Why Blogging is Essential in the Age of Social Media

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With the rise of social media marketing and advertising, it can be easy to dismiss the importance of blogging in the online space. However, with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) now dominating the internet, blogging is more important than ever! Bogging is essentially the process of creating written content that is posted online.

Why Blogging is Essential in the Age of Social Media
Why Blogging is Essential in the Age of Social Media

As such, blogging has become an essential tool in terms of posting optimised, keyword-rich content which can play a large role in influencing search engine results and directing online traffic. Creating quality blog content that is indexed and ranked highly by search engines also contributes to building a website’s authority on the internet. That website is then more likely to be chosen as a site for blogger outreach articles, which will be explained shortly. Just read on to learn more!

Driving Traffic to your Website: How Blogging Can Help

Blogging has become an important element of SEO and can be utilised to drive organic traffic to a website. Of course, once this traffic reaches your website, you will want to offer site visitors the best possible user experience (UX). The design, interactivity and navigability of your website are all important aspects of positive UX. For locally-based website UX expertise, it is recommended to engage the services of a digital agency that specialises in Melbourne web design to assist you with building a UX-optimised website.

But how exactly does blogging direct online traffic to a website? One way blogging can do this is through the creation and posting of guest outreach posts or articles. Also known as blogger outreach, these articles contain written content that is specifically created to include links to external sites.

These external sites are essentially promoted and referenced throughout the body of the article’s text, to direct readers to click through to and visit those sites. In that way, the referenced website’s search engine ranking is also heightened, as it becomes seen as a well-visited voice of authority that should be ranked highly. This is an effective method of SEO marketing that is being increasingly utilised in the online space.

Blogging Content Creation: Why it’s important

For some businesses, blogging can be seen as an extension of the brand’s online presence and voice. It also allows for a bigger space in which larger content can be posted when compared with social media platforms. Further, it can help to increase brand awareness. Also referred to as content marketing, strategic blogging techniques can be a very effective marketing tool for any online business.

Usually involving the creation and posting of blog posts and articles that are relevant to a particular business’s field of interest or expertise, they can help to increase a business’s online visibility and authority in that area. As such, the written content needs to be skilfully created, easy to read, and attractive to the reader. The copy that is produced must also be of good quality, and meet the criteria preferred by search engines.

How to Create Search-Engine Preferred Blog Content

According to Google, quality content is content that is helpful and reliable to the people searching for it. As such, it must include information that is relevant to that specific area of interest, and that provides valuable insights to the people that are seeking that information.

In a sense, the quality of the written copy can be self-assessed by the blog content writer themselves, with the guidance of certain parameters. For example, it can be said that quality content draws true and accurate information from reliable and trustworthy resources. It also references those resources throughout the copy as voices of authority on the subject matter. Further, the blog content provides value. As such, it is seen by online readers as a useful resource that provides them with the information they require.

Alternatively, it may just be an entertaining or interesting read – something online visitors would want to share with their friends! Lastly, formatting is important. For a blog post or article to be easy to read, it is recommended that it is formatted with headings and subheadings throughout. This helps to break up the text and make it easier to consume. Taking into consideration each of these elements will assist you with creating quality written blog content, and also encourage search engines to pick up and index your copy.

Far from being irrelevant in the age of social media, quality blog content goes a long way in the online space today. Importantly, blogging and content marketing can influence search engine rankings, help with SEO, and increase a business’s online visibility and brand awareness. Blogging also plays an important part in driving and directing online traffic, and in making certain websites appear as voices of authority in specific areas. Social media does not at all mean the end of blogging. If anything, blogging is now more important than ever before!

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