Semrush GA4 for SEO – How data helps businesses grow with Jeff Sauer Exam Answers (2024)

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Exam Name: GA4 for SEO – How data helps businesses grow with Jeff Sauer

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GA4 for SEO – How data helps businesses grow with Jeff Sauer Exam Answers
GA4 for SEO – How data helps businesses grow with Jeff Sauer Exam Answers

Table of Content

GA4 for SEO – How data helps businesses grow with Jeff Sauer Exam Answers

What will you be learning in this course?

  • A strategic approach to measurement
  • The five things every account needs to do to get the most of GA4
  • Linking GA4 with Google Search Console
  • SEO Reporting Techniques in GA4

What are the advantages of switching to GA4 from old Google Analytics versions? (check all that apply)

  • Free advanced attribution modeling
  • Requires less bandwidth to track users
  • Mobile app data collection is built into the product
  • Free BigQuery integration

In the ACES marketing framework, what does C stand for?

  • Clicks
  • Capture Intent
  • Conversion Rate
  • Communicate message
  • Optimization

Enabling “enhanced measurement” in your data stream will automatically track: (check all that apply)

  • Conversions
  • Scrolls
  • File downloads
  • Custom events

Creating the Search Console “Landing Pages” report in GA4 is:

  • Impossible, it existed only in Universal Analytics
  • Automatic, the report appears right after installing GA4 on the website
  • Possible after you connect GA4 to Search Console
  • Impossible, connecting GA4 to Search Console allows you to see the “Keywords” report only

If you want to customize GA4 to show only reports you find useful, where would you go?

  • Admin > Property Settings
  • Admin > Data Settings
  • Configure > Custom Definitions
  • Reports > Library

Which of the GA4 models for attribution was previously unavailable in the free version of Universal Analytics?

  • Data-driven
  • Linear
  • First click
  • Time decay

How many data sources does the GA4 SEO Dashboard in Google Data Studio utilize?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

To get a list of your competitors’ pages that receive the most traffic, which Traffic Analytics tab in Semrush would you go to?

  • Audience Insights
  • Traffic Journey
  • Top Pages
  • Geo Distribution

Which of the following techniques does Jeff recommend after setting up the GA4 on your site? (select all that apply)

  • Enable enhanced measurement to add extra events
  • Tag all your traffic with UTM parameters
  • Mark your events as conversions to determine your conversion rates
  • Link your Search Console account to GA4

Adding a comparison to a report is similar to which Universal Analytics feature?

  • Filter
  • Creating a separate view
  • Date range comparison
  • Advanced segments

Describe Dimensions and Metrics in six words:

  • Dimensions and Metrics are Event parameters.
  • Dimensions are words, Metrics are numbers.
  • Dimensions are numerical, Metrics are descriptive.
  • Both Dimensions and Metrics are percentages.

Bob wants to create his own version of a GA4 SEO Dashboard, but he can’t find all the required data sources for the report. Which of the following could NOT be the reason:

  • He might be logged into a different Google account from the one that manages the GA4.
  • He doesn’t have the paid version of Google Data Studio, required for connecting external data sources.
  • He doesn’t have access to the Search Console of the website that he wants to create the report for.
  • He didn’t copy the report first and the demo version doesn’t allow him to change data sources as he has view-only access.

Emily wants to improve the conversions on her website, but her GA4 shows only out-of-the-box visitor data. Which of the following should be the first thing she does?

  • Customize the GA4 interface in Reports > Library to show new insights
  • No data in GA4 can increase the number of conversions you get, Emily needs to bring more visitors to her website and paid traffic is the best way to do it quickly.
  • Find the right template in the Explorations > Gallery which automatically helps conversion rate optimization
  • Identify the event that represents the desired action on her website and mark it as a conversion in Configure > Events

In the company that Masha works for, organic search traffic is the strategic KPI. If she wanted to see how they compare against their competition, which of the following tools should be her first choice?

  • GA4
  • MS Excel
  • Semrush Traffic Analytics
  • Google Data Studio

How do you set up outbound click tracking in GA4?

  • It’s impossible due to privacy reasons
  • It requires custom coding
  • By using the measurement protocol.
  • By turning on the Enhanced measurement

Which UTM parameters are recommended if you want to track a link effectively?

  • Source and Medium
  • None
  • All
  • Source, Medium and the Campaign name

Conversions in GA4 compared to the previous version of Google Analytics are:

  • Unnecessary, because GA4 uses machine learning and AI to improve conversion rate
  • Different, because every conversion has to have a value parameter
  • Strictly predefined, no customization is required
  • Flexible—you can declare any event that comes in a conversion

Publishing a report in Reports > Library > Collections means that:

  • The report starts collecting data
  • The report is publicly available and shared with anyone with a GA4 account.
  • That step is necessary only if you want to activate the Publisher ads report in the Monetization section.
  • The report will show up in the Reports menu

Creating custom events is important for:

  • Measuring your website page load time
  • Understanding the behavior within your website and tracking conversions
  • Conversions, because they can’t be configured without custom events
  • Avoiding the cardinality issue in GA4

How does the ACES framework compare to AIDA?

  • They both put a structure around the customer journey but ACES is adjusted for digital marketing
  • It represents a completely different concept
  • ACES is developed strictly for GA4 purposes.
  • AIDA is obsolete, because customers today have shorter attention spans.

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