Twitter Video Ad Badge Assessment Answers (2024)

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Table of Content

Advertisers should consider First View when they want to: (Select all that apply.)

  • Maximize watch time with a format typically watched longer than other Twitter timeline formats
  • Drive wesbite traffic and lower-funnel objectives
  • Be the first thing people see when they open Twitter, when memory response is highest
  • Drive a higher brand and message recall

Clear logo placement can positively impact:

  • The mood of your audience
  • Sales of your products
  • Unaided brand recall
  • The amount of Direct Messages you receive after a campaign

Creative matters because _____.

  • E-People don’t read the copy on Twitter
  • 47% of sales are attributed directly to creative
  • Ads with better creative are often Retweeted by celebrities
  • You aren’t directly in control of it

Each Promoted Trend is made up of which three components? (Select three.)

  • Trend #Hashtag
  • Companion Tweets
  • Trend Description
  • Animated Trend GIF

First View campaigns can only be purchased through _.

  • MACT
  • Your Twitter Client Partner
  • Ads Manager
  • Bid

For video Tweet content, match the questions to the ad component:

  • What do you want consumers to think?
  • How do you want them to feel?
  • What do you want them to do?

If your company wants to promote new running shoes with famous athletes, they should choose:

  • Team #Live Brand Studio
  • Team #Influencers
  • Team #BlueBrush
  • Team #Optimization

In-Stream Video Ads are:

  • Curated, relevant, engaging, and brand-safe
  • Only shown to people over the age of 18
  • Always longer than 30 seconds and unskippable
  • The best way to take over the Explore tab on Twitter for a day

In-Stream Video Ads help advertisers to: (Select two.)

  • Build brand relevance by running targeted pre-roll video ads before video content they’re already watching.
  • Showcase longer video > 30 seconds, or share feature-length content with brand followers
  • Generate brand lift with video content
  • Align brand messages with a single publisher

In-Stream Video Sponsorships can be most effective for brands who: (Select three.)

  • Don’t do or can’t afford traditional TV sponsorships
  • Already sponsor TV programming
  • Want to target a competitor’s TV sponsorship
  • Want to drive traffic or sign-ups on a website

Match the best practices for good creative to the statements.

  • Make an impact early
  • Put your brand front and center
  • Keep it short and simple

Match the following combined takeover products to their potential impacts.

  • Promoted Trend + Spotlight
  • Takeover Ads + Twitter Emoji
  • First View + Promoted Trend

Match the following sponsorship types to the definitions.

  • EPre-roll ads before live video
  • Pre-roll ads on highlight clips
  • Brand integrations
  • Sponsored Moments

Match the following terms to the descriptions.

  • Promoted Video
  • Video Website Card
  • Twitter Poll
  • Conversational Video Ad

Match the sponsorship purchase methods to the descriptions.

  • Fixed Rate
  • Demo Guarantee
  • Biddable

The Promoted Trend Spotlight adds a high-impact, full-bleed media Spotlight placement at the top of the __.

  • Settings tab
  • In “Mentions” under notifications
  • Explore tab
  • Direct Message inbox

True or False: People on Twitter are watching more than 2 billion videos daily.

  • False
  • True

True or False: Pre-roll ads are skippable after 6 seconds.

  • True
  • False

True or False: Promoted Trends can be purchased by multiple advertisers per geographic area, per day.

  • True
  • False

True or False: The Promoted Trend Spotlight adds a high-impact, full-bleed media Spotlight placement in the Trends section.

  • True
  • False

True or False: You create a First View campaign by starting with the campaign objective.

  • False
  • True

Twitter In-Stream Video Ads: (Select two.)

  • Feature professionally produced videos (no user-generated content)
  • Require Tweet copy
  • Are billed only when someone follows your account
  • Offer pre-roll video across 200+ of the top premium publishers within one campaign

Twitter Polls are best used when brands want to __. (Select two.)

  • Align with influencers who have controversial opinions
  • Drive conversions on their website
  • Build loyalty by listening to their audience’s opinion
  • Involve their followers in brand or content decisions

Twitter’s #BlueBrush team can help when _. (Select three.)

  • You need a graphic designer to create original assets for your brand
  • You need help with photography for an upcoming product launch
  • You are looking for staff augmentation
  • You need a custom animation for an upcoming video campaign

Video ads on Twitter feel more relevant and less intrusive because:

  • They display only in a creator’s profile page.
  • They only display in the timeline if they are forwarded or liked by someone you follow.
  • They display within the timeline as normal Tweets (although marked as Promoted).
  • They display within the timeline as normal Tweets and are not marked as Promoted.

What are the locations where you might see a Promoted Video served?

  • Within the timeline, on someone’s profile, and at the top of relevant search results pages
  • Only within the timeline
  • On the sidebar of, in your Direct Message inbox, and in the Moments section
  • The Trends section, the login screen, and the profile settings page

What are the three bid units available when creating a Promoted Video Views campaign?

  • 2s/50% video view, 3s/100% video view, 6s video view
  • 3s/100% video view, 10s/100% video view, 30s/50% video view
  • 6s video view is the only bid unit for Promoted Video View campaigns
  • 3s/100% video view is the only bid unit for Promoted Video View campaigns

What are the three key factors to maximizing the effectiveness of your video ads on Twitter?

  • Branding, video length, strong visuals
  • Use of captions, audio volume, color accuracy
  • Use of influencers, spelling and grammar, video quality
  • Use of large logos, including animals, exporting at a high frame rate

What are the three purchasing options for an In-Stream Video Ad?

