Case Study on – How It Helps Students in Assignment Writing?

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Are you a student thinking of investing in a paraphrasing tool? As a seasoned writer who consistently authors 30 articles per month across various niches, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with a wide range of writing aids. 

Recently, my exploration led me to an innovative AI-driven tool: 

This case study is aimed towards providing an in-depth, review of how this tool aids students in their academic writing.

Case Study on
Case Study on

A Case Study of

Project Overview is an innovative AI-driven platform designed to transform the world of academic writing. 

At the heart of this tool lies its advanced paraphrasing feature that rewards your text while ensuring the essence and context of the original content remain intact. 

Problem Statement

Students are constantly on the lookout for reliable tools that can assist them in rewriting their assignments and academic content. 

Without a suitable paraphrasing tool, students often struggle to rephrase information while maintaining originality and clarity in their writing. 

This challenge can hinder their ability to produce high-quality assignments and meet academic standards.


The goal is to introduce the is to alleviate this burden. The tool will enhance students’ writing experience and help them overcome the challenges associated with paraphrasing.

Solution takes up this challenge of effortless paraphrasing for academic writing. Its distinctive features like paraphrasing modes to adjust the text according to requirement solves many problems for students. 

For example, it eases the process of assignment writing for students  in the following manner:

  • The tool breaks down complicated academic texts into simpler, more digestible content, thus aiding students in understanding difficult concepts.

  • Features like sentence rephrasing and synonym swapping help students improve their writing skills by broadening their vocabulary and understanding of sentence structure.

  • The AI Editor allows students to rephrase, simplify, expand, and even translate their text, taking their writing to the next level.

  • The inbuilt plagiarism checker ensures that the paraphrased text is 100% original, thus maintaining academic integrity.

  • For non-native English speakers, the tool offers multilingual support, helping them understand and write academic English more effectively. An Analysis of Updated Features offers a comprehensive suite of writing aids, but what sets it apart is its advanced paraphrasing capabilities. 

With eight distinctive modes for paraphrasing, it goes beyond simple word replacement, targeting different writing needs and styles. It is designed to help students as well as academic researchers write scholarly papers.

Below is a detailed breakdown of all the features that this paraphraser encompasses. 

Paraphrasing modes 

In addition to the aforementioned modes, offers eight other distinct modes, each with its unique capabilities:

Free Rewriter: This mode allows users to paraphrase up to 20,000 characters, providing a useful tool for basic rewording tasks.

Free Rewriter

Text Improver: This mode focuses on refining the writing style and fixing sentence structure, facilitating the creation of well-structured and grammatically correct texts.

Text Improver

Near Human: As the name suggests, this mode offers human-level rewriting, ensuring the paraphrased text maintains a natural flow and readability.

Near Human

Plagiarism Remover: This mode ensures writing integrity by making the content original and unique, thus providing an effective safeguard against plagiarism.

Plagiarism Remover

Creative: The Creative mode is all about enhancing creativity. It adds a dash of originality to your writing, bringing in fresh ideas and unique expressions that could inspire you.


Academic: This mode is specially designed to improve academic writing. It refines the language to meet the standards of research writing, ensuring your work is academically sound and polished.


Quill Text: A paraphrasing mode that streamlines your writing with clear and concise language, boosting the readability and impact of your text.

Quill Text

Sentence Rephraser: This rewriting mode offers sentence-by-sentence rephrasing, ensuring the utmost clarity and effectiveness of your writing.

Besides these diverse paraphrasing modes, some cool features made me stick to this paraphraser.

Web browser

One feature that consistently stand out was the integrated web browsing. This was a game-changer, offering me the ability to research and paraphrase simultaneously. 

Web browser

It streamlined my writing process, saving time and boosting efficiency.

Paraphrasing from Audio and Images further has the ability to paraphrase from audio and images – an uncommon feature that proved incredibly beneficial. 

This allowed students to effortlessly transcribe and rephrase my audio lectures, increasing accessibility and understanding.

AI Editor

The AI Editor in takes text editing to a whole new dimension. Not only does it enable you to rephrase and simplify your content, but it also allows you to expand on ideas and integrate examples, enriching the overall quality of your writing. 

AI Editor

Additionally, its translation feature provides the ability to make your content accessible to a wider, multilingual audience. 

Plagiarism Checker 

Finally, once the paraphrasing tasks are completed, the Plagiarism Checker ensures that the work is 100% original. This boosts the confidence in submitting the assignments, knowing they were free from plagiarism.

Plagiarism Checker 

All in all, has become an indispensable tool in my academic writing process. Its advanced features coupled with its user-friendly interface have transformed the way I approach and execute my academic writing tasks.

Price Plan offers three main pricing plans:

Solo Text Generation Plan

This plan costs $15 per month or $144 per year. 

It includes text generation for up to 25,000 words per month with the monthly plan, and 60,000 words with the annual plan, which is ideal for creating essays, stories, and blogs.

Solo Paraphrasing Tool Plan

This plan is priced at $7 per month or $60 per year. 

It allows for unlimited words to be paraphrased, a feature extremely beneficial for individuals who frequently require rephrasing services.

All-in-one Bundle Tools Plan

The cost of this plan is $20 per month or $192 per year.


In conclusion, the case study of brings to light the substantial benefits and potential that AI tools hold in academic writing. 

It boasts a wide range of impressive features, including versatile paraphrasing modes, a user-friendly AI editor, plagiarism-checking capabilities, and more. 

These features are not merely focused on rewording text but extend to simplifying complex content, enhancing writing style, and even translating text, providing a comprehensive solution for students’ academic writing needs.

The major findings of this study underscore the role of AI tools in transforming the academic writing landscape. Looking ahead, the future of and similar AI tools in academic writing appears promising. 

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