Semrush Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals with Eric Enge Exam Answers (2024)

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Exam Name: Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals with Eric Enge

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Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals with Eric Enge Exam Answers
Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals with Eric Enge Exam Answers

Have you completed the Content Marketing and SEO Fundamentals course? Then try taking our free online exam to test your content marketing know-how. Once you’ve successfully passed the exam, you’ll even get a certificate to show off your new SEO and content marketing skills.

Before you start, review the information below:

  • You will be asked 8 questions.
  • You are allowed 13 minutes for the exam.
  • To pass the exam, you need to score at least 75%.
  • The exam and certification are 100% free.
  • You have a total of 3 attempts to pass, then in 30 days, you’ll get 3 more.

What are your target audiences for content marketing campaigns? Choose three options.

  • Media and bloggers
  • Customers and prospects
  • Influencers
  • Search ranking algorithms

What are the most important aspects of guest posting? Choose three options.

  • The quality of the sites that you publish on
  • The quality of the content that you create
  • The number of sites you publish on
  • The relevance of the sites that you publish on

Why should you collaborate with your marketing and PR departments?

  • To interview them to get great content to publish
  • To show them how to place links in press releases
  • To interview them to get great content to publish
  • To coordinate your outreach efforts to minimize overlap

What benefits do sites that publish syndicated content expect to receive? Choose two options.

  • Links from your site
  • Traffic from your site
  • Increases in their organic search traffic
  • Quality content to present to visitors to their site

What are the benefits of being interviewed and having those interviews published on third-party websites? Choose three options.

  • It may result in links back to your site.
  • It helps raise your visibility.
  • It helps you rank better, because Google sees interviews as an authority signal for ranking purposes.
  • It helps establish your credibility in the market.

What is the most important content type to publish?

  • Research reports
  • There is no ‘most important content type’
  • Articles
  • Videos

Why is content-based link building effective?

  • High-ranking pages in Google tend to get more links.
  • Links to content pages are worth more.
  • The more content you publish the higher you rank.
  • The best content on the web tends to attract a lot of links.

What are some fundamentals of creating great content? Choose three options.

  • The focus of the content that you produce needs to be on how well you satisfy user needs.
  • Focusing on the high-volume keywords.
  • Creating content with depth and breadth in order to satisfy user needs.
  • Aim to publish content that is more in-depth than your competitors in at least some areas.


Who is this сourse for?

This course is primarily aimed at digital marketers, individuals with responsibility for their content marketing strategy, as well as anyone who is looking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of content marketing and how to create quality content that will deliver results as part of a wider SEO campaign.

What you’ll learn

Learn about what content marketing is, including guidance on developing a content marketing plan and content marketing strategy. You’ll also learn about content syndication, how to optimize content, content-driven link building, and how to create great, relevant content that will improve your search engine optimization (SEO).

Course Structure

Content Marketing Plan
You will be introduced to the concept of content marketing and the importance of creating a content marketing plan. You’ll learn how great content can be used to attract attention and generate awareness of your organization, business and/or products. You’ll also learn why having a content marketing strategy and quality content can drive your SEO.

Guest Posts
Learn about guest blog posts and whether they’re still useful as part of your SEO campaign and content marketing strategy. You’ll learn how to avoid penalties from search engines, and about good practices in order to optimize content such as blog posts.

Collaborating with Marketing and PR
In this lesson, Eric will explain the role and benefits of collaborating with PR and marketing in order to optimize content and get it seen. You’ll learn how to engage with public relations activities and how the media can help your overall SEO campaign. You’ll also learn why it’s important to collaborate early on and make sure your content marketing plan aligns with key media and PR outlets.

Content Syndication
You’ll learn what content syndication is, what it has to do with link building, and why it could be of benefit to your content marketing strategy. Eric will also explain the potential risks involved and how to avoid these pitfalls by producing relevant content and controlling where it’s published.

Learn about why creating content around interviews might be of benefit to your SEO campaign. You’ll also learn about the different interview formats, how to optimize content from interviews, as well as some tips on how to set up and find people to interview.

Types of Content
In this lesson, Eric will guide you through the many different types of digital content including: articles, video, interviews, white papers, quizzes and surveys, infographics and more. You’ll also learn why creating content that encompasses a variety of different formats can help your search engine optimization goals.

Content-Based Link Building
You’ll learn what content has to do with link building, and why quality content can be useful for improving your link building activities. You’ll also learn why people prefer to link to relevant content, and how to optimize content so that it appeals and is useful to a wider audience. Finally, you’ll learn why taking an in-depth approach to your content can increase your inbound linking and pay dividends on your SEO.

Creating Great Content
In the final lesson, Eric will provide guidance on what makes quality content, why having relevant content is important, and how EAT (Expertise, Authority and Trust) should always be at the forefront of any content marketing plan. You’ll also learn why you need to be monitoring and evaluating your content, and how to use feedback to improve.

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