Amazon Retail for Advertisers Certification Answers 2021

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Aquloo needs to add more products to their catalog in Seller Central. Which component in the navigation bar will they access?

  • Advertising
  • Reports
  • Inventory
  • Orders

True or false? The product detail page should NOT include “what’s in the box” shots as it may lead to confusion for shoppers.

  • True
  • False

Canent Global is interested in selling products on Amazon. What is the first thing they should confirm?

  • Whether their products are eligible to be sold on Amazon.
  • Whether they will leverage Fulfillment by Amazon.
  • Which advertising strategy they will follow.
  • Which selling plan they should use.

Noelle is an advertiser at a hair care brand, and is looking to drive more sales of her brand’s shampoo line. She wants to better understand the cadence for replenishment of her shampoo so that she can better create advertising to reengage shoppers when they may be looking to buy again. What should Noelle look at in ARA Premium?

  • Market basket analysis
  • Item comparison
  • Repeat purchase
  • Traffic diagnostics

True or false? Advertising agency employees can create Seller Central accounts on behalf of their clients.

  • False
  • True

Which of the following is an optimal main image?

  • C
  • B
  • A

Eduardo is an advertiser at a major consumer packaged goods company. He is looking to run a cross-promotional campaign to promote products that are frequently purchased together. Which part of ARA Premium would be most useful for him to review to best understand these trends for his brand?

  • Retail insights
  • Traffic diagnostics
  • Geographic sales metrics
  • Market basket analysis

Electronick is a wholesaler that works directly with an Amazon representative. EverRight owns their brand and inventory. What is EverRight’s role in this scenario?

  • Not enough information
  • Seller
  • Vendor

True or false? Only businesses can shop on Amazon Business.

  • False
  • True

Moriah is a Seller Central user utilizing Amazon’s fulfillment centers to pack and ship their products to customers. Which best describes Moriah?

  • Amazon seller using Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Amazon vendor following a retail model
  • Amazon seller using Merchant Fulfilled Network

Which of the following examples best articulates the use of an alternative purchase report?

  • A bedding company used the alternative purchase report to see the effectiveness of their localized ad campaign.
  • A home manufacturer used the alternative purchase report to learn shoppers preferred higher end refurbished models, which this brand did not sell.
  • An importer of teas uses the alternative purchase report to learn that loyal shoppers purchased their green tea roughly every two months.
  • A computer hardware manufacturer used the alternative purchase report to learn that shoppers would often buy their main keyboard product, but would not as frequently purchase the complementary mouse product.

Alecia is selling her products on Amazon, using her own resources to fulfill orders. Which of the following best describes Alecia?

  • A seller leveraging Merchant Fulfilled Network
  • A vendor leveraging Amazon retail
  • A seller leveraging Fulfillment by Amazon
  • A vendor leveraging Fulfillment by Amazon

What factors should be considered by a seller when selecting a selling plan in Seller Central?

  • If they have budget for a monthly subscription fee.
  • How many items they will sell each month.
  • How many categories they plan to list products in.
  • Whether they want to pay selling fees.

How could a Seller Central user benefit from the information found under the Performance section of the navigation bar?

  • Sellers can view reports such as payments and tax reports.
  • Sellers can view their ratings based on inputs such as customer feedback and claims.
  • Sellers can see how their advertising campaigns are performing.

Which of the following allows vendors to run sponsored ads that appear on Amazon product detail pages and within shopping results?

  • A+ enhanced marketing content
  • Advertising
  • Merchandising

Maria works at an advertising agency that represents a Vendor Central user. Which tool can she access to view the client’s inventory data and catalog quality?

  • Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA Basics)
  • A+ Content Manager
  • Advertising console
  • Business advisor

True or false? Vendors will use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN) to ship products to customers.

  • False
  • True

Raphael is an advertiser at a regional apparel retailer. A strategic initiative is to expand their brick-and-mortar presence to new locations next year. Which part of ARA Premium would be most useful for him to review?

  • Geographic sales metrics
  • Market basket analysis
  • Retail insights
  • Traffic diagnostics

EpiCamera has 5 compatible, related products that they’d like to group together for customer convenience. Which of the following describes this?

