Top Best Math Apps to Do Mathematics Homework Quicker

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Math is one of the most complex disciplines. It requires a maximum of a learner’s concentration because one wrong sign or number negates the spent effort. That is why experts recommend students to do Maths homework in silence and delete all possible distractions (mobile notifications, messages, calls, music, noise, battery alert, etc).

Students often search for Math homework help trying to find an assistant who can explain details and help to solve complex problems. Experts always find time to assist and navigate a learner when providing ABC explanations of complex and elementary assignments. They also advise trying effective apps that show the right solutions for homework in Mathematics. This article introduces the best online tools, including their pros and cons.

#1. Photomath

A person can use the app either on iPhone or on Android. Its advantage is the use of Augmented reality that one enables when taking the photo of the assignment. It is an excellent tool for those who cannot solve even basic Maths tasks, including Algebra equations.

The application introduces not only the result but only describes each step of the solution. Besides, it has a history of similar solved tasks so that a user could contrast them and learn more variants to master the topic.

The con of the app is its inability to recognize the captured handwritten task. A person should type it, though it is not a problem today because most students prefer technology to pens and papers.

#2. MyScript Calculator

If you like to handwrite, this app will be right for you. It lets a person write down tasks connected with Trigonometry, logarithms, cube and square roots, and basic equations. They will be easily solved by this app. One can install it on Android and iPhones to enjoy its assistance.

The only problem one might face is mistakes. For example, a learner has missed a comma. The app will not recognize a mistake and will just solve it incorrectly or show that the solution is not possible. So, one should check if the task was jotted down incorrectly.

3. iMathematics

This app offers two options – no cost and paid versions. The first one lets a person solve only basic tasks in Geometry and Algebra. The pro version offers much more. The only disadvantage of this program is that it does not involve a camera, so a person has to type everything independently and be attentive not to make a mistake.

#4. PCalc

It is hard to imagine solving Math homework without a calculator. Calculus is the basis of all Maths-related subjects. Old-fashion calculators need to be taken separately and bought for extra cash while this one demands only free download. Another advantage of PCalc is that it operates on any device (smartphone, watch, PC, TV, tablet) and has a pro keyboard for engineers, programmers, etc. The only disadvantage of the app is the price for extra features. It is around $10 for iOS devices.

#5. Graphic Calculator

This is a treasure for students who use graphics and need a calculator that simplifies the solution of such assignments. According to the users’ rating, it has almost 5 stars (4,9) that signal the high quality, speed performance, and customer-friendly interface. Unfortunately, this app is available only for Android users.

#6. Geometry Solver

If your major is Geometry, this app is right for you. It allows users to find areas, perimeters, volumes, and surfaces faster and more correctly. Besides, it offers extra tips even for 3D shapes! The app provides hints for a very comfortable task solution.

#7. Geometry Pro

Another perfect tool for Geometry is this one. Customers on the Play Market rate it 4.8 (based on the feedback of 303 users). The app has excellent visual support and formulas. One does not have to spend much time searching the required formula in the textbook. This tool is all-inclusive. It has over 30 figures! Besides, it lets a person solve assignments with roots, fractions, powers, parenthesis, PI, and decimal numbers. Its pro version has a variety of formulas for various figures that appear when a user inserts a task. It reflects not only the ready solution but also the whole path from the assignment description to the answer.

#8. Quickmath

Not all people like downloading and storing apps on smartphones. Some mathematicians prefer online tools for problem-solving. Quickmath is one of the best tools one will find on Google. Except for online performance, it can function on Android and iOS. It is not only a calculator. It is a free tutor that shows how everything works. Besides, it has tutorials and advanced solvers for free!


Is there someone who can explain my Math homework to me? Yes. Apps and online helpers are always there to assist you. One should just select the one that has the required features and affordable pricing. Nevertheless, a person should keep in mind one essential thing. One must not just rewrite the homework performed by a machine or an assistant. It is necessary to understand it. Nobody will help you with exams and tests.

So, if apps do not help or lack proper explanation, it will be better to find a tutor who can do that. Apps can help to consolidate the gains made. For example, you solve the task and check the solution with its help. Otherwise, you will fail exams being app-dependent.

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