Organizational Culture and Strategic Planning

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Strategic planning forms the basis of management decision-making. It helps the organization to use people, money, and other resources efficiently. Strategic planning gives a holistic view of organizational functions, processes, and resources with respect to goals and targets to be achieved.

Apart from processes, resources, and plans, culture also forms an important factor in strategic planning. For the achievement of goals, organizational culture should be aligned with strategic planning. The organization should consider the following points to align culture with strategic planning.

Organizational Culture and Strategic Planning

Maintaining Consistency

Strategic planning adopted by an organization should be consistent with the organization’s culture. For example, if the corporate culture is to work for fixed hours but the strategic plan demands flexible timings and long working hours, the employees may not be able to give their best to the organization.

Neutralising Chain of Influence

For implementing strategic plans effectively, an organization may need to get rid of undue individual influences in its culture and make the official chain of command stronger.

Removing Internal Conflicts

A culture that encourages internal conflicts hampers strategic planning. Thus, for the success of strategic planning, it is extremely important to minimize internal conflicts.

The main aim of an organization is to develop a culture of planning. Such a culture helps employees to relate to the long-term goals of the organization. This also prepares the employees to take part in the implementation of strategic planning.

The organization can promote such a culture in the following ways:

  • Allowing participation in strategic planning
  • Aligning strategic planning with everyday planning
  • Linking teams with individual performance
  • Removing barriers in the strategic planning process
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