Why are many people afraid of artificial intelligence technologies and should they be afraid?

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Nowadays, AI and machine learning have been the subject of debate, especially when it comes to their potential functions and issues. It is widely known that AI technology is one of the most life-changing inventions in the world of technology. But keep in mind that with great power, there is always great responsibility. Due to its life-changing nature, it offers both positive and negative impacts. Unfortunately, those who have not worked closely with AI, have developed some negative feelings about it.

However, this is quite ironic since these are the same people who have been using AI for the most part of their lives. For instance, in checking their bank accounts, unlocking their phones, or searching for the best routes.

Why Are People Scared of AI?

There are a lot of reasons why people might be afraid of AI. The following are just some of them:

AI Might Fall Into The Wrong Hands

As tech companies continue to develop more advanced applications for AI, more and more industries will become reliant on AI technology. As a result, more bad actors will become interested in gaining access to your personal data. To secure your privacy, you should get affordable monthly VPNs packages for your needs. With a VPN, you can always have peace of mind knowing that your personal information is secured. Hackers will never know your exact location.

Although it might be impossible to think, however, what if AI could be weaponized in the future? With technology continuously advancing every day, it is impossible to think what humans could build in the future which could lead to potential risks. If the future technology of AI could fall into the wrong hands, then there could be catastrophic consequences.

Humans Could Be Replaced By Computers

People feel threatened when they are told that computers can do a better job than them. That is why humans are afraid that they could be easily replaced by them. This fear can be felt in all industries from marketing and service to engineering and manufacturing. In fact, AI can now compose music without the intervention of humans. The job market is already competitive enough with humans competing among themselves, how much more if we are competing against machines as well?

Super Intelligence

Perhaps one of the greatest fears of humans is that one day these machines and robots might surpass humankind and rise up against them. AI technology is capable of accomplishing a lot of things including big data processing. According to futurist Peter Cochrane, it’s fine if we allow these machines to land our planes but sometimes we feel too emotional when we are beaten by them at chess.

Today, these fears are being amplified since computers are getting smarter and have started to use their intelligence just like humans. Although it is still uncertain whether it will reach a point wherein AI will no longer require human guidance and will learn to think and optimize itself.

Although at this point, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is just a theory, is it possible that humans will fall behind these machines incapable of keeping up with the major advancement?

Should We Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence Technologies?

There are some reasons why we should not be afraid of Artificial Intelligence.

Nothing Is Infinite Yet

It seems that humans have gone overboard when it comes to their unrealistic depiction of AI robots, perhaps this is due to sci-fi novels and AI movies. The concept that these machines will take over the world and will think by themselves just doesn’t exist. An AI that is designed for performing several tasks has yet to be created. What we have right now are AI designs that are capable of performing a specific task but not capable of thinking by themselves.

Creates New Jobs

Although there are some jobs that can be accomplished by AI, it is also a fact that AI can create more jobs. For instance, smartphones that are installed with Uber’s AI technology can create driving jobs for those who have vehicles. AI is also used in video games. Because of this, there is now more demand for engineers, programmers, and designers to modify AI software so players can have a better gaming experience.

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