  • Virtual bundle
  • Parent ASIN
  • Variations
  • ASIN bundle

What is Amazon’s version of a SKU (stock keeping unit) that is used to identify unique products on Amazon?

  • AZIN
  • ASON
  • ASKU
  • ASIN

Which best describes Merchant fulfilled network?

  • Amazon carriers collect products from the seller warehouse and ship the products to the customer.
  • Seller takes care of the logistics and ships the product to the customer.
  • Amazon takes care of the logistics for the seller directly from an Amazon fulfillment center

True or false? Once a vendor sells their products to Amazon, they no longer need to access Vendor Central.

  • False
  • True

Chantell, a seller on Amazon, wants her products to be visible when shoppers select the Prime filter during their search process. Which shipping option should she use?

  • Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Merchant fulfilled network
  • Seller fulfilled Prime

Bianka sees that her client has not been selected to present the Featured Offer (“Buy Box”) on their product. What suggestion(s) should she give to her client? (Select 2)

  • ensure the product is in stock
  • increase the price of the product
  • ensure pricing is affordable
  • stop selling the product

Where in Vendor Central can a user find recommendations to improve their business and increase sales?

  • Business advisor
  • Reporting bar
  • News
  • Merchandising

True or false? A Vendor Central user can update a product image and see it live immediately.

  • True
  • False

Which of the following is not a benefit of ARA Premium?

  • Comparing metrics before, during, and after a campaign against an indexed baseline of performance.
  • Enabling advertisers to see what other ASINs are commonly viewed alongside a specific product.
  • Detailing the percentage of purchases that are made as repeats versus first time customers.
  • Providing visibility into the most commonly used shopping queries across Amazon

Retail insights can look back to compare insights from _ in the past.

  • 14 days
  • 13 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months

Maria needs access to her client’s Seller Central account in order to manage their sponsored ads campaigns. For which section will she need permissions?

  • Reports
  • Inventory
  • Advertising
  • Store

What is the guiding principle behind all Amazon retail programs?

  • Start with the company and work backwards.
  • Start with the advertiser and work backwards.
  • Start with the customer and work backwards.
  • Start with the product and work backwards.

Meg is an advertiser at a consumer electronics company. She has run advertising campaigns on Amazon in the past, and after mixed results, wants to reconsider her approach. What should she first do before crafting an advertising strategy?

  • Use overlap reports to understand the shared attributes of her audiences and other similar audiences on Amazon.
  • Use Sponsored Products to reach existing in-market demand for her brand’s products.
  • Use timing insights to understand the time of day her audience is purchasing on Amazon.
  • Use retail insights to understand baseline traffic and performance of her brand on Amazon.

Which best defines a parent ASIN?

  • An ASIN under which all of a seller/vendor’s ASINs are grouped.
  • An ASIN under which multiple variations of the product are grouped.
  • An ASIN under which all products within a category are grouped.
  • The first ASIN created in a category.

Kendrick prefers to manage storage, logistics, and shipping for products he sells on Amazon. Which shipping method is he using?

  • Seller fulfilled Prime
  • Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Merchant fulfilled network

Which of the following best describes conversion share?

  • Percentage of all clicks that an ASIN received relative to a particular shopping query.
  • The share of conversion an advertiser receives from one ASIN relative to views of the product detail page.
  • Percentage of all conversions an ASIN received relative to a particular shopping query.
  • The share of conversions an advertiser receives from one ASIN relative to another of their own ASINs.

What is the minimum number of customer reviews a product should have to be considered retail ready?

  • 15 reviews
  • 25 reviews
  • 10 reviews
  • 18 reviews

Fabian is checking his client’s product detail page for retail readiness. Which of the following issues should he flag as needing improvement to be considered retail ready?

  • There are 5 items left in stock.
  • There are 15 customer reviews.
  • Product is rated 4 out of 5 stars.
  • Enhanced content includes a video..

Which of the following is not a benefit of retail insights?

