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Download Organisational Development Notes PDF 2020 for MBA. We provide complete MBA organisational development notes. MBA organisational development study material includes organisational development notes, organisational development book, courses, case study, syllabus, question paper, questions and answers and available in organisational development pdf form.

The MBA Organisational Development Notes can be downloaded in PDF from the below article.

Organisational Development Notes

What is Organization Development?

Organization Development is an effort planned, organization-wide, and managed from the top, to increase organization effectiveness and health through planned interventions in the organization’s ‘processes,’ using behavioural-science knowledge.

MBA Organisational Development Syllabus

MBA Organisational Development Syllabus is mentioned below:

Introduction to organizational Development: Definition, growth and relevance, history and evolution, Theories of planned change, a general model of planned change, different types of panned change and critique of planned change. OD practitioner role, competencies and professional ethics.

OD process: Initiating OD relationship, contracting and diagnosing the problem, Diagnosing models, open systems, individual-level group level and organizational level diagnosis; collection and analysis for diagnostic information, feeding back the diagnosed information

Designing OD interventions: Human process interventions:- coaching, training and development, process consultation, third party intervention, and team building. Organization confrontation meeting, intergroup relations intervention, and large group intervention, Techno structural interventions:- Structural design, downsizing, reengineering, employee involvement, work design, socio-technical systems approach.

HR and Strategic interventions: HRM interventions:- performance management, goal setting, performance coaching, appraising and rewarding, Career planning, workforce diversity interventions, wellness and work-life balance, Strategic interventions: Competitive strategies, collaborative strategies, organizational transformation, culture change, self-designing organizations, learning and knowledge management.

MBA Organisational Development Question Paper PDF

Some of the organisational development questions and answers & question paper pdf are mentioned below:

Organisational Development Books

Below is the list of organisational development book recommended by the top university in India.

  1. Organizational Development and Change; Cummings & Worley; 9E
  2. Organization Development Strategies & Models; Richard Beckhard; TMC
  3. Organization Development; Wendeel L.French and Cecil H.Bell; Pearson Publication
  4. Organizational design & Development- Concepts and applications – Dr Bhupen Srivastava, Biztantra
  5. Organizational Design for Excellence, Pradip N. Khadwalla, TMH, 2005.

Organisational Development PDF Notes for Download

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Organisational Development PDF Notes Download
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Online MBA Organisational Development Books –

Organisational Development Courses

We have also prepared the Organisational Development Courses tutorial which is specifically designed for MBA student, who wants to learn Organisational Development for MBA.

In the above article, a student can download Organisational Development Notes PDF 2020 for MBA. organisational development study material includes organisational development notes, organisational development books, organisational development syllabus, organisational development question paper, organisational development questions and answers, organisational development courses in organisational development pdf form.

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