What is Oracle Corporation? Products and Technology, Applications, Vertical Solution

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What is Oracle Corporation?

Oracle Corporation was founded in 1977. It is headquartered in Redwood City, California, US. The company develops and markets computer hardware systems and enterprise software products, especially Oracle database management systems.

Oracle Corporation also develops ERP software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and Supply Chain Management (SCM) software. Oracle is the first software company to have used the Internet computing model for developing and deploying enterprise software across its entire product offerings.

These include application development, databases and relational servers, decision support tools and enterprise business applications.

Oracle Products and Technology

Oracle offers choice and flexibility through a comprehensive, up-todate and secure portfolio of products to fit the business needs of its customers. Oracle software is used in personal digital assistants, settop devices, network computers, personal computers, etc.

Oracle databases allow customers to minimise IT costs and deliver high service quality by integrating database clouds and engineered systems, such as Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance.

Oracle Database 12c is a fast, reliable, secure and convenient database that is ideal for all types of database workloads, including enterprise applications, data warehouses and data analysis.

Some of the product categories in which Oracle offers a wide range of products are as follows:

Engineered systems

Oracle designs engineered systems to reduce the cost and complexity of IT infrastructure and increase productivity and performance.

Enterprise management

Oracle Enterprise Manager helps organisations to implement applications faster, minimise the time for resolution of service requests and manage user experiences for its customers.

Enterprise communications

Oracle’s Acme Packet products provide hyper-connected organisations with solutions that enable seamless voice, video and integrated communications across stationary and mobile users.


This is the basis for almost all networked applications and is the global standard for developing and delivering mobile applications, games, Web-based content and ERP software.


It enables organisations to create and operate intelligent business applications and helps to enhance their IT efficiency.

Operating systems

Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux provide high performance, scalability and reliability. Both these operating systems are capable of running Oracle hardware, databases and middleware.


Oracle’s SPARC, Sun x86, Sun Blade and Sun Netra carrier-grade servers are developed to provide high performance, simplified management, high availability and cost-saving efficiencies.

Oracle Applications

Oracle applications consist of over 45 software modules, which are divided into different categories, as shown in below:

Oracle Financials

This application helps a finance organisation to deploy financial management functions. The application helps organisations to work globally, reduce administrative cost and improve cash management. The application also provides strategic information to take timely and accurate financial decisions.

Oracle Human Resource

This application is used for managing human resource functions to improve profitability and contribute to competitive advantage. Oracle Human Resource application also helps in hiring, motivating and retaining the workforce in an organisation. Furthermore, it can be used in providing comprehensive and up-to-date information.

Oracle Projects

This application improves operational efficiency by offering an integrated project management system to support the complete lifecycle of a project as well as enhance returns and profitability.

Oracle Manufacturing

This application allows organisations to achieve market leadership through customer responsiveness and efficiency. Oracle manufacturing also supports organisations in increasing revenue, profitability and customer loyalty by forecasting demand and planning the manufacturing process accordingly.

Oracle Supply Chain

This application manages the supply chain process of an organisation by creating a single integrated environment. Oracle supply chain helps in effective partner collaboration and supply chain optimisation capabilities. The application also helps to increase market share, minimise cost and improve customer service.

Oracle Front Office

This application enables organisations to improve customer relationship and maintain customer satisfaction and retention. It also helps to attract and retain profitable customers through channels, such as digital technology and call centres.

Oracle Vertical Solution

Oracle provides vertical solutions for addressing the functionality of a specific industry that may have a sub-segment within it. Fundamentally, each organisation is in a vertical market segment. Through vertical solutions, Oracle attempts to address the functional needs of each vertical segment.

Oracle Vertical Solution has a full line of modular product components, aimed at the unique requirements of major industries, including automotive, aviation, aerospace and defence, communications, energy, and public undertakings.

To address specific vertical industry customers, Oracle customises and upgrades its software regularly. The company has established centres of knowledge and expertise around selected vertical industries to address the needs of the customers.

The centres have employed people who have in-house professional experience or dedicated partners with vertical knowledge that could be integrated into Oracle’s applications.

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