  • Understanding the impact of advertising across awareness, consideration, and sales metrics.
  • Understanding shopping activity for your products before, during, and after your campaign to help identify the correlation to advertising.
  • Understanding the delta between non-campaign performance and campaign performance.
  • Understanding trends of key business levers, such as price and its impact on sales performance over time.

John is proposing an advertising campaign that leverages multiple Amazon retail programs. Which of the following are programs he may choose to include?

  • Prime Video
  • Prime Now
  • Amazon Music
  • Amazon Business

What section of Vendor Central allows users to access Amazon Vine?

  • Payments
  • Merchandising
  • Quick links
  • Advertising

Which of the following is included on a product detail page?

  • Featured Offer
  • Images
  • Order history
  • Stores

Nina is setting up an advertising campaign for her vendor client. What access and permission will she need to manage their product detail pages?

  • Seller Central, Inventory
  • Seller Central, Advertising
  • Vendor Central, Contributor
  • Seller Central, Contributor

Which metric highlights how frequently an advertiser’s products show up in organic widgets such as recommendations or “frequently bought together with”?

  • Search impressions
  • Conversion rate
  • Earned media impressions
  • Glance views

Which type of selling partner must be invited to sell on Amazon?

  • Vendor
  • Seller
  • Not enough information

Jeremy needs to confirm whether his client, a seller named Comps Now, is presenting the Featured Offer for a specific product. Where should Jeremy look?

  • Store
  • Amazon homepage
  • seller landing page
  • product detail page

Examine the product detail page below. Which of the following elements is not retail ready?

  • Title
  • Images
  • Reviews
  • Rating

Darnell wants to ensure his client, a Vendor Central user, is presenting the Featured Offer (“Buy Box”) for a particular product. What suggestion(s) should he provide?

  • Leverage bulk buys to improve operational efficiency.
  • Create variations for the product.
  • Accept recommendations offered through the business advisor tool.
  • Update keywords to improve discoverability.

Zoope, an Amazon seller, launched a new product last week that has 7 reviews. What is the suggested method for them to improve the retail readiness for this product?

  • Leverage the Early Reviewer Program to help increase the number of reviews.
  • Wait until the product receives more reviews.
  • Change shipping methods to increase positive reviews.
  • Decrease the price to increase the number of sales, increasing reviews.

What is the primary difference between Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN)?

  • Using FBA, the seller sends inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers, where its packed and shipped to customers.
  • Using MFN, the seller leverages Amazon facilities, expertise, and customer service.
  • Using MFN, inventory is stored at Amazon facilities.
  • Using FBA, the seller is in complete control of the handling and shipping process.

How many ASINs can you review in a peer set with ARA Premium?

  • two
  • three
  • zero
  • one

True or false? A selling partner must be invited to become a Vendor Central user.

  • True
  • False

Which of the following is NOT an Amazon retail program?

  • Amazon Garage
  • Prime Now
  • Amazon retail site/app
  • Amazon Business

Athletica Shoes sells their inventory directly to Amazon, whereas Shoez owns their inventory and uses Amazon to list products for sale. Which company is an Amazon vendor?

  • Not enough information
  • Athletica Shoes
  • Shoez

Pratiksha is an advertiser that recently received budget approval to run a campaign on Amazon. Before investing, Pratiksha wants to understand the current drivers of performance to determine where there is the greatest opportunity. Which part of ARA Premium would be most useful for her to review?

  • Retail insights
  • Traffic diagnostics
  • Sales diagnostics
  • Geographic sales metrics

True or false? Agency professionals must contact Amazon to request access to their client’s Seller Central account.

  • False
  • True

ARA Premium can report on which geographic sales data?

  • Time Zone
  • Province
  • Zip Code
  • State

East Appliances has chosen to leverage Fulfilled by Amazon for shipping. Which statement best explains their choice?

  • East Appliances wants their products be visible to shoppers when they select the Prime filter during their search process.
  • East Appliances stores products in their own warehouse and prefers to control how the product is packaged and shipped.
  • East Appliances stores products in their own warehouse, but they do not want to manage shipping logistics.
  • East Appliances prefers to have Amazon store their products and manage shipping logistics direct from a fulfillment center.

