LinkedIn Hadoop Skill Assessment Answers (2024)

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LinkedIn Hadoop Skill Assessment Answers
LinkedIn Hadoop Skill Assessment Answers

The topics in the Hadoop assessment include:

  • Hadoop Common
  • Hadoop Components
  • MapReduce
  • Using Hadoop
  • Hadoop Concepts
  • Hadoop Optimization

Question Format

Multiple Choice



Table of Content

LinkedIn Hadoop Skill Assessment Answers

Partitioner controls the partitioning of what data?

  • final keys
  • final values
  • intermediate keys
  • intermediate values

SQL Windowing functions are implemented in Hive using which keywords?


Rather than adding a Secondary Sort to a slow Reduce job, it is Hadoop best practice to perform which optimization?

  • Add a partitioned shuffle to the Map job.
  • Add a partitioned shuffle to the Reduce job.
  • Break the Reduce job into multiple, chained Reduce jobs.
  • Break the Reduce job into multiple, chained Map jobs.

Hadoop Auth enforces authentication on protected resources. Once authentication has been established, it sets what type of authenticating cookie?

  • encrypted HTTP
  • unsigned HTTP
  • compressed HTTP
  • signed HTTP

MapReduce jobs can be written in which language?

  • Java or Python
  • SQL only
  • SQL or Java
  • Python or SQL

To perform local aggregation of the intermediate outputs, MapReduce users can optionally specify which object?

  • Reducer
  • Combiner
  • Mapper
  • Counter

To verify job status, look for the value _ in the _.

  • SUCCEEDED; syslog
  • SUCCEEDED; stdout
  • DONE; syslog
  • DONE; stdout

Which line of code implements a Reducer method in MapReduce 2.0?

  • public void reduce(Text key, Iterator<IntWritable> values, Context context){…}
  • public static void reduce(Text key, IntWritable[] values, Context context){…}
  • public static void reduce(Text key, Iterator<IntWritable> values, Context context){…}
  • public void reduce(Text key, IntWritable[] values, Context context){…}

To get the total number of mapped input records in a map job task, you should review the value of which counter?

  • FileInputFormatCounter
  • FileSystemCounter
  • JobCounter
  • TaskCounter (NOT SURE)

Hadoop Core supports which CAP capabilities?

  • A, P
  • C, A
  • C, P
  • C, A, P

What are the primary phases of a Reducer?

  • combine, map, and reduce
  • shuffle, sort, and reduce
  • reduce, sort, and combine
  • map, sort, and combine

To set up Hadoop workflow with synchronization of data between jobs that process tasks both on disk and in memory, use the _ service, which is _.

  • Oozie; open source
  • Oozie; commercial software
  • Zookeeper; commercial software
  • Zookeeper; open source

For high availability, use multiple nodes of which type?

  • data
  • name
  • memory
  • worker

DataNode supports which type of drives?

  • hot swappable
  • cold swappable
  • warm swappable
  • non-swappable

Which method is used to implement Spark jobs?

  • on disk of all workers
  • on disk of the master node
  • in memory of the master node
  • in memory of all workers

In a MapReduce job, where does the map() function run?

  • on the reducer nodes of the cluster
  • on the data nodes of the cluster (NOT SURE)
  • on the master node of the cluster
  • on every node of the cluster

To reference a master file for lookups during Mapping, what type of cache should be used?

  • distributed cache
  • local cache
  • partitioned cache
  • cluster cache

Skip bad records provides an option where a certain set of bad input records can be skipped when processing what type of data?

  • cache inputs
  • reducer inputs
  • intermediate values
  • map inputs

Which command imports data to Hadoop from a MySQL database?

  • spark import –connect jdbc:mysql:// –username spark –warehouse-dir user/hue/oozie/deployments/spark
  • sqoop import –connect jdbc:mysql:// –username sqoop –warehouse-dir user/hue/oozie/deployments/sqoop
  • sqoop import –connect jdbc:mysql:// –username sqoop –password sqoop –warehouse-dir user/hue/oozie/deployments/sqoop
  • spark import –connect jdbc:mysql:// –username spark –password spark –warehouse-dir user/hue/oozie/deployments/spark

In what form is Reducer output presented?

