What is Competency Models? Methods, Types

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Competency Models

Performance monitoring may be defined as the process of appraising an environment of continuous learning and development, maintaining the employee’s performance, enhancing individual competencies to make them more productive for the organization.

Methods of Competency Mapping

It is very difficult to identify all the competencies required to fulfill the job requirement. However, a number of methods and approaches have been developed and successfully tried out in organizations which have helped managers to a large extent, to identify and reinforce and/or develop these competencies both for the growth of the individual and the growth of our organization.

  1. 360-degree Multi-rating
  2. Organizational Surveys
  3. Assessment Centre
  4. Expert’s Rating of Job Analysis

360-degree Multi-rating

It is a type of performance appraisal for assessing the employees more objectively in which the appraisal is all round. This appraisal method takes care of many things like what kind of behavior a person has with superiors, subordinates, peers and very importantly self -appraisal.

Organizational Surveys

In this, the questionnaires are filled by the employee, who rates himself. Questionnaires are written list of questions and highly structured that users fill out questionnaires and return. The techniques are used at various stages of development, depending on the questions that are asked in the questionnaires and the questions are relevant to justify the purpose.

Assessment Centre

Assessment center is a mechanism to identify the potential for growth and it is a procedure that uses a variety of techniques to evaluate employees for manpower purpose and decisions. An essential feature of the assessment centre as used by the organization is the use of situational test to observe specific job behavior of the employees at the workplace.

Since it is with reference to a job, elements related to the job are simulated through a variety of tests and the assessors observe the behavior and make independent evaluation of what they have observed, which results in identifying strengths and weaknesses of the attributes being studied.

Expert’s Rating of Job Analysis

The job analysis tool helps companies extract knowledge of core competency required. These are from internal experts and allow the company to have any number of expert raters contribute rating on a standard competency scale for any job title or position. The accumulated ratings are transformed into a composite template.

It is by defining the ideal competency set for that position. The employee or job applicants then complete a self-report version and there are mapped against the template. The skills or competency gaps are thus identified and informed to the training decisions.

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