What is QAD? ERP, Application MFG/PRO, Modules

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What is QAD?

QAD is a software company that provides ERP software to manufacturing companies around the world. It was established in California in 1979 by Pamela Lopker, the President and Chairman of the company. QAD began with software applications for manufacturing companies based in southern California. Later in 1984, QAD launched its top product named MFG/PRO. This application is available in 26 different languages and has more than 4,000 installed sites in over 80 countries.

The company has customers in six main manufacturing industries: automotive, life sciences configured products, discrete products, consumer products and food and beverages.

Application MFG/PRO

Annually, QAD invests US $40 million on R&D for upgradation of its software solutions for manufacturing organisations. The company provides applications for use by global manufacturers to ensure smooth and efficient functioning.

QAD’s application MFG/PRO was developed using the Progress Software Corporation’s Fourth-Generation Language (4GL) and RDBMS. MFG/PRO was among the first software applications created for use in manufacturing industries.

QAD MFG/PRO is the ERP software developed to streamline the business functions of global manufacturing organisations. MFG/PRO was designed and developed on a sound knowledge of manufacturing operations and processes across the world.

The MFG/PRO application has three modules—manufacturing, financials and distribution–– which serve to meet the business requirements of global manufacturing organisations.

These three modules are described as follows:


This module allows organisations to minimise production costs and increase output by using the latest manufacturing scheduling techniques.


This module includes complex budget modelling capabilities, advanced reporting and enhanced audit capabilities. The module takes care of the typical needs of globally operated manufacturing enterprises by streamlining financial processes, such as planning, recording, reporting and complying.


This module enables organisations to improve the management of supply and suppliers through real-time collaboration. It also improves customer responsiveness through the collaboration and management of customer demands.

In 2007, QAD enhanced its application, MFG/PRO, and re-launched it as QAD Enterprise Applications. This application consists of a comprehensive set of manufacturing software for domestic as well as multinational organisations.

QAD Modules

QAD Enterprise Applications has several modules to support global manufacturers in improving their business functions. In addition to the three modules (manufacturing, financials and distribution), QAD Enterprise modules include:

Customer Management

This module offers improved responsiveness through customer collaboration, and thus meets customer demand.

Service and Support

This module offers organisations the capacity for after-sale service and support. It allows managers to track warranty, service calls and returns and repairs.

Enterprise Asset Management

This module is used to support plant maintenance activities, which include both preventive and predictive management, work orders and service requests to ensure that the equipment is reliable and safe for all uses. It also ensures compliance with safety and health standards.


This module allows organisations to analyse data for measuring business performance in key business areas.

System Performance

This module provides organisations with a Performance Monitoring Framework that enables them to monitor system performance and take preventive actions for correcting any issues that may affect optimum performance.

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