  • Nielsen Demo Guaranteed (US only)
  • Fixed Pricing
  • Twitter “Best Price” matching algorithm
  • Through the Auction — Biddable

Which type of In-Stream Video Ad would you choose for your sponsorship campaign if you wanted to connect with the audience of an awards show happening right now?

  • Pre-roll before live video
  • Promoted Trend
  • Pre-roll ads on highlight clips
  • Sponsored Moments

Why should you work with an influencer?

  • EInfluencers only get paid when you sell a product on Twitter.
  • Influencers cost less than hiring a professional actor.
  • An influencer’s authentic voice may help make your brand more relevant.
  • Influencers can often create content faster than brands can.

You may need Twitter’s #Optimization team when _. (Select three.)

  • You’re concerned about the cost of producing mobile-first video content
  • You need a custom animation for an upcoming video campaign
  • You want to optimize assets you already have
  • Your content is underperforming

What are the three types of video formats you can choose for your Promoted Video Views campaign?

  • Video, Conversational Video
  • Video, GIF
  • Video, GIF, Conversational Video
  • Video only

What can help your audience make a connection within the first few seconds of watching your video?

  • Showing people or talent at the start of the video
  • Using nothing but text in the first few seconds
  • Not including your logo immediately
  • Adding music that reminds them of their childhood

What is a Conversational Video Ad?

  • A type of Promoted Video that links directly to a website
  • An In-Stream Video Ad that gathers feedback using an opinion card
  • A type of Promoted Video that includes call-to-action buttons and hashtags prompting people to Tweet and share a message
  • A Conversational Video Ad sends text messages to a mobile phone

What is a Video Website Card?

  • A type of Promoted Video that includes clickable hashtags that prompt users to Tweet and share a message to their followers
  • A type of Video Website Poll that gathers feedback from people in the form of an opinion card, providing valuable insight into your followers’ opinions
  • A type of Promoted Video where Promoted Tweets use video to capture user attention and drive qualified users to your landing page
  • An In-Stream Video Ad that gathers feedback using an opinion card

What is one of the reasons brands are choosing to go live on Twitter?

  • To remarket to their existing customer base
  • To drive increased conversation with their audience
  • To increase their app installs
  • To optimize the existing assets

What is the best tool for driving sales that is directly within your control?

  • Good creative
  • Ads longer than 6 seconds
  • Twitter copy
  • Brand recognition

What types of events are brands choosing to highlight when going live on Twitter? (Select all that apply.)

  • Earnings calls
  • Product launches
  • Fashion shows
  • Shareholder proxy votes

When creating a new In-Stream Video Ad, what does “Brand Safety” inside targeting criteria allow you to do?

  • Exclude content categories and publisher handles you do not want to align with your In-Stream Video Ads
  • Add redaction to your Tweet copy automatically
  • Customize what your audience sees based on their age
  • Filter on demographics

When creating content for First View, you should: (Select all that apply.)

  • Convey a key message: The timeline moves fast and people’s attention spans move faster. Successful brands convey their key message quickly.
  • Use extremely loud music: Loud noises attract attention and can help give your ad more views.
  • Keep copy succinct: Short is always sweet. Tweets with under 100 characters drive significantly higher engagement than those over 100.
  • Feature people: Consumers are naturally drawn to human faces. Show people and/or talent in the first few frames to draw people in.

When will people on Twitter typically see a First View campaign in their timeline?

  • The first time they log in to Twitter across desktop and mobile devices from 12am to 11:59pm the day of the campaign
  • One specific time at the day of the campaign, as chosen by the advertiser
  • Specific times throughout the day of the campaign, as chosen by the advertiser
  • Every time they log in to Twitter across desktop and mobile devices from 12am to 11:59pm the next day of the campaign

Which Live Brand Studio product offers live, real-time analytics in Media Studio?

  • Broadcast
  • Both Broadcast and Event Page
  • Neither Broadcast nor Event Page
  • Event Page

Which Live Brand Studio product requires approval from the Twitter Brand Team?

  • Neither Broadcast nor Event Page
  • Broadcast
  • Event Page
  • Both Broadcast and Event Page

Which of the following are best practices when creating an In-Stream Video Ad? (Select all that apply.)

  • Don’t use music because it is distracting.
  • Keep your content short and simple.
  • Brand your video within the first few seconds.
  • Use In-Stream Ads to set up other content.

Which of the following safeguards does Twitter employ to protect brand safety?

  • Twitter will only run In-Stream Video Ads before one of 200+ brand-safe partners.
  • Twitter uses Twitter Polls to collect user feedback on video inventory.
  • Twitter runs algorithmic and manual checks to ensure ads are not aligned with content that falls outside of brand safety guidelines.
  • Twitter only runs ads on user generated content offering limited brand safety.

Which of the following statements about Promoted Trend Spotlight is correct?

  • Promoted Trend Spotlight will feature your ad at the top of the Explore tab for 48 hours.
  • The Promoted Trend Spotlight supports 6-second looping GIFs, MP4s, or image assets to go with your Promoted Trend.
  • Promoted Trend Spotlight is another name for Twitter emoji.
  • Promoted Trend Spotlight is best for long-form (5 minutes or longer) video content

Which of these statements best describe First View? (Select all that apply.)

  • It is best suited for lower-funnel campaign objectives.
  • It provides a single-day (24-hour) “mass awareness” package of Twitter’s most valuable video impressions.
  • It can only be purchased by one advertiser per day, per geography.
  • It includes a Twitter Brand Survey.

Which two Twitter video ad formats allow your message to be one of the first things a person sees when they log on? (Select all that apply.)

  • First View
  • Promoted Video Carousel
  • Video Website Cards
  • Promoted Trend

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