Dundas BI Solution Helped Medidata and Its Clients in Getting Better Data Visualisation

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Dundas Bi Solution Helped Medidata and Its Clients in Getting Better Data Visualisation

Medidata is a Portugal-based company which is specialised in providing ERP based solutions to the Portuguese government. The company believes in modernising the technology and software solutions used by the Portuguese government for combating with the fast evolution of the market.

Medidata was committed in continuous development by providing a variety of software products and services, which might include back-office applications, support systems, etc. in order to fulfil the requirements of municipalities and residents of Portugal.

In addition to fulfil the requirements of the Portuguese government, Medidata has its own pool of customers who use ERP solutions and services for improving document management and enhancing workflow.

Medidata started receiving demands from its clients to provide software that can help them in analysing and interacting with the data generated from the ERP software. Medidata felt necessary to include a Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics solution in its collection of software solutions.

BI and Analytics solution advantages for Medidata’s clients

The BI and analytics solution will have the following advantages for Medidata’s clients:

  • It helped them in taking better and more informed decisions
  • It improved efficiency and productivity of clients
  • It was capable of redefining processes when required
  • It was scalable which means it can increase or decrease resources as and when required

Also, to detect and resolve its own issues related to quality of data, Medidata also used BI and analytics along with fulfilling the needs of clients. Medidata decided to migrate on the Dundas BI solution for data visualisation. The decision was obvious because Dundas has been working as a partner since 2009 when it was involved in developing business intelligence components.

The satisfaction and belief in using Dundas legacy products helped Medidata in migrating to Dundas BI solution for visualising the data. Dundas has created and provided customised software for data visualisation for start-up companies as well as fortune 500 companies.

Before formalising the partnership, several meetings were held between Medidata and Dundas to discuss how Medidata would encourage the clients to use the Dundas BI solution for data visualisation. After understanding the strategies of Medidata of selling and marketing the Dundas BI solution, Dundas decided to provide the customised BI solution with full support as per Medi

data’s needs to use and test it for a certain period of time. Dundas also helped Medidata in learning the use of BI solution by providing multimedia training content and webinars. It helped in the adoption of BI solution rapidly across Medidata. The interface of BI solution for data visualisation is shown in the following Figure A:

Important Features of BI Solution

Some important features of the BI solution are:

  • Superb interactivity: A highly interactive environment of Dundas BI visualisation enabled clients of Medidata in engaging and understanding their data in a better way.

  • Data-driven alerts: Utilising alert notifications, built-in annotations and scheduled reports in Dundas BI, their clients can collaborate with the user using these tools.

  • Smart design tools: Dundas BI provides smart and in-built design tools, which provide drag-and-drop functionality for quickly designing reports and dashboards.

  • Extensibility: Dundas BI provides connectivity with earlier unsupported data sources.

  • Performance tuning: The BI solution provides an ability to store the output of the data cubes within Dundas BI’s data warehouse for better performance.

Benefits of BI Solution for Medidata

Due to the presence of preceding features, some key benefits of the BI solution for Medidata are as follows:

  • Medidata can now validate those database attributes, which were incorrect in some situations but not in others.

  • Medidata can now determine inconsistencies in their database.

  • Medidata also became able in resolving various issues related to data integrity.

The BI solution has resolved 60% of the validity concerns faced by Medidata. Not only BI solution for data visualisation benefitted Medidata, it has also proved useful for Medidata’s clients:

  • It helped clients by increasing their ability to take data-driven actions.

  • It helped clients in identifying and understanding their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • It has provided dashboards to clients which include KPIs, such as workflow performance, in addition to the ratio of workflow outstanding tasks, grouped by department.

  • It helped clients by making information available quickly, the decision-makers of clients became capable to regulate resources in real-time, task execution time in different scenarios, and finally improve the ratio of overdue tasks.

    While using Dundas BI, I found I was able to accelerate the time-to-market of my BI projects. The usability, self-contained management and the easy way that, in a blink, I could see and analyse data from various sources were a great and awesome surprise! – Luis Silva, Senior BI Consultant, Medidata

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