Meet Your Guide to Crafting a Top-Notch History Essay

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At first, most college and university students consider history essay writing assignments challenging and feel overwhelmed as a result. Well, let’s face the truth – history’s subject matter is so complex, containing all of the human affairs in chronological order – up until the present days.

When working on their essays in history, undergrads have to check the fragmentary records that survive from the period of time under study to create an accurate piece. Taking into account all the aspects of creating a college essay in history, it’s no wonder you’re here reading our guide.

Tips on How to Create a History Essay

Below, we listed some of the tips on how to create a history essay of the nicest quality and get the desired grades.

Use Trustworthy Evidence

Students who can’t boast of having strong writing and history skills tend to fail when it comes to using solid evidence in the process of work. As a rule, both online and printed sources include raw materials that you can use as ‘bricks’ to build evidence. As a result, you have an opportunity to assemble a strong historical argument.

To gather this evidence, you have to read historical sources and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is the author of this source? Is his or her biography related to understanding the source at hand? Was s/he honest and non-biased? Do they have an agenda?

  • When was this source produced? How? Where? Is this source representative of the rest of the sources created during the same timeframes? What can serve as proof that this or that product was created during a particular time?

  • Why did the author decide to create this source? What is the target audience of the source? What is the purpose of the source?

  • How does the source at hand compare with the rest sources that you checked for the essay? Does it include some unique viewpoint?

In other words, the selection is a must. Because without strong evidence, you won’t be able to craft a quality piece that will get an A+.

Use the Past Tense

Many undergrads choose to add some “life” to their writing by using the present tense. However, the reality is that such prose is acceptable only in the other fields.

When it comes to history, using present tense means that your historical thinking skills leave a lot to be desired. Taking into account the fact that all events took place in the past, it is important to discuss them by means of the past tense.

Write in a Formal Voice

Use academic voice and stay away from using “I” or “You.” Do not use passive voice sentence constructions. College history essays shouldn’t include phrases like “To my opinion” or “I think” since expository writing doesn’t require them at all.

Use the Required Citation Style

As a rule, history essay writers use endnotes or footnotes (in line with the Chicago style) in their works in order to give supplemental info or provide references. At the same time, some arguments tend to allow using parenthetical citations. Before you start writing, make sure to check the list of requirements given by your professor. Thus, you will be aware of what citation style should be used in your work.

Provide a Hooking First Paragraph

Every part of a history essay is crucial. However, the very first paragraph is significant. That’s your first (and, perhaps, the last!) chance to impress and hook your target audience. Make sure to open up your essay with an impressive first sentence. What is more, the opening paragraph is the part of your work where you show your readers that you do understand the topic and the question.

In an introductory paragraph, the writer includes clear definitions of the main terms, as well as sets the relevant timeframe. Make sure to come up with an argument or, if necessary, outline alternatives to your argument that will be substantiated later in the body of the paper.

Use Context If Necessary

Depending on the type of history essay that you have to write, you may be required to give a short overview of the key historiographical disputes for the topic under study.

In other words, your task is to show that you have a solid understanding of what historians had to say on your topic and that you can place your own argument within a broader context. As a result, your work won’t look cheap and bring your closer to the desired grade.


Exert every effort to provide sufficient time to edit and proofread your history essay when the writing part is done. Use online editing tools like Grammarly and Hemingway to polish up your prose. If possible, approach an online custom writing service for help.

In addition to providing you with an opportunity to buy history essay that they offer for sale, they have a team of skilled editors available 24/7. After all, proofreading and editing services are not expensive things to buy, and your target audience will thank you later.

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