Twitter for Creatives Badge Assessment Answers (2024)

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Twitter for Creatives Badge Assessment Answers
Twitter for Creatives Badge Assessment Answers

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Twitter for Creatives Badge Assessment Answers (2024)

What is media innovation?

  • developing groundbreaking technological tools
  • finding new and interesting ways of doing things, and finding a solution that matches a need
  • being the first to integrate the latest technological developments into your campaign

Among the case studies we reviewed, what brand challenged Twitter users to an interactive “scroll race?”:

  • Glade
  • Burger King
  • Adidas UK
  • Mountain Dew

API Marketing Partners assist with the following goals: (select all that apply)

  • audience targeting
  • campaign management
  • advertising analytics
  • creative ad experiences
  • brand voice conception
  • drafting inspirational content

What are the essential elements of effective brand voices? (select three)

  • conversational
  • wit
  • real-time
  • authenticity
  • emojis

Your campaign goal is customizing video at scale. Which of the following choices is the most likely API solution?

  • digital carting for CPG
  • branding: custom mobile landing pages
  • video personalization
  • lead capture: custom mobile landing pages

In our case study, PedidosYa worked with an API Partner to develop a highly targeted campaign using:

  • Carousel Cards
  • Video Ads
  • Twitter Audience Platform
  • Animated GIFs

A distinct brand voice allows your brand to: (select all that apply)

  • speak with personality
  • connect with culture
  • offer discounts
  • generate and join conversations

The best time to bring the in-house audience insight team into a campaign is:

  • simultaneously with the campaign launch
  • at the conclusion of the campaign
  • before the brand initiative kicks off
  • after the brand initiative kicks off

What percentage of users rate Twitter “good” or “great” for brand interaction?

  • 37%
  • 49%
  • 71%
  • nearly 100%

Which of the following are components of the OUI Framework? (select all that apply)

  • Initiate
  • Obtain
  • Ideate
  • Observe
  • Utilize
  • Understand

In Activision’s case study, the backbone of their successful Warzone campaign was:

  • it was the first brand to gamify Twitter
  • its video content had an unusually high production value
  • its ability to deliver a personalized report to every player in a matter of seconds

The attitudes, tone, and substance of your brand’s content should be:

  • sassy but relatable
  • reflective of everything your brand stands for
  • in line with the latest trends

When defining your brand voice, first consider the brand’s:

  • goals, plan, and results
  • Vision, Mission, Values
  • origin, journey, and destination

Leading brands are more likely to evoke an emotional response in their audiences by a factor of:

  • 5X
  • 2X
  • 8X

In our case study, no name’s brand voice stands out because of its:

  • witty, deadpan style
  • optimistic, cheerful style
  • eloquent, elevated style

Thinking back to our case studies, what percentage of people on Twitter believe brands should affect positive change in society?

  • 61%
  • 41%
  • >99%
  • <1%
  • 81%

What are the two key use cases for when brands should always activate on Twitter? (select two)

  • launching something new
  • selecting the right hashtags
  • ensuring your replies contain GIFs
  • connecting with what’s happening

Which element of a creative campaign should be developed first?

  • the technology
  • the insights-based creative idea
  • the data

When your brand connects with what’s happening on Twitter, you can see lifts in: (select all that apply)

  • message association
  • purchase intent
  • brand awareness
  • brand preference

Twitter Advanced Search allows you to:

  • search, segment, and filter Twitter’s Tweets and profiles
  • protect your brand by participating in conversations anonymously
  • find an API Partner to meet your campaign’s technological needs

A Kantar study revealed the correlation between a brand’s cultural relevance and its purchase intent to be:

  • 65%
  • 73%
  • 58%
  • 44%

For more customized research or analysis that gives you a deeper understanding of how Twitter users really think and feel, consider working with:

  • other Twitter users
  • Twitter’s in-house audience insight team
  • an independent consultant

Launches typically fall into the following categories: (select all that apply)

  • new messaging
  • new products or features
  • new branding
  • new company leadership

In our case study, no name’s Twitter handle isn’t a typical marketing channel primarily because it is a destination for:

  • reliable information and breaking news
  • the best deals and promotions of their products
  • entertainment and conversation

According to a Bain study of global brands, marketers that hit their launch KPIs were more likely to include Twitter in their launch mix by what factor?

  • 2.3X
  • 8.2X
  • 5X
  • 1.9X

When it comes to conversation on Twitter, successful brands:

  • keep it professional by avoiding engagement
  • always use the full character limit to express themselves more clearly
  • interact exclusively with other brands
  • join existing conversations and inspire new ones

How does Twitter help you succeed through the funnel?

  • it offers versatile, ready-made creative content
  • it offers a full suite of ad formats
  • it offers unlimited access to brand leaders

The number one reason people come to Twitter is:

  • culture
  • to see what’s happening
  • making money
  • news
  • gossip & entertainment

What are three key strengths that characterize Twitter’s audience?

  • growth, insights, conversation
  • targeted, character, community
  • growth, impact, community
  • growth, influence, community

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