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Download Network Programming Notes, PDF, Books, Syllabus for MCA 2020. We provide complete network programming pdf. Network Programming study material includes network programming notes, network programming book, courses, case study, syllabus, question paper, MCQ, questions and answers and available in network programming pdf form.

Network Programming subject is included in MCA, so students can able to download network programming notes for mca 2nd year and network programming notes for mca 4th sem.

Network Programming Notes can be downloaded in network programming pdf from the below article.

Network Programming Syllabus

A detailed network programming syllabus as prescribed by various Universities and colleges in India are as under. You can download the syllabus in network programming pdf form.

UNIT – I : Linux Utilities- File handling utilities, Security by file permissions, Process utilities, Disk utilities, Networking utilities, Filters, Text processing utilities and Backup utilities. Bourne again shell(bash) – Introduction, pipes and redirection, here documents, running a shell script, the shell as a programming language, shell meta characters, file name substitution, shell variables, command substitution, shell commands, the environment, quoting, test command, control structures, arithmetic in shell, shell script examples. Review of C programming concepts-arrays, strings (library functions), pointers, function pointers, structures, unions, libraries in C. UNIT – II : Files- File Concept, File types File System Structure, Inodes, File Attributes, file I/O in C using system calls, kernel support for files, file status information-stat family, file and record locking-lockf and fcntl functions, file permissions- chmod fchmod,\ file ownership-chown, lchown , fchown, links-soft links and hard links – symlink, link, unlink. File and Directory management – Directory contents, Scanning Directories- Directory file APIs. Process- Process concept, Kernel support for process, process attributes, process control – process creation, replacing a process image, waiting for a process, process termination, zombie process, orphan process.

UNIT – III : Signals- Introduction to signals, Signal generation and handling, Kernel support for signals, Signal function, unreliable signals, reliable signals, kill, raise , alarm, pause, abort, sleep functions. Interprocess Communication – Introduction to IPC mechanisms, Pipes- creation, IPC between related processes using unnamed pipes, FIFOs-creation, IPC between unrelated processes using FIFOs(Named pipes), differences between unnamed and named pipes, popen and pclose library functions, Introduction to message queues, semaphores and shared memory. Message Queues- Kernel support for messages, UNIX system V APIs for messages, client/server example. Semaphores-Kernel support for semaphores, UNIX system V APIs for semaphores.

UNIT – IV : Shared Memory- Kernel support for shared memory, UNIX system V APIs for shared memory, client/server example. Network IPC – Introduction to Unix Sockets, IPC over a network, Client-Server model ,Address formats(Unix domain and Internet domain), Socket system calls for Connection Oriented – Communication, Socket system calls for Connectionless-Communication, Example-Client/Server Programs- Single Server-Client connection, Multiple simultaneous clients, Socket options – setsockopt, getsockopt, fcntl.

UNIT-V : Network Programming in Java- Network basics, TCP sockets, UDP sockets (datagram sockets), Server programs that can handle one connection at a time and multiple connections (using multithreaded server), Remote Method Invocation (Java RMI)-Basic RMI Process, Implementation details-Client-Server Application.

Network Programming Notes

What is Network Programming?

Network Programming involves writing programs that communicate with other programs across a computer network.

Network Programming Questions and Answers

Some of the network programming questions and answers are mentioned below. You can download the QnA in network programming pdf form.

  • What are the two things that identify a connection to a computer on the internet?
  • How many ports are available on a computer?
  • What are the four parts of a URL?
  • What useful methods does a URL object respond to?
  • What causes a MalformedURLException?
  • What causes a ConnectException?
  • How can we read text from an InputStream?
  • How can we build an Image object from a gif or jpeg file downloaded using getContent?
  • What is a URLConnection, and what methods does it understand?
  • Explain URL encoding.
  • How can we write to an HTTP site?
  • How can we create InetAddress objects?
  • What useful methods does an InetAddress object respond to?
  • How can we convert a signed byte into an unsigned byte?
  • What is a Socket object?
  • Describe the Socket constructors.
  • What useful methods does a Socket object respond to?
  • Explain the finger protocol.
  • Explain the SMTP protocol.
  • What exception is thrown when an existing host has no service on the requested port?
  • How does UDP differ from TCP?
  • Describe some applications that work well with UDP?
  • Explain the DatagramPacket class and the DatagramSocket class.
  • Describe the DatagramPacket constructor used to build a packet to be sent.
  • Describe the DatagramPacket constructor used to build a receiving packet.

Network Programming Question Paper

If you have already studied the network programming notes, then it’s time to move ahead and go through previous year network programming question paper.

It will help you to understand question paper pattern and type of network programming question and answer asked in bba, bcom, mba network programming exam. You can download the syllabus in network programming pdf form.

Network Programming Books

Below is the list of network programming book recommended by the top university in India.

  1. Unix System Programming using C++, T.Chan, PHI. (Units II, III, IV)
  2. Unix Concepts and Applications, 4th Edition, Sumitabha Das, TMH.(Unit I)
  3. An Introduction to Network Programming with Java, Jan Graba, Springer, RP 2010. (Unit V)
  4. Java Network Programming,3rd edition, E.R. Harold, SPD, O’Reilly. (Unit V)
  5. Advanced Programming in the UNIX environment, 2nd Edition, W.R.Stevens, Pearson Education.
  6. UNIX for programmers and users, 3rd Edition, Graham Glass, King Ables, Pearson Education.
  7. Beginning Linux Programming, 4th Edition, N.Matthew, R.Stones, Wrox, Wiley India Edition.

In the above article, a student can download network programming notes for mca 1st year and network programming notes for mca 1st year. Network Programming study material includes network programming notes, network programming books, network programming syllabus, network programming question paper, network programming case study, network programming questions and answers, network programming courses in network programming pdf form.

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