YouTube Creative Essentials Assessment Answers (2023)

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According to Deloitte’s Digital Democracy Survey, approximately how many millennials and Gen Zers are bingeing content weekly.?

  • 70%
  • 10%
  • 40%
  • 25%

According to Ipsos eye-tracking research, approximately how much TV advertising goes unseen?

  • 25%
  • 70%
  • 55%
  • 40%

How can you create video ads to maximize effectiveness on YouTube?

  • Cut your TV spot into :30 and :15 video ads
  • Build from the ground up rather than modifying your TV spot
  • Repurpose your TV spots on YouTube – it’s all video
  • Rebuild your TV spots into :30, :15 and :06 video ads

How can you produce video ads to perform well on YouTube?

  • Frame widely and pace quickly
  • Frame tightly and pace moderately
  • Frame widely and pace moderately
  • Frame tightly and pace quickly

How can you validate a specific assumption about your audience?

  • Run a Google Survey
  • Explore Think with Google articles
  • Dive into Google Trends
  • Review YouTube Analytics watchtime report

How have Bumper ads performed in Google-run studies?

  • They are less effective than longer form ads on YouTube
  • They are effective on their own at driving ad recall and brand lift
  • They reach the same people as TrueView campaigns
  • They are effective in increasing ad recall only when consumers see multiple bumpers

In the “Tease, amplify, echo” approach, what role does a piece of long-form content serve?

  • Teasing your audience
  • Amplifying your message
  • Echoing your message
  • Segmenting your story

To validate a campaign idea, which tool can be used to explore popular search queries?

  • Google Signals
  • Google Surveys
  • Google Trends
  • Think with Google

What can Brand Lift measure?

  • Impressions, clicks and reach
  • Brand awareness, ad recall and consideration
  • View-through rate, watch time and drop-off percentage
  • Whichever metrics matter to your client

Which demonstrates the “Attract” principle in the ABCDs?

  • Show familiar faces at the beginning of your video
  • Show the brand in natural usage
  • Have talent speak directly to camera
  • Build suspense by keeping the viewer in the dark until the end of the video ad

Which demonstrates the “Brand” principle in the ABCDs?

  • Use friendly, relatable, and recognizable people
  • Using tightly cropped shots of key people or products
  • Include a call to action (CTA)
  • Integrate your brand in natural usage in the first five seconds

Which demonstrates the “Connect” principle in the ABCDs?

  • Frontload the story arc
  • Include a call to action (CTA)
  • Speak directly to viewers by breaking the fourth wall
  • Integrate your brand in natural usage in the first five seconds

Which demonstrates the “Direct” principle in the ABCDs?

  • Consider quick cuts to keep the energy up
  • Frontload the story arc
  • Use YouTube’s interactive platform features to invite viewers to visit your website, watch another video, or subscribe to your channel
  • Include brand or product name in voiceover

Which is a best practice for creating effective Bumper ads?

  • Cut down your :30 TV spot
  • Focus on a single product, feature, or brand message
  • Don’t include branding
  • Build a single Bumper ad to convey your entire message

Which report provides insight into the many ways viewers find videos?

  • Analytics report
  • Demographics report
  • Audience report
  • Traffic sources report

Which report shows how long a video keeps its audience?

  • Audience retention report
  • Demographics report
  • Watch time report
  • Audience report

Which report shows how long a video was watched in aggregate?

  • Analytics report
  • Watch time report
  • Audience report
  • Audience retention report

Which story arc can be the most impactful on YouTube?

  • A traditional story arc works best on YouTube – what works on TV, works on YouTube
  • A shot of your brand up-front, then telling your story
  • An attention-grabbing opening and quick pacing
  • A lead-in, build, big reveal, and offer

Which targeting type can help your client reach consumers who frequent department stores?

  • Custom affinity audiences
  • Consumer patterns
  • Life Events
  • In-market audiences

Which YouTube storytelling technique describes when a video ad changes based on viewers’ behavior?

  • Tease, amplify, echo
  • The mini-series
  • The direct shot
  • The follow-up

Your client is an online car marketplace. Which targeting type can help your client’s campaign reach people in the car buying process?

  • In-market audiences
  • Custom affinity audiences
  • Life Events
  • Consumer patterns

Your client’s main goal is to drive ad recall. Which creative consideration for Bumper ads supports these goals?

  • Include supers and voiceovers to reinforce your brand
  • Moderate pacing–not too fast and not too slow
  • Break the fourth wall–include a familiar face speaking directly to the camera
  • Brand toward the end of the ad

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