DataCamp for Business: Why you should buy it

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Business success depends on employees’ productivity and skills. In the last decade, technology has tremendously changed how people work. Companies make data-driven decisions using various tools and technologies. If you want to be a successful company, empower your team with data certifications that help them acquire data skills. When your employees interpret your organization’s data, they make evidence-based decisions for your business.

According to an Accenture survey, 75% of employees don’t like working on data-related tasks. Thus, many employees lack data literacy skills. In this article, we will examine why data literacy is critical for a business. We will also understand how employees can improve their data and AI literacy across your business.

What is Data Literacy

Data literacy or data literate employees can read, analyze, and collect data insights to make better decisions. It doesn’t mean you need to become a data scientist to gain data literacy. Without any coding or data science skills, you can still be data literate and make decisions based on data.

What is Datacamp for Business?

Datacamp is an online learning platform that offers courses from basic to advanced depending on learners’ knowledge. Datacamp for Business is basically a subscription plan for businesses to train their team by assigning tasks, projects, chapters, and activities to your team. It offers a series of certification courses for teams to build data skills and improve AI literacy.

With this membership, you can also create teams based on your own criteria. You can divide your team according to their skill level. Individual learners must have a basic understanding of programming languages to enroll in any of the DataCamp certification programs for data and AI.

Key Highlights of Datacamp for Business:

  • Providing support to teams of 2-10K+ with a mix of technologies and skills

  • Build your team’s confidence and skills through active learning

  • Create a Data Academy tailored to your business needs

  • Increase your employees’ productivity, your business ROI, and your team’s decision-making capabilities based on data

  • Get short videos led by expert instructors and interactive examples and exercises to practice what they’ve learned 

  • Reviews from 11 million users show that it is worth taking.

Why should you buy Datacamp Business for your organization?

According to a Forrester report, a shockingly high percentage of enterprise data remains unused for analytics in 2019 – ranging from 60% to 73%. Accenture suggests that one of the primary causes is the lack of data literacy among employees. A survey of 9,000 companies revealed that 59% of employees report feeling overwhelmed and exhausted while using business intelligence and data analytics tools.

 To prevent this, companies should invest in training and upskilling their employees in data literacy to ensure they are equipped to deal with data. Discover the benefits of acquiring datacamp business for your employees. 

Benefits of choosing Datacamp for Business for your team:

  1. Make Informed Decisions: When employees understand the data science involved and its potential business applications, they are more likely to embrace change. These knowledgeable employees can lead the development of use cases and convince others to make decisions based on data.

  2. Able to Analyze Data: Data literacy helps employees create and analyze data visualizations for company decisions. It also helps evaluate data reliability, correctness, and consistency. This ensures accuracy and improves confidence in data-driven decisions, improving company effectiveness.

  3. Effective Data Governance: Data governance encompasses policies, processes, and structures to manage organizational data. It provides access, value, quality, and legal compliance. Leadership must understand the context of the data and set appropriate policies. Doing so ensures successful data governance.

  4. Make Ethical AI Decisions: Companies must mitigate the risk of AI accidents, data privacy breaches, and AI bias by engaging technical and non-technical stakeholders, including data-literate business stakeholders, to critically evaluate the data science system’s processes and outputs. This ensures existing AI systems are fair and ethical.

What certifications are offered by Datacamp?

  • Datacamp’s certification programs help candidates stand out from the crowd and prove their skills are job-ready to potential employers.

  • Rated #1 Data Analytics Certification by Forbes, Datacamp certificates were built in partnership with industry leaders and based on the latest employer demands.

  • Datacamp upskilled over 7M learners across the globe, learn all the core skills you’ll need to get certified and stand out from the pack.

  • Certified candidates rank among the top 4% in searches on Datacamp Jobs platform, creating a much higher chance of receiving a top interview.

Is Certification a Worthwhile Step for Your Employees?

DataCamp certifications are the most effective way for employers to show how much they value their employees’ growth and development. With DataCamp for business certifications, employees can study, train, practice, and prove themselves in data literacy.

Buying a DataCamp business demo will not only increase their value to the company but also gives them sought-after skills that make them more competitive in the job market. In addition, it will create an atmosphere that encourages employees to stay and cultivates a more knowledgeable and data-savvy team.

How Can I Get Started?

DataCamp certifications can benefit any company. Downloading the Data Literacy report is an excellent way to learn about strategies to motivate employees to build their skills. Booking a DataCamp for Business demo can help identify areas for improvement.

Following the demo, employees can take the necessary courses to complete the certification process. DataCamp-certified employees add value to companies, help them make better decisions, and are more likely to stay loyal. 

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