Ad Exchange API Basics Assessment Answers [2021]

  • Post last modified:13 November 2021
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How can buyers test the API request and response using live data?

  • Use the “Try this API” widget
  • Review the Ad Exchange Help Center
  • Check Ad Exchange reporting
  • Reference the RTB Breakout

Which is a benefit for buyers using the Ad Exchange Creatives API?

  • Bulk submission of creatives
  • Creative testing
  • Automatically generated reports
  • Easy assignment of creatives for pre-targeting

Britta wants to see how many impressions were lost at each stage of the bidding process. What feature of the Ad Exchange API would she use to get this information?

  • Marketplace API
  • RTB Breakout API
  • Creatives API
  • Billing API

How does the Ad Exchange Creatives API help buyers ensure their creatives are set to successfully compete in the auction?

  • It’s easy to bulk submit creatives.
  • It’s easy to run checks on creative approval status.
  • It’s easy to assign creatives to pre-targeting.
  • It’s easy to retrieve a list of active creatives.

What method is used to verify that an API call is allowed to access a specific Ad Exchange account?

  • Reporting data is used to ensure that the correct data is received.
  • DoubleClick support enables the Ad Exchange account for API access.
  • Authorization tokens are passed between the client and the API.
  • Encrypted calls are used to exchange data between accounts.

You could build an alerting system for when bid filtering exceeds a certain amount by using which API feature?

  • Pre-targeting API
  • RTB Breakout API
  • Creatives API
  • Marketplace API

Managing client access to the Marketplace through the Ad Exchange API provides what benefit?

  • Buyers can see the status of their client’s negotiations.
  • Buyers can submit client’s creatives to the Marketplace.
  • Buyers can check their client’s creatives against pre-targeting.
  • Buyers can manage client invoicing directly in the API.

Which is a benefit of using the data available through the RTB Breakout API?

  • Buyers can automate modifications to bidding.
  • Buyers can run A/B tests on their creatives.
  • Buyers can automate modifications to their creatives.
  • Buyers can run A/B tests on their landing pages.

Bulk submission of creatives is a benefit of which API feature?

  • Marketplace API
  • RTB Breakout API
  • Pre-targeting API
  • Creatives API

Which API feature exposes granular data around where in the pipeline bidders are missing the chance to win an ad impression?

  • Marketplace API
  • RTB Breakout API
  • Pre-targeting API
  • Creatives API

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