Grant owns the brand behind the products he sells on Amazon. Is Grant a vendor or seller?

  • Not enough information
  • Seller
  • Vendor

Allido, Inc. sells products on Amazon that they store in their own warehouse. Amazon carriers collect the products from Allido’s warehouse in order to ship them to customers. Which shipping method is this describing?

  • Seller fulfilled Prime
  • Merchant fulfilled network
  • Fulfilled by Amazon

What section of Vendor Central allows users to manage A+ Content?

  • Merchandising
  • Items
  • Settings
  • Advertising

What should a Vendor Central user update to enable customers to discover their products using the search bar?

  • ASIN
  • Keyword
  • Product title
  • Bullet point

Theo, an Amazon seller, is adding a product to his inventory list in Seller Central. He knows his product is eligible to sell because he has seen that product on Amazon in the past. Is Theo correct?

  • Yes, it is safe for Theo to assume the product is permitted.
  • Not necessarily. Theo should not assume that a product is permitted just because it once was.

What is the name of the portal that Amazon sellers use to create listings, manage orders, and correspond with buyers?

  • Seller Central
  • Vendor Central
  • Seller Console
  • Advertising console

Shunsuke is an advertiser at a kitchen appliance company. He ran an awareness campaign to promote his brand’s award winning toaster. A few months after the campaign ended, he noticed that the baseline performance was overall higher on glance views and conversion rate across many of his products. What is this likely to mean?

  • Shunsuke’s brand’s presence had grown on Amazon as a result of the campaign from months prior.
  • There is a reporting error.
  • Another advertiser must be promoting Shunsuke’s brand.
  • Campaigns in the same category are driving awareness of Shunsuke’s brand.

True or false? The metrics in retail insights are ad attributed.

  • False
  • True

Which of the following action(s) can a Vendor Central user take to manage products?

  • Create variations
  • Ship products
  • Update availability
  • Manage images

In Vendor Central, where should a user navigate to in order to access the advertising console?

  • Reports
  • Advertising
  • Merchandising
  • Payments

Match the retail program with its description.

  • Prime Now – offers two-hour delivery from a local courier
  • Amazon retail site – Amazon’s primary shopping site
  • Amazon Business – provides business-only selection and free two-day shipping

Lamar recently launched a Sponsored Products campaign to boost sales of a new product, but the only ASIN in the campaign has gone out of stock. What will occur?

  • The campaign will end.
  • Lamar will be notified, but the campaign will continue to run.
  • The campaign will pause until inventory is replenished.
  • The campaign will continue to run.

Koepp has noticed a number of negative reviews and low ratings for one of their products. It turns out that some customers feel that the product isn’t functioning as expected after 6+months of use. What would be the best approach for Koepp to improve the product’s retail readiness?

  • Koepp can improve the product images and description to more accurately reflect the product.
  • Koepp can add variations of the product.
  • Koepp can act on the feedback by making product improvements that address the issue.
  • Koepp can help boost the number of reviews using the Amazon Vine program.

GamezCo is presenting the Featured Offer (“Buy Box”) on a gaming console they sell. Which of the following is true? (Select 2)

  • GamezCo paid a fee to present the Featured Offer (“Buy Box”).
  • GamezCo is the only seller for this product.
  • GamezCo receives credit for sales.
  • When a customer clicks “Buy Now,” they will be purchasing from GamezCo.

What is the minimum star rating a product should have to be considered retail ready?

  • 3.5 stars
  • 3 stars
  • 4 stars
  • 4.5 stars

What does it mean for a product to be considered retail ready?

  • The product has been sold at least once.
  • The product is sold by Amazon.
  • The product detail page includes all the necessary information for a customer to make a purchase.
  • The product is available in more than one country.

Which of the following is NOT included in the retail readiness checklist?

  • inventory
  • delivery method
  • description
  • customer reviews

Kya is editing the customizable section of her product detail page to include charts, video, and narrative comments. What is this section referred to as?

  • A+enhanced marketing content/Enhanced brand content
  • product description
  • manufacturer content
  • enhanced customized content

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