Semrush Mastering Digital PR with Brian Dean Exam Answers (2024)

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Exam Name: Mastering Digital PR with Brian Dean

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Mastering Digital PR with Brian Dean Exam Answers

Mastering Digital PR with Brian Dean Exam Answers

What is the main SEO benefit of digital PR?

  • Finding untapped keywords
  • Getting backlinks from authority sites
  • Improving your site’s crawling and indexing

What is a “Source Magnet”?

  • Search engine for finding sources for articles
  • Section of an article containing sources
  • Data-focused content designed to be a source for bloggers and journalists

What is the first step of creating a Source Magnet?

  • Hiring a PR firm
  • Listing out blogs and news sites that cover your niche
  • Generating a list of journalists
  • Finding a winning topic

What three criteria should a potential Source Magnet topic meet? Choose three answers.

  • The topic is a “Tangential Topic
  • The topic lacks data-driven content
  • The topic is trending
  • The topic should be directly related to what you sell

Why is it ideal to choose trending, untapped topics for PR campaigns? Choose two answers.

  • It makes it more difficult for competitors to use the same idea
  • It makes your campaign easier to create
  • You become one of the first sources of data on a given topic
  • It’s more exciting for your team to work on trending topics

What are the three main Source Magnet formats? Choose three answers.

  • The DIY Industry Study
  • The Data-Driven Blog Post
  • The Curated Report
  • The Niche Survey
  • The Journalist Resource

What is the first step when it comes to choosing data points for your Source Magnet?

  • Brainstorming potential data points
  • Creating an ideas spreadsheet
  • Finding reputable sources

Which three factors should be considered when choosing a potential data point? Choose three answers.

  • Data point has a hypothesis/reason
  • “Specific Stat Potential”
  • Data is easy to obtain
  • You already have the data available
  • Data may be controversial

Which is one of the three “keys” for collecting data for an industry study?

  • Organizing your data in a spreadsheet
  • Hiring a data analyst
  • Finding unique sources
  • Documenting your methods

What is the (approximate) ideal number of data points for a Source Magnet?

  • 15
  • 50
  • 7
  • 100
  • 75

What is the ideal intro formula for your Source Magnet Report?

  • ODT
  • OPT
  • TER
  • OPP

What writing style is ideal for a Source Magnet Report?

  • Academic
  • Dry
  • Upbeat and fun
  • Objective

How many expert quotes should you add to your Source Magnet Report?

  • 3
  • 50
  • 5
  • 25

Which three criteria should you use when scaling the generation of Source Magnet topics? Choose three answers.

  • Level of complexity
  • Potential for coverage
  • In-house expertise
  • Relevancy

When choosing between potential stat terms, you should decide largely based on:

  • Seasonal search volume fluctuations
  • CPC
  • Keywords with monthly search volume >1000
  • Low level of competition

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