  • compressed (NOT SURE)
  • sorted
  • not sorted
  • encrypted

Which library should be used to unit test MapReduce code?

  • JUnit
  • XUnit
  • MRUnit
  • HadoopUnit

If you started the NameNode, then which kind of user must you be?

  • hadoop-user
  • super-user
  • node-user
  • admin-user

State __ between the JVMs in a MapReduce job

  • can be configured to be shared
  • is partially shared
  • is shared
  • is not shared

To create a MapReduce job, what should be coded first?

  • a static job() method
  • a Job class and instance (NOT SURE)
  • a job() method
  • a static Job class

To connect Hadoop to AWS S3, which client should you use?

  • S3A
  • S3N
  • S3
  • the EMR S3

HBase works with which type of schema enforcement?

  • schema on write
  • no schema
  • external schema
  • schema on read

HDFS file are of what type?

  • read-write
  • read-only
  • write-only
  • append-only

A distributed cache file path can originate from what location?

  • hdfs or top
  • http
  • hdfs or http
  • hdfs

Which library should you use to perform ETL-type MapReduce jobs?

  • Hive
  • Pig
  • Impala
  • Mahout

What is the output of the Reducer?

  • a relational table
  • an update to the input file
  • a single, combined list
  • a set of <key, value> pairs

To optimize a Mapper, what should you perform first?

  • Override the default Partitioner.
  • Skip bad records.
  • Break up Mappers that do more than one task into multiple Mappers.
  • Combine Mappers that do one task into large Mappers.

When implemented on a public cloud, with what does Hadoop processing interact?

  • files in object storage
  • graph data in graph databases
  • relational data in managed RDBMS systems
  • JSON data in NoSQL databases

In the Hadoop system, what administrative mode is used for maintenance?

  • data mode
  • safe mode
  • single-user mode
  • pseudo-distributed mode

In what format does RecordWriter write an output file?

  • <key, value> pairs
  • keys
  • values
  • <value, key> pairs

To what does the Mapper map input key/value pairs?

  • an average of keys for values
  • a sum of keys for values
  • a set of intermediate key/value pairs
  • a set of final key/value pairs

Which Hive query returns the first 1,000 values?

  • SELECT…WHERE value = 1000
  • SELECT … LIMIT 1000
  • SELECT TOP 1000 …
  • SELECT MAX 1000…

To implement high availability, how many instances of the master node should you configure?

  • one
  • zero
  • shared
  • two or more

Hadoop 2.x and later implement which service as the resource coordinator?

  • kubernetes
  • JobManager
  • JobTracker
  • YARN

In MapReduce, _ have _

  • tasks; jobs
  • jobs; activities
  • jobs; tasks
  • activities; tasks

What type of software is Hadoop Common?

  • database
  • distributed computing framework
  • operating system
  • productivity tool

If no reduction is desired, you should set the numbers of __ tasks to zero

  • combiner
  • reduce
  • mapper
  • intermediate

MapReduce applications use which of these classes to report their statistics?

  • mapper
  • reducer
  • combiner
  • counter

_ is the query language, and _ is storage for NoSQL on Hadoop

  • HQL; HBase
  • SQL; HBase

MapReduce 1.0 _ YARN

  • does not include
  • is the same thing as
  • includes
  • replaces

Which type of Hadoop node executes file system namespace operations like opening, closing, and renaming files and directories?

  • ControllerNode
  • DataNode
  • MetadataNode
  • NameNode

HQL queries produce which job types?

  • Impala
  • MapReduce
  • Spark
  • Pig

Suppose you are trying to finish a Pig script that converts text in the input string to uppercase. What code is needed on line 2 below?

