the limitation of his seniors and problems of his juniors improves communication, thereby facilitating quality decision, helps employees in recognizing their strengths and weakness and also help evaluate the impact of their decisions and so on.


Training plays an important role in the development of human resource. To put the right person at the right place with the trained personnel has now become essential in today’s globalized market.

Role Analysis

Role analysis is a participatory process which aims at defining the work content of a role in relation to all those with whom the role occupant has significant interaction in the performance of his job.

Career Planning

It is the planning of one’s career and implementation of career plans by means of education, training, job search and acquisition of work experiences. It is aimed at generating among employees an awareness of their strengths and weaknesses and at helping them to match their skills and abilities to the needs of the organization.

Job Rotation

Job rotation is as a way to keep employees stimulated and to give them insight as to how other areas of the company work. Job rotation allows workers to get a taste of what it would be like to work in different areas of a department or organization.

This can serve as a welcome break from the routine of a particular job and give the worker additional training that can make him a more valuable asset to the company.

Reward System

Rewards are what employees receive for performing well. Sometimes these rewards come from the organization in the form of money, recognition and promotions. It can be said that rewards are very powerful motivators of performance. It will lead to better utilization of human resources at all levels which is easy, cheapest, quickest and surest means of increasing productivity.

Organization Development

Organizational development deals with improving a company’s performance and individual development of its employees. The term organizational development identifies the stages through which organizations go in the process of their development.

You could say that organizational development is the way organizations change, evolve. This understanding is based on the assumption that organizations, just like human beings, have cycles of development, each characterized by its specific problems, crises and ways to overcome them.

Quality of Work Life

Quality of work life refers to the level of happiness or dissatisfaction with one’s career. Those who enjoy their careers are said to have a high quality of work life, while those who are unhappy or whose needs are otherwise unfilled are said to have a low quality of work life, which means the employees not only should be given proper wages apart from that they should be provided with good physical conditions and motivating work.

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