Top Online Image Background Remover

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Removing backgrounds might be crucial for personal and professional reasons, such as improving the design’s aesthetics or merging multiple visual objects into a single frame. However, it can be challenging and time-consuming to remove the image background. Usually, designers manually cut parts of the image with a clean selection until the work is done, making it challenging for those who aren’t graphic design experts.

Top Online Image Background Remover

Today, a non-designer or beginner can easily erase the background from an image with a single click, thanks to advanced online tools. Here are the top online background remover tools that will come in handy.


Slazzer is a powerful tool that allows users to change the background of the image or video in just 30 seconds. Also, they can blur the background, change its color or replace it with another one.

The platform is 100% free and works with all JPG, PNG, and JPEG image formats. Slazzer’s powerful AI computer vision technology recognizes ambiguous items such as hair to separate them from the background. Using the Slazzer platform is very easy and doesn’t need signing up, and the service is many types:

  • Direct use on the official website
  • Mobile app
  • Plugin for Photoshop, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Figma

Auto Clipping

Auto-clipping is an online tool built to ease background removal processes. Using AutoClipping is very easy as it only requires uploading the image, and it will automatically remove the background. It also provides a unique feature that allows the user to add precision, and the background will be removed accordingly.

The platform offers its service in free and premium versions. The free version has some restrictions, offering only five free downloads for non-commercial use. is another free solution to remove the background from an image. It uses artificial intelligence to detect subjects in the photo automatically and can deal with fur edges such as hair to provide neat, clear, smooth cutout edges. allows users to process 1000 pictures in one upload.

The service is free and has a credit version; with the free version, users can edit images in just 3 seconds and get pictures that are 0.25 megapixels. For higher resolution, they have to subscribe to the premium version. To speed up things, it comes with an API and a bulk removal solution for Windows and MacOS.

Adobe Free Image Background Remover

Adobe came up with Adobe Express, an amazing package of free online services, and one of them is Adobe Background Remover. The tool lets users easily separate the subjects from the background to capture their beauty.

Select the image, upload it, and it will be ready to download instantly. The service is fully free, with no need for creating an account to use the background removers, and there is no limit on downloading high-resolution cutout images. For further editing of the outcome results, the user must create an Adobe Express account to access the versatile free editing tools.

Clipping Magic

Another online tool that does the job easily is Clipping Magic. The tool helps in removing the background from an image. Additionally, the built-in features allow the user to edit the output until getting the required results.

It also supports batch processing of multiple pictures and then gets results instantly. The platform offers a download option for size-limited preview results free for non-commercial use, and the full-size results require a subscription.

Photo Scissors

Photo Scissors is a free image background removal tool that helps automatically remove and replace the background color or different backgrounds. The tool is very precise yet simple to use and can handle complex semi-transparent objects like hair.

Also, many built-in tools, such as Magic Wand and Transparent Marker, have many built-in tools to facilitate the work and help users to get satisfactory results. PhotoScissors provides an online platform and can be downloaded on Windows, Mac, and IOS. and comes in a free and paid version, the free version allows the download of images with an acceptable resolution, and for higher resolution, users have to go for the paid version.

Apowersoft Background Eraser

Fast and easy to use, Apowersoft Background Eraser removes image background instantly by just on-click on iPhone, Android, and PC. With its help, AI can precisely clear out even intricate details like hair and uneven edges. The tool has a free plan and a subscription plan.


Removing the image background was a complicated process requiring a professional to get it done. Fortunately, today AI has simplified it to a one-click process, and today, there are many tools to help out.

Every tool is unique and provides a wide umbrella of services at the user’s disposal, whether online, on pc, or mobile. Some of them provide additional editing tools such as Adobe Express (Adobe Background Remover included) and are worth trying. So, next time you need to remove the image background, keep the above-listed tools in mind.

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