1 data = LOAD ‘/user/hue/pig/examples/data/midsummer.txt’…

  • as (text:CHAR[]); upper_case = FOREACH data GENERATE org.apache.pig.piggybank.evaluation.string.UPPER(TEXT);
  • as (text:CHARARRAY); upper_case = FOREACH data GENERATE org.apache.pig.piggybank.evaluation.string.UPPER(TEXT);
  • as (text:CHAR[]); upper_case = FOREACH data org.apache.pig.piggybank.evaluation.string.UPPER(TEXT);
  • as (text:CHARARRAY); upper_case = FOREACH data org.apache.pig.piggybank.evaluation.string.UPPER(TEXT);

In a MapReduce job, which phase runs after the Map phase completes?

  • Combiner
  • Reducer
  • Map2
  • Shuffle and Sort

Where would you configure the size of a block in a Hadoop environment?

  • dfs.block.size in hdfs-site.xmls
  • orc.write.variable.length.blocks in hive-default.xml
  • mapreduce.job.ubertask.maxbytes in mapred-site.xml
  • hdfs.block.size in hdfs-site.xml

Hadoop systems are __ RDBMS systems.

  • replacements for
  • not used with
  • substitutes for
  • additions for

Which object can be used to distribute jars or libraries for use in MapReduce tasks?

  • distributed cache
  • library manager
  • lookup store
  • registry

supply is she leveraging?To view the execution details of an Impala query plan, which function would you use ?supply is she leveraging?

  • explain
  • query action
  • detail
  • query plan

Which feature is used to roll back a corrupted HDFS instance to a previously known good point in time?

  • partitioning
  • snapshot
  • replication
  • high availability

Hadoop Common is written in which language?

  • C++
  • C
  • Haskell
  • Java

Which file system does Hadoop use for storage?

  • NAS
  • FAT
  • HDFS
  • NFS

What kind of storage and processing does Hadoop support?

  • encrypted
  • verified
  • distributed
  • remote

Hadoop Common consists of which components?

  • Spark and YARN
  • HDFS and MapReduce
  • HDFS and S3
  • Spark and MapReduce

Most Apache Hadoop committers’ work is done at which commercial company?

  • Cloudera
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Amazon

To get information about Reducer job runs, which object should be added?

  • Reporter
  • IntReadable
  • IntWritable
  • Writer

After changing the default block size and restarting the cluster, to which data does the new size apply?

  • all data
  • no data
  • existing data
  • new data

Which statement should you add to improve the performance of the following query?

FROM customers c;

  • SORT

What custom object should you implement to reduce IO in MapReduce?

  • Comparator
  • Mapper
  • Combiner
  • Reducer

You can optimize Hive queries using which method?

  • secondary indices
  • summary statistics
  • column-based statistics
  • a primary key index

If you are processing a single action on each input, what type of job should you create?

  • partition-only
  • map-only
  • reduce-only
  • combine-only

The simplest possible MapReduce job optimization is to perform which of these actions?

  • Add more master nodes.
  • Implement optimized InputSplits.
  • Add more DataNodes.
  • Implement a custom Mapper.

When you implement a custom Writable, you must also define which of these object?

  • a sort policy
  • a combiner policy
  • a compression policy
  • a filter policy

To copy a file into the Hadoop file system, what command should you use?

  • hadoop fs -copy <fromDir> <toDir>
  • hadoop fs -copy <toDir> <fromDir>
  • hadoop fs -copyFromLocal <fromDir> <toDir>
  • hadoop fs -copyFromLocal <toDir> <fromDir>

Delete a Hive _ table and you will delete the table _.

  • managed; metadata
  • external; data and metadata
  • external; metadata
  • managed; data

To see how Hive executed a JOIN operation, use the _ statement and look for the _ value.

  • EXPLAIN; JOIN Operator
  • QUERY; MAP JOIN Operator
  • EXPLAIN; MAP JOIN Operator
  • QUERY; JOIN Operator

Pig operates in mainly how many nodes?

  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five

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