How to Use Sandler Pain Funnel Questions for Ultimate B2B Sales Conversations

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The Sandler Selling System is a key component in the sales process. Mastering this technique allows for a  mutually beneficial interaction where one participant raises an issue and the other side offers a solution.

The Sandler sales process was developed in 1967 by David Sandler. It emphasizes matching the right customers with the right products, compared to sales methods that prioritize selling as many products to as many individuals as possible.

Sandler Pain Funnel Questions could help you and your sales team to qualify prospects and position themselves as trusted advisors. These questions should be used during the discovery process to get a better understanding of the prospect’s needs. By asking these questions, you will be able to learn more about the prospect’s pain points and how you can help them.

What Is a Pain Funnel?

The Pain Funnel is designed to help salespeople uncover their prospects’ pain points by getting them to open up emotionally. The funnel is a series of questions and statements that get progressively more personal, helping the salesperson understand what is important to the prospect and what is causing them pain.

By understanding the prospect’s pain points, the salesperson can tailor their pitch to address those specific needs and help the prospect see how their product or service can provide relief.

Start by Identifying Your Prospect’s Pain Points

Your prospect’s pain points are the issues that they are facing that your product or service can help to solve. Once you have identified the pain points, you can begin to craft your sales pitch.

Keep in mind that not all prospects will be ready to buy immediately. The most important thing is to keep the prospect’s best interests in mind throughout the sales process. By solving their pain points, you will be able to close more sales and build lasting relationships with your clients.

The Pain Funnel Sales Technique

All of the questions in the pain funnel are open-ended by design, which means that to get the most information out of your prospect, you’ll need to be comfortable with silence and give them the time they need to gather their thoughts.

Additionally, the pain funnel is organized strategically, so even though you might not always rigidly stick to the order of the questions, you should still be aware of why they’re listed in the particular order that they are.

This will help you to be more flexible and adaptable as needed when you’re talking to a prospect, reading their body language, and trying to gauge their level of interest or discomfort.

In Closing

The Sandler Selling System’s Pain Funnel question sequence is designed to help you structure your conversation and keep it focused on exposing your prospect’s pain points.

It’s important to keep the conversation open-ended so you can identify any needs or interests that might motivate a purchase. Remember, any purchase is only worth making if there’s a need or problem that it can solve.

As a sales professional, you need to bring these needs to light and offer a solution by getting your potential customer talking. This technique will help you make the most effective B2B and other sales conversions.

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